Mizuno Wave Kizuna Mens Running Shoes $100 (Was $199) at rebel (Free C&C)


Clearance line at Rebel to exit last years stock. Seems a decent runner with good support. Sizes left - 8, 9.5, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Not labelled as clearance in store, but does scan at clearance price.

Also available in blue for $109:

Latest release model at Rebel $199

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  • Cheers op

  • Does the 'Kizuna ' branding mean anything? I couldn't find anything on Google

    • I also noticed a lack of info on these shoes. There's nothing about them on the mizuno website either.

    • There is reviews around - unfortunately my size wasn't

    • These are actually fantastic running shoes. I have had a few pairs of these.

      • Thanks Rodekil!
        I've had the Wave Riders 17, 19, 21 - skipped interations because the shoes are so damn hardy.

        Have you noticed anything different with the Kizuna?

        • My current running shoes are the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9. I love these because I have very wide feet and these are very wide shoes. But I also still have a pair of the mizunos.

  • I wonder what they are suited for? Universal 5k racing shoe? Just by the looks of it. What's the weight?
    Mizuno is one of the best brands of running shoes. My last Wave Inspire lasted 2000k of running and I still use them for walking. Now switched to a more racing Wave Sayonara…
    PS don't forget about rebel's discounted gift cards and/or cashback.
    EDIT: WHO IS IT FOR? For neutral , moderate mileage runners and new runners. source https://emea.mizuno.com/eu/en/wave-kizuna-2/J1GC2016-aw20.ht...

    So it is sort of a not very fast training/walking shoe with lots of cushioning, or a shoe for beginners.

    • I mostly run on grass, and have been using some Under Armour Bandit 3s, which are past their used by. These are a much higher quality shoe. These Wave Kizuna might not be Mizuno top end shoe, but should be solid for what I need.

      • Oh, I am not trying to say they are low or top end. Just trying to figure out the application for them. There are so many running scenarious and so many different runners. Each one should get a specific tool for the job.

    • Thanks for the link!!!

  • Pitty there are no 2e sizes.

  • Can't add to cart, it just puts a transparent overlay over the whole screen when I try. I think the work experience kid coded the website