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Xiaomi Mijia Night Light Generation 2 - Pack of 2 US$17.62 (~A$24.80) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


The 2nd generation of the very popular Xiaomi Mijia Night Light is on sale again. Unlike last time where orders took 4-5 months to arrive or were not received at all due to untracked snail mail, we're offering free Priority Shipping for all Australian orders so it'll arrive significantly quicker.

Improvements over the 1st generation include an attachable magnetic base that can be rotated, increased brightness and increased lumens. A comparison of the Gen 1 and Gen 2 can be found in the table below.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting. Free priority shipping for Australian orders selected automatically at checkout.

Model MJYD01YL (Gen 1) MJYD02YL (Gen 2)
Rated Power 0.25W 0.34W
Colour Temperature 2700k 2800K
Lumens 0.7lm - 3.8lm 3lm - 25lm
Rotation Angle —— 360°
Sensor Mode Body Infrared + Light Sensor Body Infrared + Light Sensor
Delay Time 15s 15s
Sensor Angle 120° 120°
Dual Brightness Adjustment Yes Yes
Placement Mode Adhesive Adhesive + Magnetic Mount
Battery Type 3 x AA Batteries (not included) 3 x AA Batteries (not included)
Operating Temperature -10 — +40℃ -10 — +40℃
Size 84 x 84 x 36mm (L x W x H) 80mm x 62mm
Other Features —— No Blue Light & No Visual Strobe

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  • I got the gen1 one last time. Works excellent as hall way light. Freight was quick.

    However my xiaomi app is set to aus so cannot control using app :(

    • Didn’t know you can control these night lights with the app. Any deal for the yeelight smart light OP?

    • these night lights no wifi la.
      I set my xiaomi app to china,otherwise can't find my xiaomi-philips lamp.

      • why people put "la" at end of the sentence?

        • LA = Love Always

        • Singaporeans like adding ‘la’ at the end of English sentences. They are just accustomed to mixing such expression/tone of Hokkien/Cantonese with English.
          My Singaporean and Malaysian friends do that.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: So hong kong and chinese people don't do this?

            and the purpose is to just make the English sentence have a more chinese accent,
            but the word itself has no meaning

            and why do they do this?
            -to show their identity is singaporean/malaysian when speaking in English?

            -is just a habit/accent of speaking English or chinese?

            e.g. like how people speak in movie/tv show fargo when they add the word yah

            Do they add the la word when speaking in chinese - Hokkien/Cantonese/Mandarin?

            • @pinkybrain: Some Hong Kongers do this but only in text form like in messaging, forum posts/blogs intended for Cantonese speakers. Western readers may find it hard to make sense from it.

              Many Singaporeans with Chinese heritage converse in English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay. In daily conversations especially with family members they use a variety of Chinese and English in spoken sentences, maybe that creates a habit for them to include the ‘la’ in English sentences but they usually only do it with fellow Singaporeans/Cantonese speakers.

              They also use ‘la’ when speaking in Hokkien and Cantonese as the common usage of the ‘la’ expression/sound is actually borrowed from both the Hokkien and Cantonese dialects.

    • Use a virtual Chinese number to set the app to China. Lots of free ones online if you just want to try if your device works, I rent a long term number from 2numbers.net to keep it private.

    • Sorry I didn't realise the Philips xiaomi Bluetooth one was different family

  • I have two of this night light,good for my aged parents.

  • @OP

    Is the NNNDB2PCS code only available if you purchase 1x of the twin packs of lights? If I want to buy 2x twin packs, is the coupon eligible for both?

  • I bought the MJYD02YL-A Bluetooth from AliExpress is that mean that is gen 2?

  • Priority shipping, how long will it take?

    • +1 vote

      After dispatch it's typically 1-2 weeks depending where you live. Since you're in Melbourne you're going to be impacted by COVID delays as announced by Auspost.

      My latest order from GeekBuying was sent the 23rd, it was processed through Melbourne on the 27th and the expected delivery is the 29th Oct - 4th Nov.

    • According to the two orders I placed just now, 5-8 business days to send to Sydney.

  • Last time I bought in May amd received 4 months later.

  • Im getting $25.77. Not much better than get elsewhere but i guess a deal is a deal.


      If you use PayPal's exchange rate it'll be inflated. Many people have a currency conversion fee free card setup in PayPal and during checkout you can choose to bill in USD instead of AUD. Then you'll get a price closer to the exchange rate.

      • No, it's GeekBuying that has the price at $25.77 on their website, which then flicks over to PayPal. I didn't care about the tiny bit extra, but it was definitely the GeekBuying price, not a PayPal currency conversion issue.


          Oh yeah that would be the same too. I always recommend paying in USD as it doesn't fluctuate.

