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Free Scoop of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (Register Now - To Redeem from November 2nd - November 15th) - Excludes SA


Saw this on Facebook, Ben and Jerry's are giving away 50,000 free scoops of Dough related Icecream scoops, here's the description:

We're celebrating our dough-licious cookie dough flavours by giving away 50,000 free scoops of ice cream across our stores in Australia & New Zealand from November 2nd - November 15th.

All you need to do to grab your free scoop is register your details by clicking the image to secure your timeslot.

Entry is only open to ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, WA

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  • Thanks OP you beat me to that post but it comes just in time for my birthday…

  • There used to be a B&J at Highpoint. Has that closed?

  • No love for SA ☹️

  • I'm here just for the free icecream ☺️

  • Saw some comments regarding BJ's business practices - one question -> By taking free ice cream, aren't we hurting them and by boycotting free ice cream, aren't we actually helping them?

    • Since when do we, OZBers care about the financial impacts of the companies / organisations offering bargains?

    • They are owned by Unilever, who are not known to be the most 'ethical' multinational, but this 'free' icecream would be a rounding error on Unilever's balance sheet.

      Makes you laugh when BJs try to come off as some 'ethical' brand, the most ethical thing they could do is tell their parent company to start paying proper taxes worldwide.

      • Sadly this culture is not specific to one company or organization - most preach one thing and do another. Not to mention that they have different yardstick for different countries - for example one rule for when they operate in US v/s another for Australia or China operations (I am referring to internal conduct not government rules)

  • Limited locations which sucks but good find OP, thank you!

    • Pretty sure the ones that arent on the list like chaddy and eastland are inside the cinema. Since they aren't open at least in melb it makes sense.

  • I value my data more than a scoop of ice cream !

    9) Claimants' personal information will be collected by the Promoter. Personal information will be stored on the Promoter's database. The Promoter may use this information for future marketing purposes regarding its products, including contacting the entrant electronically.

    • Using a phone means you've already given up your right to privacy.

      I'mm sure you can use a fake name and a throw away email for this promotion, but….. your phone man. Seriously.

  • That Woolies promotion ages back really put me off B&J… The way they ran that last promotion, I'd expect they'd find some way to invalidate the voucher or give you the wrong time or the wrong store, etc.

  • Crooked company that virtue signals on climate change while sending their ice cream on refrigerated, fuel guzzling and polluting planes all the way from America to Australia. Then they run advertisements showing Australia and Parliament burning because of climate change.
    Total hypocrites. Truth clearly too hard to handle for some of you as i got down voted into oblivion by the ozbargin bullies.

  • I wanna free tub not scoop

  • Avoiding this brand and ice cream for life due to their dodgy promo last time. Losing the entries and asking for receipts. Even then they didn't honor it. Gave up chasing them.

  • You have to choose a date … no thanks

  • need to pick a specific date and time to visit a specific store is EXTREMELY annoying.

  • Anyone else get an error when they tried to register?

  • So you have to rock up on the exact date you pick within the 3-4 hour time slot. Why'd they make it so specific? Will give this one a miss …

  • Sold out for Flinders/Brickworks

  • Sold out in Chatswood

  • Darn broadway is out. Yet bondi is still available on many dates. Strange

  • Can someone post a screenshot of what "image" im supposed to click? I don't have adblock on or anything.

  • Melbourne dates/times are booked out :(

  • Ive got one for today 12-4 pm at flinders lane. Anyone up for a trade DM me.

  • Redeemed this yesterday. Was painful. You only get 5 or 6 to chose from (so your favourite flavor may not be included and if you take kids then they will not settle from the list but will ask you to buy the flavour they want!). Coupon did not work right away. Finally after fiddling for few minutes it worked. The only positive is that it was a nice big scoop + a bit extra on top that we got.

    • lol there was only 3 flavours to choose from at Broadway, NSW. The guy gave my partner an abysmally small scoop whilst I got 1.5 small scoops (which was adequate), but he had to finger it to get it to sit properly on the cone… well I did watch him put on gloves before serving us so I was ok with it…

      Oh well free is free…. barcode worked but he asked me for my details "for covid" which I didn't understand, it wasn't like I was sitting around (there is nowhere to sit around). I should've given him a fake name.

  • Does anyone else feel like 'a single scoop' is pretty embarrassing — unless you are a tween, you would never buy a single scoop, all this effort for a paltry reward — they should just offer tubs or at least half-priced tub.

  • Did anyone receive a broken link from SMS? I opened the link given but it showed HTTP error 500

  • Anyone able to confirm if you must go at the selected time/date- does the staff check that? Or you're pretty much OK to go anytime you like?