Incase Metal Design Protective Case Compatible with Apple AirPods $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ACS Amazon AU


360-degree protection against impacts, bumps and scratches
Crafted with injection-molded Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate
Compatible with first and second generation AirPods
Full access to ports and buttons on AirPods case

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  • An airpod case is probably the most useless thing you can buy.
    Why such a hard statement

    The thing that normally is lost or destroyed is the airpods. I have 4 airpod cases with 1 or 0 airpods in them. And no I don't lose them, my partner loses them for me. So there is always an excess of cases. Also the charge cycle on the case far outlasts the case so the airpods would become redundant leaving you with a case.

    • this is so confusing. when are you referring to the protective cover/case and when are you referring to the charging case that comes with the Airpods?

      Also the charge cycle on the case far outlasts the case so the airpods would become redundant leaving you with a case.

      this requires too much brain power to comprehend

      • Yeah i made an edit so it was meant to say the charge cycle on the case far outlasts the airpods.

    • So there is always an excess of cases.

      Not always the case. Most of us don’t live with your partner.

      In any event, you can get single AirPods replaced. It’s not cheap, but it’s less than buying a whole new set. -

  • pointless product imo

  • I have to disagree with you guys, I didn't have a case for a while and when I have my Airpods in my pocket with keys or whatever it got quite scratched very quickly. I mean it's definitely a luxury thing, because a scratched case doesn't degrade the performance but no one really wants a destroyed case.
    I got a Nomad leather one on a huge sale a while ago and love it. Matches my wallet and laptop sleeve and I no more scratches.

    • Yes but you didn't have a case. Airpods are visual, case stays in pocket.

      • I'm very confused by your logic here? My whole point was that because my case spends a lot of time in my pocket it got constantly scratched. My argument isn't for case for the Airpods themselves, I meant the whole unit.

        Not to mention imo, I think a case would make it more water/dirt proof. It gives it another layer of protection.

        • I thought you said you leave your airpods with your keys or coins and not your case as I do sometimes.

          My partner got me a case for my airpods case then my right airpod was run over by the car making my airpod case and cases case redundant as I would not use just one ear.

          Personally cases are only good for light damage. Unless you buy a case that has waterproof features built in, it won't make your product waterproof neither will it make it dirt proof. If anything, it would accumulate dirt and smell.

          Cases are important. I just don't think it's necessary for airpod case.

    • the charging case for the AirPods are prone to scratch EXTREMELY EASILY. I got really bothered by it, so sold my old pair (actually made profit since I got it from ebay plus deal) and bought a new one (from ebay plus deal again) and slapped on a protective case immediately when I received it

      • Yeah after like 3 days use the case was already quite annoyingly scratched so I got a case asap. It was just a crap silicon one but it did the trick! Then I found a nicer leather one to complete the look.

        • it took 2 hours of use for my first pair to get scratched. I put them in my jeans pocket, and specifically left the keys and phone in the other. I guess the rough fabric may have caused the scratches. was terrible

  • Noice, I always only find people's lost Airpods, no one looses cases for some reason.

  • A case for a case…

  • Jeezuz… No matter what it is just as long it's an Apple product, every tom dick and harry will try and cash-in and make an accessory as inane as this.

    What's next, a latex like condom inspired cover protection for the ever-so-precious iPhones? ROFL

  • I prefer my case not to get scratched so I have an $18 spigen one

  • Material Type: Plastic

  • Would this be ideal for anyone who scored free Airpods the other day?

  • I have some silicone airpod case that only opens up at the top (like these but obviously I didn't buy $40 ones - - it gives me comfort they won't open up in my bag and get lost,, or if I did drop it, it wouldn't flip open etc and also the carabiner helps with the handling… I wouldn't dare try to test the waterproofness.