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[PS5] Free PlayStation Camera Adapter to Connect PS VR to PS5 (PS VR Serial Required) @ Sony


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How to request your adaptor

Enter the serial code from your PlayStation®VR in the field below to see if you are eligible. You will then be prompted to provide your shipping address.

One adaptor per PlayStation VR only. Shipping address must be in a country where PS VR is licensed for sale.

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  • Thanks OP

  • Had trouble yesterday and rang support (on hold for 1.5hours) and they took some details and said theyd email me back. Nothing from them, but I just randomly tried again today and it worked. So give it another go if you had trouble previously.

  • Cheers OP :)

  • Thanks to the OP

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks 👍

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    Just got an email that my adapter is on its way now

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    Your PlayStation®Camera Adaptor is on the way

    Great news! Your request for a PlayStation Camera Adaptor has been processed and is on its way to you.

    This usually takes approximately 6 to 12 business days.

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    Anybody received it yet? Still waiting, no tracking no was ever provided

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      Came here to ask the same question.

      I received the 'it's on the way' email on 13th November so I guess we're still inside 6 to 12 business days.

      I really want to play PS5 upgraded Firewall.

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      Yeah, no name or address on the confirmation and something in German on the header of the email I received.

      Would be nice to know where it’s going and some tracking info.

  • Coming upto the 12 business day threshold and still nothing. Getting a feeling playing VR on my PS5 is going to be a difficult proposition.

    • Well, there's only No Man's Sky that got the free PS5 upgrade, but no idea if there's a VR component for the PS5 version.

      It's kinda stupid what they've done to be honest. Releasing a game like Just Dance 2021 - sure, you can play it on the PS5, but it won't work with the HD Camera, or the PS4 camera, or move controllers, so you're forced to use the smartphone app (which sucks).

      I don't think they'll push VR on the PS5 until there's a new headset which takes advantage of the HD Camera.

      Still, disappointing that, like you said, fast approaching 12 business days and no one (AFAIK) has received the adaptor.

  • Still do not receive it, email I got at 19/11/2020.

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    Monday 30th, still nothing :(. Received the email on the 13th.

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      Exactly the same. If only they provided tracking info. Cheap bastards.

  • Only got the "Your request for an Adaptor has been received" email on 9/11.

    No sent email or adaptor either.

    • I got that email back in October and since then zero communications.

    • I’ve had two emails:

      On 17/11:

      Your request for a PlayStation®Camera Adaptor has been received.

      On 24/11:

      Your PlayStation®Camera Adaptor is on the way

  • I don’t have a VR headset but I have a PS4 camera do I still need a adaptor to use it on my ps5?

    • Is the PlayStation Camera for PS4 compatible with PS5?

      Yes, PlayStation Camera for PS4 will work with PS5 for playing supported PS VR games. It will require a PlayStation Camera adaptor that will be provided at no additional cost to PS VR users.


      • Thanks but it says I need to be a VR owner not just a PS4 camera owner

  • Thanks OP!
    Now I only need a PS5…

  • These might be delayed like the other accessories so maybe more updates on Dec 3.

    • All the other accessories are available, and even seen more people carrying out consoles yesterday.

      Still no word on these. I called PS Support, but apparently these adaptors are coming from Sony, so they can't check on their status. The guy took down my details and said he'll try find out what's happening with the adaptors.

      That USB-C port on the front of the PS5 is kinda a waste. With a HDD for PS4 games and camera plugged in the back USB ports, that only leaves the one in the front free for the VR unit.

      And yes, I highly recommend the charging station for the controllers. A lot faster than charging from the console and they clip on so gently, unlike the official PS4 one where you had to wiggle it around and hear a click.

      Oh, and who here has put the disc in the wrong way around?

      I did it the first couple of times. It's logical if you have it standing horizontally, but not as easy to insert/remove discs without leaving fingerprints if it's standing vertically.

      • When vertical it’s the opposite to the PS4 Pro, that’s why I was inserting discs the wrong way around initially.

