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½ Price Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil 10w-40 5 Litre $19.99 (C&C or in-Store Only) @ Autobarn


Great price for oil at the time. This is the best price for engine oil for my car I can find at the moment. So it should be good for people who have compatible car and need to have engine oil changed now. There will be better deal for better engine oil, if you can wait. For C&C, you may need to select a location under "Shipping:" before it'll let you add to cart.

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  • "Clinging molecules protect from the start"

    Probably really good for my old engine, trouble is I've stocked up on full synthetics from some amazing deals lately

    • Yeah saw 6L of Castrol Edge 5W-40 for $39 at Repco when I was in store on Saturday. Sold…but now I am fully stocked too.

    • Full syn is going to be better anyway

      • I've read plenty of anecdotes that suggest semi synthetic is better for older engines, but it's really hard to say for sure unless you try it yourself.

        I know in the US, most of their high mileage oil is dino oil, not fully synthetic.

        • What is considered an older engine? 20 years old?

        • Semi syn, is code for oil so crap we needed to fix it.

          Good synthetics are decent oil and come in versions that are nice and thin, but the best oils ever produced are still a mineral oil. Lots of marketing hype about oils, but a good real world test is shear strength. Where the molecule of oil splits (or shears) under pressure (load), and becomes abrasive. IIRC, it was a few years ago, the top 5 for shear strength were all mineral oils and the number 1 was a Castrol mineral oil and its pressure loading to split was something like double that of the nearest synthetic oil. It comes down to the source of the crude and how much of the good stuff is left I dont know. You wont load it like that in an engine but its a decent test for the quality of an oil, its at least got more meaning than most hype tests have.

          Semi syn tend to be thicker oils, so that is why they would suit an older engine that took say 20w50, 15W40 etc. But decent brand mineral oil and regular changes would be my preference over any semi syn.

  • Paid $5 each for valvoline fully synthetic. 😆