Leatherman Free P2 Multipurpose Pliers $199 Delivered @ Tent World (Usually $279.95 (29% off)


I have been looking to get the P2 for a while, but they also have sales on other Leatherman tools.
and free shipping on orders over 69$


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  • They do come with a 25 odd year warranty too. I personally tested it out with a Leatherman that was about 15 years old. They replaced it with a new one within 2 weeks.

    • It used to be lifetime warranty. Mate of mine back in highschool used to buy damaged ones for cheap on gumtree, send them back, get a brand new replacement and then on sell for a profit.

  • "jv 11 min ago.Got a similar one from Aldi for about $8 a while back.'
    No you didn't….you got a cheap Chinese ripoff that will rust out or fall apart in no time.
    Have you ever owned a Leatherman? There's no comparison with that Aldi crap.

    • Yeah Leatherman has outstanding quality, I'm sure the Multitool from aldi is perfect for what they needs. I understand that spending hundreds on a multitool doesn't make sense for a lot of people that just don't need something that good.

    • I'm sure you're right about that, but I'm not sure the same applies to something like a Gerber. Mine is ten years old and 100% fine. Cost about $70.

    • -1 vote

      No you didn't…

      Yep I did.

      Keep it in the glove box. Use it often.

  • has a TTI, and im sure its gonna out last my marriage.

  • Around 20 years ago, my dad bought me a Timex watch that included a Leatherman Micra as a free gift. The watch strap eventually fell apart after 5 years but the Micra is still in perfect condition and on my keychain being frequently used to this day (just used it to open a parcel this morning).

  • This one or the Surge model? Who prefers which and why? I’m going to buy one just unsure. Never owned a multi tool before.

    Also do the black coloured ones tend to show scratches and lose their colour at all?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I have seen some reviews and for me personally I'm going with the P2, mainly for the quick access on all the tools. My mate has the Surge though and he seems very happy with it.

    • Whats your daily usage going to be like?

      Why do you need something to carry?

      most will be fine with a wingman

      the most popular is the wave

    • surge is way heaiver be ware.

      my huge phone weights about 200gram which is heavy enough to carry daily (xs pro max)

      surge weight about 300gram.

      i never owned multi tool before, but it is just like SSD and machinecal keyboard. once you have it, and bring it with you, you gonna be the hero that saves the day.

    • I have leatherman wave in black, and one in silver. Black looks way better.imo

  • Just for general household usage - not for outdoors really. I care about quality though. People have commented on the difficulty removing individual tools - anyone had that issue?

    • Which one is it good for the outdoor?

      • depends what you mean by outdoor.

        If you talking everday carry, its normally the wave.

        If you going camping, the signal plus another knife.

        it always comes down to what you would use it for or is it just for an emergecy and i need a tool.

    • leatherman is quality.

      the "Free" series use a lock in method. You need to push the side button to then get ya tools out. This is what people have issues with one hand opening. You should go into tentworld and check it out. They normally do have them on display.

      Honestly, if it household usage. since you are at home individual tools probably work better and probably cheaper.

      But over it, sounds like personal perferances will matter the most in your case.

      The advantages like the drill bit piece (surge) wont matter cause at home you'll probably have the right screw driver and weight… well you aint using it as your everday carry.

      my guess even the wingman will be enough for you.

  • $199 at Anaconda as well: https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/equipment/kniv...

    Edit: no stock for online purchase unfortunately. Some stores still have them in-store

  • I got a pop up for "$10 Off" making it $189 (32% off). Not sure if it's targeted but thought I'll share it. Love my TTI and REV, adding this to my set.

  • Unsure on this or the Wave+ for a similar price

    • Yeah same, been waiting for a good price on one of these. Hmmm, what to do?!

    • Wave definitely. Firstly, it has a bit driver which is the best distinguishing feature of leathermans IMO. Secondly, it has external blades which has two advantages: you don't have to open it all the way up to get a knife blade out - you can use one hand, and the edge of the knife blade will be in line with the body of the tool, not at the back of the tool - this is really helpful if you need to cut anything on a flat surface.

  • If you are not in a hurry, amazon Us has it for 134USD = 187.677 AUD delivered.

    or ~217AUD for the FREE P4 which is a good price incompare with $299 from tentworld.

    Don't forget cashback as well if this item is eligible for it.