This was posted 1 year 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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St Hallett Blackwell Shiraz 750mL $15 (Was $53) @ Coles / Liquorland (Select Locations)


Saw this on price hipster. Look like a good wine that is often retailed around $45 the bottle. Enjoy.

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  • Would have been a fantastic deal, but it has been removed.

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      Removed from liquorland, but this link is for coles, so you can still order

      Edit: it's now gone. That's quick

      • As commented below, I was able to change to delivery from another shop in SA and ordered my 5.

  • another too good to be true? feel its on purpose for media coverage.

    • I received all my TWE orders from when they got OzBargained, just depends how quick you jump on it.

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    IS this only online offer or available in store also….for online need minimum $50 and shipping on top

  • Can't order. As soon as I log-in it says "not available at your location" (regional Vic).

    • Same here as well - Northern Sydney suburb

      • I've managed to order a cheeky few… I'm guessing its based on local shop levels? (Essendon / Moonee ponds area)

  • Removed :(

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      Nevermind. Just Coles' shit online shopping system. Still available in ACT at Gungahlin.

  • Worked for me, local store is Richmond South (Vic)

    • Just ordered five from there too. Hope it comes through…

      • Me too. Going click and collect tonight. fingers crossed.

      • Mine is scheduled for delivery between 7 and 8 tomorrow

        • mine was 4pm and there was no stock. Dont count on yours being fulfilled there

  • Ordered - in stock around Western Sydney (Greenacre/Roselands and Burwood)

  • Ordered 10 in Sydney's Inner West. Great deal, thank you OP.

    • Pickup or delivery?

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        Delivery was $6 - chose delivery

  • Got all the way through to checkout and then… OOS

  • Nothing in SA.. :(

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      Found some at St Clair - you may need to do some hunting.

      • I had to check a couple of stores in MEL.

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      It worked for me, Burnside or Norwood stores and I had to choose delivery which was $6

      • You legend - changed my account to Burnside, switched to Delivery and ordered 5 :)

        • Of course now my delivery has been confirmed with 0 in stock, so won't be getting any

          FU Coles, back to shopping at Foodland/Drakes!

      • Thanks! Ordered delivery hopefully it will fulfil.

  • OOS in WA :( Also removed from Liquorland site in WA.

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      Just got mine from Coles South Lake!

      • Cheers! Jumping on now!

  • ordered through Coles with delivery; fingers crossed it turns up

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    Got 5 bottles from St Clair (SA). Great find OP.

    • Did you get it in person or online? can't find it on liquorlad website

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        click and collect at Coles….

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        Online - C&C at Coles (not Liquorland).

  • Thank you OP. Picking up 5 bottles tomorrow.

  • Not available for QLD.
    I really want this
    Stupid nanny state

  • Ordered 5 bottles, had to try a few locations near me before 1 accepted.

  • Got 5 from Bendigo

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      That's why I can't get any in Bendigo ;) haha

  • Ordered 5 bottles delivered. Usually buy this when it's ~$28, so good saving even with $6 delivery fee.

  • The link work for me, as soon as I logged in it disappeared

  • Got it, also had to try a bunch of stores before it worked

  • Thanks, ordered 4. Looks to be quite good reviews, and especially for the price.

  • I'm in South Australia, and I couldn't do any Click and collect however paying $6 for delivery I was able to order five bottles for $81 or so

    for anyone interested in South Australia I believe I ordered from either Burnside or Norwood

  • Litterally just tried to order, saw the Coles item taken down in real time. I took too long deciding my collect time!!!

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      Try different stores

      • +1

        Thanks, I did and it worked.

        Didn't realise how Coles online worked.

        Good hunting Stalker

  • Nice find OP! Bought x10 at Ringwood Store!

  • Switched from Click and Collect to deliver and the order went through. Will Coles honour this price? There was a note at Checkout: We have made some important changes to the way we process payments. If an order is cancelled or modified for any reason it may take between 3-10 days for the funds to be released depending on your card issuer.

    There was also a mention of "if something's out of stock"

  • Stock available in SE Melbourne. I cancelled my order after I realised I have 3+ cases still to start on, so I don't need any more wine right now…

    • Can you confirm the store?

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        At the time, it was a store in the Dandenong area.

  • Great - thanks

    Wouldn't work for Coles Vic Gardens, but worked for Swan Street. Suggest changing stores if you are having issues.


