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APC Magazine 14 Issues + "Googled" Book + Gift for $59.95


APC Mag for $59.95 14 issues + the gifts it is a great saving
you can call magshop on 136 116 and quote "D11APC" or by online

1, 2, 3, More!
ONE, APC in 2012 will feature a dramatic expansion of how-tos, turorials and masterclasses to help you get to grips with the newest technologies faster. We'll also have more experts from the field writing for the magazine.

TWO, get a FREE copy of the book 'Googled: The End of the World as We Know It' valued at $19.95!

THREE, get your choice between a FREE USB hub with 4 ports, high speed transfer and no external power required or a FREE screwdriver that has 6 different screwdriver heads, including 3 Philips and 3 flat heads. Also includes 2 lights with 2 AAA batteries and a magnetic pointer that extends 406mm for those hard to read places. EACH gift is valued at $24.95!

FOUR, pay only $59.95 for a 1 year subscription which is the lowest price we've ever offered & we'll add on 2 FREE bonus issues!

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  • Where's the kitchen sink?! Sounds interesting.

  • 4 port unpowered hub worth $25? right …

    • Yeah i now it doesn't make sense and the screw driver last time i saw it at bunnings around $10 to $15 but anyway i think it is still a good deal. It the cheapest i have ever seen in the last few years. I would loved to get a APPLE TV as a gift instead!!!

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    fyi, magazines from magshop often do not come with the normal freebies that are attached at the newsagents (says so in their FAQs). for this particular mag, although not that useful anymore due to high speed internet dnloads.. they don't come with the monthly DVD..although this dec issue i did get it.

    • Did they changed that in 2011? My last subscribed copy was Jan 2011, pretty sure it came with the DVD, although most of the times I throw them out. Anyway looks like APC is taking a beating in sales, lowest price in memory for years, and I started on APC back in 2002!

    • I'm currently subscribed via magshop to APC and I always get the monthly DVD. Not sure why you're not getting it. Maybe it's dependent on the location?

      • Yeah I always get the monthly DVD with my Aussie PC Mag subscriptions too - I am not sure what tailgatinholden is referring to when he/she says "they don't come with the monthly DVD"…

  • Is it only via phone or can i use the net some how?
    sorry wasn't thinking. link…

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    Just ordered. Does anyone know where to pick the gift?

  • +4

    I used to subscribe to APC for over a decade. I stopped about 5 or so years ago.

    I found the value of 4-6 week old news (by the time it gets into print), especially IT news, and reviews that only scratched the surface of the product (more regurgitated press release, than review really) not worth it.

    The cover DVD just emphasises how out of it they are - a 4.7GB disc once a month? I've got a 500GB/month ISP account.

    • The DVD is handy if your internet is down/slow and you need a bootable copy of Linux or similar…

  • I just ordered online and it didn't ask me what toy I wanted either.

  • I haven't got my screw driver.

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