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NeuralDSP - Archetype: Cory Wong 50% off. €60 (~A$100)


Great deal for the Cory Wong amp sim for all you funk oriented folks out there to get that strat spanking..

Haven't used this one, but folks on the user forums are going bats**t crazy over it.

As always, 14 day trial available if you're on the fence, but if it's anything like the other plugins, say goodbye to your money..

Expires 31/10

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Neural DSP Technologies
Neural DSP Technologies


  • Clicked through, watched video and I'm still not quite sure what I'm looking at!

    • Amp simulator/Audio plugin.. If you don't record guitar or produce music, it's probably of no use to you.

  • Its a virtual software instrument for audio processing

  • Yeah. I just think that if you're going to sell a plugin on the strengths of signal processing, then you should demonstrate that signal processing on its own, muting drums and bass and everything else. I watched the video too and while the sound is nice and warm, it's hard to identify how much is DSP, how much is post-processing and how much is accompanying instruments.