  • Cool. thanks for the OP. got x5 from Coles St Clair
    Cheltenham Parade
    Woodville SA 5011

  • How are you choosing C&C? I'm getting 'Liquor cannot be collected from this location. Other restrictions may apply'

  • +1

    Ordered Coles online and picked a cheap $6.00 delivery time.

    Restriction of 5 bottles but you can go back once your order has been completed and buy another 5!

    Orders confirmed for delivery tomorrow.

    • Nice, I was able to do the same — $6 for delivery.

      Nice tip about the ordering another 5 :) I just don't know enough about the wine.. Looks like it has received some good reviews.

  • Got 4 bottles - dunno if it's worth $53 but $15 is prob worth a gamble

  • Bought 5, delivery confirmed tomorrow for South Eastern VIC. Thanks OP!

  • seems it's gone?

  • Gone for me too

  • Bought 5 for Click and Collect!

  • Gone for me

  • Awesome! Just placed my order from Coles Crows Nest - NSW

  • Sweet. Just ordered 4 bottles click and collect from Greenacres SA.

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    For those that missed out, maybe try Dan Murphy's for a price beat. Should stack up well with 10 % cashrewards on wine too. Only just thought about it after I ordered.

    • Normally they crack the sheets when the discount a huge

      • +2

        Successfully ordered with DM. The girl knew which wine it was as someone else had called before me. Said they can only do delivery as Coles does not do click and collect for it and charged me a delivery fee too. But for a total of $79.40 for 5 bottles, I'm not complaining.

        • Can confirm, successfully ordered through Dan's, max 5 bottles click and collect for $70 isn't bad.

          • @AquaDigger: The automated message said they are not taking over the phone sales at this time
            What option did you select?

            • @1stOzBargainer: Sorry just saw your message. Option 3 I think? General enquiry. I just asked if they were able to price match and they said they'd just do the whole order over the phone.

    • I tried to price match at Dans and was yelled at and belittled for even attempting something so crazy!

      Emailed their customer service dept. to see if that’s in line with their price match guarantee and await their response!

      • What did they yell?

        • +1

          “Like we would ever honour a price so cheap!”

          It was hilarious, the guy was so mad that I politely asked, terrible.

  • Just ordered click and collect Fremantle wa

  • Thanks OP, worked for me North Shore NSW. Had to do delivery but for your first order delivery is free so didnt cost me anything.

  • +3

    Looked ok about 15min ago (for delivery) but decided against it. Rethought it and now ooS.
    AWFUL clunky site BTW.

    • My initial order was for delivery as well so I called up customer service and they were able to amend it to CC.

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    Got to the cart and now out of stock - WA metro area

  • +4

    Ordered 4 bottles at 10:40 this morning, received the confirmation email with C&C instructions. Just got an email notification: "…unfortunately, some of the items you ordered are unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience." Qty Supplied 0, no substitute available.

    • +1

      Same, ordered for Home Delivery just got notified your items are being delivered tomorrow. Total items “0”.

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    Called Dan Murphy and got it price matched and beaten at $14/bottle. Picking it up this arvo so let's hope it doesn't get canned on me before then for some reason.

    • Did you call the individual store or corporate?

      • +1

        Just called the corporate number - picked up my 5 bottles just then. Happy chappy!

        • Just got off the phone to corporate and the lady on the phone knew immediately what i was ringing for when i asked for a price match.

          They will only do price beat if local stores have it in stock was the response. (2pm Perth time)

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    They just cancelled mine for delivery tomorrow. Nsw.

    Would of been one of the first to order this morning

  • +2

    Just got email

    Cancelled no substitute available.

    • and just got an sms that it is ready for collection. what to do

      • +1

        I would trust the email. The sms is just automated and doesnt actually know that your order wasnt fulfilled. Coles IT system is crap

    • same here.. bummer

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    Dan Murphy's are no longer price matching either as Coles is OOS.

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      Managed to PM at Uncle Dan's at $14.90 a bottle some 15 minutes ago.

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        Was just about to update this. Won't do over the phone, but no issue in store.

  • Got a text to collect my order but also an email saying they have supplied 0 of 5. What are they bringing out when I arrive there?

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      I just got the text to collect my 0 bottles - comedy gold.

      • Have you gone to pick up?

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          No, I expect it would be a waste of time involving a pointless lengthy discussion with a very confused C&C staff member.

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