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Sabrent 2TB Rocket Q4 NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 2280 SSD US$275.80 / A$388.30 Delivered - Amazon US


Pretty good price, can't find anything comparable and seems to be cheapest for Gen4 2TB

This is the QLC model

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  • Why is this so cheap for gen 4 ssd

    • QLC rather than TLC

    • Also there are two versions of the rocket aren't there? I remember I bought the better one, but now I can' recall the difference. They came out with a newer one that wasn't as good or something? I dunno, I think I figured remembering that kind of thing was not at all important after buying it. It's fast anyway. It makes budget drives like the Crucial P1 nvme feel like a HDD in comparison. Ignore the peak speeds of the cheap drives, it's all lies when it comes to how it'll actually perform under normal use. You need high peak speeds and you need whatever else it takes to make a drive feel fast all the time.

      The Rocket i bought has a blue label, that much I'm about 50% certain of.

    • Speeds aren't that fast for a PCIE 4 ssd card, and the brand is not a premium brand.

      Sabrent is also currently doing a promo on heatsinks .. https://wccftech.com/save-up-to-53-on-pcie-nvme-4-0-ssds-fro...

  • Without the usual TLC lyrics, I don't understand the point of going PCIe 4 with a QLC drive. Sure you get potentially higher read speeds, but the higher write speeds would presumably be offset by the speed of the QLC writes (or rewrites in the future)?

  • They do sell the TLC one…for 299 USD

  • There is a new ROCKET 4.0 PLUS model now to this which is even faster and has a heatsink as well.