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[Kogan First] Kogan 545L Fridge French Door Stainless Steel Black $829 + Shipping @ Kogan


Was browsing the kogan site - Thanks to the original deal here And came across this one. Looks to be decent price for a big fridge with 24 months warranty. I have no experience with kogan fridges, but thought the price was too good not to share here.
Hope this helps some of us.
Also, I don’t have kogan first, but may be someone can try if the original 10% off deal applies to this one to make it more sweet.

Product description from kogan

Kogan 545L French Door Fridge - Black Stainless Steel

Boasting an incredible 545L capacity to effortlessly organise and store fresh fruits and vegetables, your favourite condiments and refreshing beverages, this stylish stainless steel fridge keeps your groceries fresher for longer.
Huge 545L gross volume easily stores your groceries!
Super freezing and super cooling function
Dual cooling system maintains independent fridge and freezer temperature
Automatic frost free fridge and freezer, eliminating manual maintenance
Easy-to-use LED display control with interior lights
Ultra-sleek black stainless steel exterior
Dimensions (W x D x H): 830 × 740 × 1780mm
Complete the look of your kitchen with the family-sized Kogan 545L French Door Fridge – Black Stainless Steel, offering ample storage space to meet the needs of the modern household while complementing your kitchen’s existing decor.
Super freezing and cooling
Activate the super cooling function to deliver an intense flood of cold air into the fridge to rapidly cool your fresh groceries or white wine, or select the super freezing function to blast your fridge and accelerate the freezing process of frozen food or ice.
Dual cooling system
Featuring a dual cooling system, the fridge and freezer sections operate independently to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for keeping produce fresh or frozen in their respective compartment while helping minimise the mixing of odours.
Ultra-sleek black stainless steel design
Bringing an air of sophistication to your home with its ultra-sleek black stainless steel design, this stunning fridge elevates the look and feel of your kitchen while effortlessly keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, beverages perfectly chilled and groceries neatly organised.
Easy to use display
Easily navigate the various temperature settings using the LED display control that’s built into the stainless steel exterior.
Kogan 545L French Door Fridge - Black Stainless Steel
We are unable to accept this product for return under the terms of our Returns Policy for ‘change of mind’ purposes.
This Product is offered and supplied by Kogan Australia Pty Ltd pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

In the box
User manuals
Warranty & Returns

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  • Historical low?

  • Looks like a slightly less efficient, power and space wise LG slim French door. Looking for a fridge and it's rather tempting…

  • Is this an inverter fridge?

    EDIT: No, it's not - 2.5 star rating with 548kWh per year, and the width is 830 instead of being under 800 ….

  • I wouldn't touch Kogan appliances.

    Look at the power use as well!!

    Better to spend a few hundred extra on a decent brand name. You'll make back the extra purchase price in power use in no time.

  • Low upfront cost will be lost in 3-4 years of energy costs:

    Energy Consumption
    548kWh per year
    Energy Rating
    2.5 Star

    Dud deal. Check Choice for total cost of ownership of these size fridges.

    • The difference in electricity use could amount to $100 or so per year. Over the long term, more expensive than an energy efficient fridge.

      • yep. Better deal is Westinghouse French door fridge WHE6000SA if you desperately need something this bloody cavernous (similar cost if you include power over 10 years, with better quality build, warranty, less temperature fluctuation = less food spoilage etc.) Or better still, LG GB-455 - slightly smaller but around half the energy use.

        • I checked the specs for WHE6000SA. Energy consumption is about 100 kWh less per year, which is probably around 30-40$. But the price is $1200 more. So even after 10 years, you will probably be 600-700$ better off with this one.
          Am I missing something? Plus this one is much better looking to me than the whirlpool one, but that is of course individual preference.
          The LG one is a completely different league, it’s comparing apples to oranges.

        • I don't recommend the LG GB-455…. the fridge doesn't have very much adjustability for the shelves or on the doors. (although it does look like they've made a small change in that model compared to my GB-450). Couldn't fit a six-pack of beer bottles standing up without adjusting the shelves which ended up wasting space. Standard milk and softdrink bottles didn't fit well in the door, unless the door containers were lifted, and then that left too much space above the milk bottle, and not enough room for storage of jam jars, etc.

          • @mduncan2: Weird comment. Why does the beer need to stand up? Putting large beer bottle on their side (which is what you're supposed to do with lots of beers anyway) is fine for me. And I have loads of jam jars in mine, and drinks and condiments in the door. Sure, you can't move some of the middle shelves, but so what?

            GB-455 uses half the energy of this Kogan klunker and is only 130L smaller

    • Aren’t most fridges this size 2.5 star rating?
      Calling it a dud deal might be a bit harsh. Not all of us have big $ to spent upfront on a fridge but would want to have one like this.
      I also think the cost to run this annually is not too much different, unless of course we are talking about the real high-end ones. It’s a decent deal in my opinion but each to their own.

      • Just not at all convinced a fridge is something you should skimp on. One breakdown, you lose the contents of your fridge and there goes the savings on upfront cost (which was already marginal due to energy costs anwyway)… and no, there are 3.5 star fridges this size and 4.5 star slightly smaller with proper warranties

  • Looks like the Xbox fridge

  • Anyone know who the manufacturer is of these fridges?

  • Will probably last for 829 days. Chutiya deal anyway!

  • Had this fridge for 6 months and so far so good. Only thing I'd complain about was there were slight surface scratches on the front of the fridge despite it being brand new in a box. Not really noticeable unless you look at it on an angle towards a light source.

  • Is this deal still valid?