          • @Clear: Aren't we going to bypass the US$ hegemony & go direct via Chinese Yuan? BRICS/Iran/etc are already doing it.
            We want to pay in Chinese Yuan ( or gold :)

  • Very dodgy. Ordered one last time didnt even arrive :(

    • +5 votes

      I had asked several times in the previous deal that those who had not received it could receive a refund. If you please PM me your order number I'll chase that up.

    • Not 100% because of the seller, as soon as you received refund can't just blame them.

      • its ultimately the sellers fault - they should advice on the delay or at least give an estimated time of ~>80 days

        • +1 vote

          Originally it was 30-50 business days but we didn't know it was going to take longer due to COVID. Pretty much all China Post packages are taking 5 months or so as orders I've made elsewhere from that time have been arriving the last few weeks.

          It's disappointing you're negging the deal when you received a refund and the original issue has been addressed and resolved.

        • Last time I have an order with Amazon, Fastway kept saying on board for delivery for 3-4 days but still nothing show up. After chatted with Fastway they have no idea where was the parcel. Amazon issued me the refund and $10 credit.

          So the same case, GeekBuying shipped with no delay and they have no control over the shipping company and we didn't receive it they issued refunds.

          So how is it possible for them to advice on the delay? Even Amazon they can't, two companies.

          Very dodgy. Ordered one last time didnt even arrive :(

          In my case Amazon also dodgy? If they didn't ship it but claimed they have shipped it that is dodgy.

    • And that is why you use PayPal…

  • +3 votes

    Anyone know how to get the old USB chargeable ones at a good price?

    Found the brightness just right on those and they have a fold out hook which is very versatile. Plus the sticker and magnetic mount options.

    They seem to be $25+ now.


      Xiaomi and Yeelight are separate companies. Unfortunately for that model Yeelight are not selling it cheap wholesale.

    • Yeah that’s the one I’m asking OP for. They’re so much better and have an always on function. Saved us when we had a blackout recently.

  • How long til you usually need to replace the battery in the lights?
    Days? Weeks? Months?

  • Anyone know is the handheld fan any good?

  • Just bought 2, hopefully get them before Christmas
    🤞 Any codes for oximeter?

  • +2 votes

    Gotta love the picture of the girl putting the "fan" in her small bag. Not a chance it's being placed in there for cooling!

  • I absolutely did not need this, so in true OzB fashion I purchased a pair 👌

  • Bought both fan & light. I have 4 of the gen 1 light from the old deal a few years back and 1 has stopped working. The others are still fine. Hopefully the fan will be useful on summer.

  • How can you be sure that priority shipping won't have similar issues?


      5 months worth of deals since then. Over a year's worth of deals had it prior to that one deal that didn't too.

      It's not a new method of shipping. It's just been heavily subsidised to the point that we can offer it for free, while in previous years we charged <$1 for it.

      A big difference between express postage with couriers than untracked mail that sits in a processing facility for months.

  • Can I use this in conjunction with the $30 cashrewards offer (plus a filler of some sort)?

  • Any good bedside smart lights/bulbs (that simulate morning ie orange to yellow etc) - easier getting up in winter?

  • Three pack on eBay for 25.95??? Why is this a better deal? https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEw...

    • +1 vote

      Where does it say you're receiving 3? There's a few places saying you're receiving 1.

  • Can these stay on indefinetly?

  • what's the purpose of that tiny fan? It can't possibly push much air.

  • Coupon NNNDB2PCS no longer working

    Coupon working again, thank you purchased

  • Can you put the code at the paypal checkout , if you choose to check out with paypal directly (without going through order address…)?
    as showing full price but I did not proceed to next step just in case, will not allow me to put code/coupon.

  • nevermind

    Checkout a bit fiddly, but worked the second time around.

  • Am I missing something here?

    Seems like a lot of votes, does it do anything special?

    EG is it significantly better than the cheaper option at bunnings-

    • Check out the difference in light temperature between the two. No one in their right mind really wants a bright white LED lighting up as a night light. Especially if it's for a bedroom/bathroom.

  • Hope these will really get delivered quickly this time.
    Sorry, but I don't really buy the 5-8 business days estimate.


      It is just an estimate afterall and it will take longer due to COVID depending on where you live, e.g. Melbourne.

      This is the tracking from my order last week. Auspost emailed and said the expected delivery is Thursday 29 Oct 2020 – Wednesday 04 Nov 2020. Significantly quicker than 5 months!

      Item processed at facility
      Tue 27 Oct • 8:27pm

      Received by Australia Post for transportation to processing facility
      Tue 27 Oct • 2:05pm

      Shipping information approved by Australia Post
      Fri 23 Oct • 9:41am

      Shipping information received by Australia Post
      Fri 23 Oct • 9:40am

      • The item description says ship from: China.


          Yes that's correct and it'll even have an Auspost label on it. They operate in China and offer express postage to AU. The China to AU arm is usually fulfilled by UBI and that's the quickest part of the journey.

  • Is it possible to adjust how long the light stays on?

  • Messaged Clear about my May order not being delivered this morning, no response yet. What is everyone else’s experience?