Galvanised D Shackle - 8mm $1, 10mm $1, 12mm $1.79 @ Supercheap Auto


Cheap deal, not sure about the weight loading compared to what they are normally rated to


Anyway useful for some things I needed them for. I bought 4 of the 8 and 10mm and 6 of the 12mm. The 12mm are beasts, probably too big for a lot of chains on trailers. YMMV

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto


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    I wouldn't use for trailers, 10mm has rating of 320kg
    The ARK branded one is 2000kg

  • Clearance stuff will be hard to find.

  • Not good for dancin'

    ….I'll see myself out…

    PS. Use the SCA credit making these freebies

  • As Nugs noted, 320kg for a 10mm one. This is very low for a 10mm shackle. Bunnings 10mm rated ones have 1 tonne capacity and are less than $4.

    I wouldn't use on a trailer either. To be valid they must have a printed load rating on them … other conditions as well. The Bunnings one is legal for towing up to 3,500kg. The SCA 10mm one is legal for towing nothing.