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Topping E30 $190, Topping L30 $190, Topping E30/L30 Stack $370 Delivered @ HiFi Gear Online


As requested by a user, the best deal I can do on the E30 and D30 for 1 week.

Topping E30 DAC $190
Topping L30 Headphone Amplifier $190
Topping E30/L30 Combo/Stack $370

Please note: I am the owner of the store, please let me know if I've done anything wrong here.

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  • Any good deals for Schiit products? Magni 3?

  • looking to get the E30/L30 stack. what else do i need to complete this setup? (excluding headphones, and PC)

    Do i have to purchase a RCA cable separately?

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      It's a great value stack. It includes the USB cable if you are using this for your source (otherwise Coax/Optical cable). So you'll just need RCA to RCA to connect the DAC to the Headphone Amp. Unfortunately at this stage I don't stock any cables.

  • Just bought an Amp and DAC combo from this store. I reached out to him about some questions and he was super helpful. To me this was worth paying a small premium over buying from an overseas seller.

  • Any chance of a sweet deal on the D90 please?

  • Where abouts are these posted from? Im in vic and in some cases its taking over a month for parcels to arrive.

  • How does this compare with the iFi micro iDAC2? Been wanting to upgrade and I don't mind trying stacks.

    I have a PC38x coming in about 2 weeks time and wonder if I should go with the Schiit Hel for the microphone input. If this combo is better than Hel I might just use my motherboard for mic input.

    • Hey side question, how did you get your hands on the pc38x?

      • You can order them at Drop (https://drop.com/buy/drop-sennheiser-pc38x-gaming-headset). They are in stock but are despatched in batches. Drop puts a 'days remaining' for every batch so you just need to place an order before the 'days remaining' ends to make it to a particular shipment. If you miss a date, there's always the next batch. Drop is based in the US eastern side. So shipping to Australia (Sydney) is a bit lengthy (about 2 weeks from shipping notice to delivery).

        Unlike the Sennheiser 58x and 6xx, there's no exclusivity BS with these headsets. So Drop will ship to Australia.

        • Oh good to know i was trying to order a 6xx but wouldnt ship here good to know others will

  • Has anyone bought from this store or this deal? I bought this deal 3 days ago, sent two emails to their email and I haven't got any correspondence.
    It is starting to be a very unusual purchasing experience for me.