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[VIC] Midea R32 Split Air Conditioner 2.6 kW – Apollo Series Indoor/Outdoor Unit $567 Delivered @ Appliances Repair


Early Summer Sale for Midea 2.6KW Air Conditioner MFAB26HNNA/WA 5 Years Warranty [Free Melb Metro delivery use coupon code ozbargain]
more Hot Sales to be continued till the end of the year.
Was: $670.00
Now: $567.00

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  • Do u do installation?


    Hi Meque
    We work with a reputable AC installer and can share their contact details with you.

  • Hardly seems cheap for a cheap Chinese unit.

    I got a Fujitsu unit cheaper a few years ago. 2.5kw after cashback was $500.

    • +2 votes

      Can you get a Fujitsu now for $500?
      As you said that deal was a few years ago.

      • I don't know about this brand but I did purchase 2x MHI 2.5kw split systems from Bunnings Mill Park at $770 each today. With the current cash back offer from MHI, it'll drop to $670 per unit. $100 more roughly but I think it's worth it for the peace of mind.

        • How did u get it for 770? I am planning to go to Mill Park to get 2 units too. Are there many units left?


          We repair all Midea Air conditioners across Australia under warranty if you have a issue we have a warranty page on our website you can fill it out and we will come and repair it for you if you want Total Peace of Mind.

        • Im very happy with my mhi . Been going strong for 5+ years now, not one issue

          I wouldn't bother buying midea crap, installation will set you back at least $650 not worth it in the long run if you encounter to many issues and end up paying more in the end imo

          • @Bretttick: Yep I'd get MHI any day over Midea.


            @Bretttick: Tbh with you as a Air Conditioning and refrigeration mechanic myself ive seen every brand out there and let me tell you their all pretty much the same. If you want to buy into brand marketing thats up to you. If you do buy a MHI let me know where its made in.

            • @ARO1: As I've said before bought it 5+ years ago not one issue which is why I'll stick to mhi.

              Paid 1.1k for 5kw couldn't be happier.

              Not saying that people won't be happy with midea, I'm just giving my 2c. I don't see the logic going cheap on a unit which if issues were to arise constantly will potentially cost more in the end as installation will have to be paid again if another ac unit is bought and it's not cheap.

        • Do you have a link to said MHI unit, im wondering if i can get a unit at this price closer to me..

    • I wouldn't assume like that, Midea manufacture a lot of units for other names and are a huge company.


        Correct Midea is one of the biggest manufactures in the world and other companies sell their product under a different name.

  • Hey op ive got a roughly 14sqm bedroom would you recommend this over the portable ones? I bought an old house with no aircon and im new into all this.. with how my house is set up i probably need pipe longer than 2m so probably wont be back to back,
    My post code is 3337 how much roughly for installations?
    Just trying to see if getting this is worth it compare to portable ones where i dont really need a technician to install..

    • Most aircon installer will charge between $500-$700, depending on the length of wiring and what type of installation (back to back, on the ground or off the ground etc…). Get a reputable brand split system as mentioned above by other posters. It is likely to operate longer without an issue and if there is an issue, the parts are easy to come by.
      There is significant difference in heating and cooling with portables compared to split and efficiency between the two.

      You are in Melton City. I am repairing and renovating our house right now in the area and I now know a decent electrician in the nearby area if you need one. His prices are average like most electricians in Melbourne but his workmanship is topnotch.


      It would probably cost a additional $50-$100. You can send the photos to [email protected]

      We do all the warranty work for Midea across Australia.
      Parts are always in stock. Midea provides a premium service with warranty work. Midea has been around for a long time and are getting a lot of traction in Australia,