[XB1, XB360] Free - American McGee's Alice DLC for Alice: Madness Returns - Microsoft Store


Free DLC for Alice: Madness Returns. Grab it while you can.

From the website:

Purchase American McGee’s Alice™ today, or download it for free as part of your Online Pass, and experience where the madness began! Play through the cult classic and relive Alice's battle against the Queen of Hearts as she fights to regain control of her Wonderland. This product supports the following languages: In-game speech: English, French, German, and Spanish; On-screen text: English, French, German, and Spanish. Alice: Madness Returns required to play.


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  • Love this game!

  • For those unsure, this is actually the entire first game for free, but it requires the purchase of the sequel to play it. That said, game pass ultimate subscribers will soon have access to the sequel once EA Play becomes included with the service at no extra charge in November.

  • +2 votes

    Worth noting that Alice Madness Returns is on EA Play, which will soon be incorporated into gamepass. So worthwhile grabbing and then play through Gamepass when it's up.

  • I always wished they would make a new game in this series cos the 360 one was kinda great

    • I always wish I knew who American McGee even was. I remember playign the demo for the game and at the time it was better than the average platformer and had more of an adult look to it.

      • He was a designer for the Doom and Quake games. Similar timeframe to where John Romero, John Carmack and a few others made names for themselves working at id Software.

    • Hes been planning it for 2 years now, live streamed quite a bit about its creation and has got the fans involved more than you can imagine. Also has a patreon set up about it.

      • i will have to look that up.. if there was a kickstarter or something i'd be up for contributing for sure

  • Have to say I recommend this game. Just finished it a few months back after procrastinating for years….

  • This has been free for years. Not really a new deal.

  • One of my fav McGee games. Awesome soundtrack too.

  • Good game, would recommend it

  • If anyone doesnt know, American has been streaming quite a bit about a 3rd game being made and is getting fans involved quite a lot. Also has a patreon. Google. He has an online store too where he sells his own merchandise and is streaming around midday on twitch this Thursday as part of regular fortnight streams.

  • not on PS3 anymore ?