  • Same boat as you guys!

  • Still nothing. So frustrating, not knowing.

  • Wow, just got another email saying registrations are now open for the camera adaptor???

    What the hell is going on?

    • Ha ha yeah same, I actually clicked through and tried to claim again but got 'This serial number has already been claimed'.

      Shambles by Sony.

    • Yes I got that email today and was able to register again with my serial number, did not get knocked back. How bizarre.

      • Yep, I just did mine again and got:

        "Something went wrong. A request for this serial number has already been received. Please try again with a different serial number."


        • Could be good news in that they actually sent yours already. Seemingly they lost my registration, despite getting ‘it’s only its way’ email after the first round.

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    Did anyone in Australia actually receive their adapter?

    • I haven’t yet, mine was apparently shipped on 13th November. I called PlayStation support and they escalated this issue. The email stated it will take up to 6-12 business days to receive it…

      • I called PlayStation Support who supposedly escalated it, but a week later, I call them back to find out if there's an update and it turns out they just closed the case.

        It was escalated again, and then a couple of hours ago I receive an email saying…

        We have information regarding your PS Camera Adaptor request

        Unfortunately we are unable to supply an adaptor as the serial number provided is either invalid or another request was already granted for the same serial number.

        With regards,

        The PlayStation Consumer Services Team

        So, it looks like i've just complicated the whole process and no closer to finding out what the hell is going on with the adaptor.Looks like i'll be on hold again tomorrow for another 40+ minutes. Grrrr!

        • WOW, what a useless team!

          • @RocketSwitch: Yep. Incompetent is too kind a word to describe them.

            On hold for 27 minutes, give them the reference number, oh, that's another team that handles those requests, before I can get a word in, i'm transferred and wait another 43 minutes before it gets escalated again, and I play the wait and see game.

            They have no idea if anyone in Australia has received them (they think some have as they supposedly haven't had many calls about the adaptors). From all of the online/social platforms i'm on, I know people in Europe have theirs, but haven't seen any confirmation of someone in Australia receiving theirs.

            It's a mess!

  • Customer service is so confused. You call Playsation and they say it's a Sony Australia thing, you call Sony Australia and they say it's a Playstation matter.

    Both use separate CRM and cannot reference what you've said to one or the other.

  • +1

    Still waiting by the way. Registered day one and had the email confirming registration, with subsequent email claiming it’s on its way within 12 business days. Been over a month?

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    Time to start tweeting https://twitter.com/askps_anz?s=21

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    Mine arrived today in a brown cardboard envelope, ordered roughly 3 weeks ago
    The label has a postal number but it isn't trackable, so no way to tell if it is in transit or potentially lost. Hopefully if you don't get it after 3-4 weeks Sony can send out replacements.

    • How big is the adapter? Did you find it in the letterbox?

      • Not very big, similar size to one of those USB to Ethernet adapters. It was just put in our letterbox as the package was the size of a large letter.

    • What city / suburb are you mate?

      • Melbourne VIC

        • +1

          Damn, I'm in Melbourne too and mine didn't arrived. I ordered mine wayyyyyy longer than 3 weeks ago

    • Good lord, it exists!

      Still nothing here in Perth. Tweet totally ignored.

  • I got an email on the 19th of November saying my adaptor had shipped. I still haven't received it and I'm in metro Sydney. Has anyone received the adaptor?

    • Received mine earlier this week, mine was shipped roughly the same date.

  • Merged from PlayStation Camera Adaptor for VR on PS5, Ordered October, Shipping Confirmation November 13th, Still No Delivery

    So the title says it all, but I was just wondering what everyone else's experience was? I ordered the playstation VR camera adaptor via the playstation Australia website. I received confirmation of shipping saying it was on its way on November 13th, saying it could take 6-12 business days. Now here I am, December 20th, still no adaptor.

    Has anyone else had any success? I wanted to email Sony support but couldn't find an email address, and have read elsewhere that they just went around and around in circles with them.

