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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi ZMI Power Bank Pro 20000mAh 65W $84.96 Delivered @ Mi Store eBay



  • Model: QB823
  • Input: USB-C 5-20V DC max 45W
  • Output: USB-A/USB-C max 65W
    • USB-C: 5-20V max 65W (when using USB-C only)
    • USB-A: max 18W
  • Capacity: 72Wh

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      You should go to Shopping Center and sit outside Kmart and see how many people support China products.

    • +1

      Because they also buy lots of Aussie product?

      • Also a lot of Chinese/International students in Australia paid at least 3-4 times higher tuition fee than local students for the same education. Some of the courses or education here aren't even better than the ones they get in China/overseas.

    • +2

      Where can you buy a power bank not made in China?

      Doesn't exist.

  • can I charge a laptop with a power bank like this?

  • If you don't need the 65W USB-C output, Kogan has the previous model (QB822) for $39+shipping


    QB823 QB822
    Input USB-C QC 2.0 USB-C QC2.0 & Micro-USB
    Output USB-C 5V3A - 20V3A 5V3A - 15V1.5A
    Output USB-A 5V2.4A - 12V1.5A 5V2.4A - 15V1.5A
    Max output 65W 27W
    Cell Capacity 72Wh 74Wh

  • +1

    Is 65w the hughest outour for a powerbank?

    • probably yes. It states "MAX 65W".

    • I'm sure there's others but it won't be this cheap.

    • +1

      You can check this one. https://zendure.com/products/supertank More powerful but you need to pay a premium price.

      • Looks literally like a tank :)

        • +1

          I can bet it weighs as much.

  • Looking for something powerful, but lightweight, to charge drone batteries on multi-day hikes. I'm assuming this is one of the better options?

    • +1

      It is a good powerbank, but this model has high output power, generally for phones etc to quick charge. It's capacity is 20,000mAh (I think at 3.6V for 72Whr).

      Check your drone battery capacity (mAhr or Whr) and charging rate (V & A). Then look at powerbanks with the same charging rate, and decide what you can afford for the number of charges you need.

      As noted elsewhere in this thread, you can get something with same capacity for much cheaper, if you don't need quick charging USB-C.

      • Legend. Will do mate, thanks

  • RAVpower power bank on Amazon 20000mah Max 60w is cheaper than this.

    • +1

      The Xiaomi one is 45W input and 65W output.

      Whereas the RAVpower one is only 30W input and 60w output.

      • That's correct but RAVpower only $72 after applying the discount code. Was lower to $65. No prime needed.

        • 18 month warranty and plus another 12 months warranty if you register online.

  • Can anyone confirm how long it takes to charge a note 10+? This bank obviously doesn't support the 45W (4.5a needed), but will it support the 25W? Please confirm.

    • +2

      I tested for you.

      The powerbank is actually faster than the 25w wall charger.

      The message said super fast charging for the 25w wall charger and super fast charging 2.0 for this powerbank !!

      I also tried a 65w ZMI PD wall charger and got slower "Fast charging".Obviously no PPS

      I also tried the 45w Samsung wall charger and it also said super fast charging 2.0 and gave the same time as this powerbank.
      So this powerbank is faaaaaaaaaaaast.

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