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Penrite Motorcycle 4 Stroke Semi Synthetic 15W-50 4L $26.50 Pickup @ Repco


One for all those gorgeous bikers saving the planet out there.
Cheapest anywhere I've seen. Have been shopping around for my next oil change and came across this. Ends with their oil sale. Much cheaper than SCA (not sure if SCA will price match) Part No: A9625789

They also have the Castrol Activ 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil 15W-50 4L - 3384526 for $20 Part No: A5352002

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  • What's different from car oil?

      • Cheers, so this means you are worried about friction additives on a wet clutch? Looked at a few motorbike oils a while back and they had the same API rating as car oils. But fair enough, at this price play safe and you know there won't be any issues and not much to gain by going full synthetic for a similar cost (down to $4 .. thanks to Valvoline cashback deals).

        • I used scooter oil once in my motorbike and the clutch started to slip. The scooter oil was considerably cheaper…
          Have been using Valvoline semi synthetic 15W-40 car oil without any problems in my bikes. Bought on special for $15 5 litres. Also been using Gulf Western 20w50 mineral which worked well.

          I used to email the oil companies to confirm if any friction modifiers and suitable in motorcycles. Haven't been buying special motorcycle oils which are always double the price for a decade.

  • +1

    Aren't motorbikes actually worse for the environment? And before you neg, do a quick Google.

    • In some ways, according to the myth busters, yes. But from that same article "…Despite the MythBusters' findings, emissions are only part of the story of a vehicle's true greenness. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, motorcycle manufacturing requires thousands of fewer pounds of raw materials than automobiles. They require less fossil fuel, so they require less energy to pull that fossil fuel out of the ground. They use fewer chemicals and oils than cars. And motorcycles produced today are 90% cleaner in California than they were 30 years ago."

      • The thing I noticed with the mythbusters job was the bike had an aftermarket exhaust. Possibly meaning no catalytic converter resulting in some of those unwanted emissions

        • Would love to watch it. Do you have a link.?

      • Also, probably a hang up from bikes pre-mandatory catalytic converter days. Yes they can use less fuel, but they had less "smog controls" on the engine itself. This is no longer the case on modern bikes.

        These days, most manufacturers are EURO4 compliant or aiming for EURO5 if not already. I would be good to re-test what that Mythbusters episode found on what was probably a carbureted bike with no cat.

        • I concur.

    • +1

      But no congested roads and cities.

  • I got excited, for a brief moment, hoping I might also find this
    For $26.50

    What I normally run in my dual sport Suzuki

    • You can find the 15W-50 for around $50, but I guess you can't use that.

    • Yes, that's really good oil, I run it in my Ducati Monster and Tenere 700. I stocked up when Supercheap had it on special for $47. Supercheap have it for $63.19 if you need some now, over $20 cheaper than Rip-co .

      • I'm seriously looking at the T7.

        I bought a couple of the Penrite, must have been when at that $47 price. Should have got a couple more.

        • Please post the next time the PAO/Ester goes on sale for $47! :)

  • Electric motor bikes are out now…just saying! No engine oil or engine servicing required whatsoever.

    • yes, inevitable, but they probably also sound like a whining cat

      • Purrs like a kitten ;)

        Safety regs state they need to make a noise (just generated from a speaker). So you could chose a different bike sound each time…or whatever you want.

        • Are they all Chinese? Any links?