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45% off $120+ Spend, 40% off $60 Spend, 35% off Any Order + Free Shipping over $150 @ My Protein


Here it is again. Loaded up on some pea protein after some advice from this thread.


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  • OP your link is broken in the "this thread" text.

    Flavours I like
    -strawberry creme
    -salted caramel
    -chocolste brownie

    All good mixed with water.

  • Is this a good sale? I know this store's products are marked up as there are permanent sales year-round.

    OP: How do you find the pea protein? I had a bag years ago and it tasted terrible (I still managed to finish the bag though) and was gluggy, also best to mix with rice protein for the full amino profile. Buying BCAAs buy themselves seems a bit expensive and they're rarely vegan afaik, if that was your reason for going down that path in the first place.

    • The best I've seen is 51% off. I'd be tempted to wait until black Friday - cyber Monday.

    • 45% is close to the highest discount they give. However their price/KG various too often to use % discount as a definitive indicator of a good sale. I used to get better $/KG on a 30% sale they had in the past. Saying that I go by after discount price/KG which I have been paying around $13-14 for their WPC

    • Recent deal with free delivery and high cashrewards cashback may have been better, but I often have purchased at 45% off.

      As others say, you might find a better deal in the near future, but waiting a month or two to save $10-20 might not be worth the wait for you as an individual.

  • Got 2 ON Gold Standard from the Amazon deal. This would have been better. I want to try their protein snacks though and get some samples anyone want to split an order in VIC 3150 to get free shipping do let me know.

  • lol how are delivery times now?