    • Ordered legit when it was first announced and I still haven't got mine :(

    • [PS5] Free PlayStation Camera Adapter to Connect PS VR to PS5 (PS VR Serial Required) @ Sony


    • Exactly the same situation here, and not along going by comments on Whirlpool, Facebook and Reddit. Have tried getting in touch with PS support but also far they just keep coming back saying they need more information.

    • Got my shipment confirmation last Wednesday.

    • Got one in the $300 PSVR Megapack 3 box but it's a gimmick for me and sat on shelf. Happy for you borrow it till yours comes if you want to play over holidays.

    • I'm in the same boat, been waiting… I've seen people on Reddit, etc, call and get no help so I haven't bothered.
      Very poor service from Sony Australia.

    • I haven't got mine.

    • I still haven't gotten mine. I called and asked what was going on, they said they would get back to me, that was over a week ago, but still nothing.

    • Same for me, I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw this.

  • Still waiting on mine also

  • Still waiting ordered as soon as you could.

    Free is a nice gesture but at this point I would’ve preferred to pay for it if I could have got it launch day.

  • +1

    Any luck? Nothing here still.

    • Nope

    • +2

      Submitted form: 29/10
      Shipping confirmation email stating "6 to 12 business days": 13/11
      Arrived: TBC

      At least we are all in the same situation and not randomly 'lost' in the mail. Here's a reddit thread where someone received a response via Twitter.

      "Hi there. Unfortunately we’re experiencing shipment delays, so delivery is taking longer than planned. We expect it to take up to five weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for contacting PlayStation support!"

  • +1

    Just got off the phone with PlayStation Support. Anyone who placed their order in the first 2 days, those orders never successfully were posted as the form we filled out was broken.

    Call 1300 365 911, select PS4/PSVR, and then Hardware. After sitting on the phone waiting for an agent, explain your order, the service agent will get all your information including your serial number (So have the PSVR box at the ready), and the agent will send through your details for reshipment.

    • Wow great info. Thanks mate appreciated.

      Edit - been on hold for 45 minutes now, sigh.

      • Yea I had a 15 minute hold

        I'd assume a few people read my comment so they are being bombarded now

        • Got through after 1 hour 15 mins. He took all of my details and said someone would get back to me in two days.

          Not sure exactly what they need to look into, just send me an adapter!

    • What a load of bull crap. Sounds like placating the customer.

      Emails were sent out upon registration, and a second time with shipping confirmation. The info clearly went through on the form.

      I’ve now registered twice for the adapter, still have not seen it. Absolutely disgusting service and treatment.

      • Update - received an email today (was in my junk folder) from Playstation support asking me to confirm my online ID.

        Again no idea what this has to do with them sending me an adapter.

        I would happily buy one at this stage. Idiots.

  • +4

    I finally received my PSVR camera adapter today (Sydney) - it was posted internationally via Deutsche Post in a cardboard envelope.

    I put my request through on the very first day and never followed up on it since, so this came as a surprise today. Hopefully this also gives some comfort to those still waiting.

  • Yep just got home and mine turned up today as well. Funnily enough I was reading this post this morning thinking oh well it might turn up sometime and here it is. So they are coming,,

    • What city / state are you mate?

      • Brissy Queensland

  • Received mine today. Syd cbd

  • Mine arrived today, Melbourne Metro, phew.

  • Forgot about this, till I thought it's time I sold the PS4 Pro as it's just collecting dust since I got the PS5…

    Might wait a few more days for it.

  • Received mine today in Melbourne. Ordered it on the same day this was posted.

  • Got mine today! (Sydney Metro)

  • Mine came today also

  • Recieved yesterday.(Brisbane).

  • Received mine today (BNE)

  • Got mine today in regional nsw

  • Got mine today

  • They are finally being delivered to WA

  • GOT IT, VIC!!

  • Another delivery in WA, took a bit over 2 months (posted out Nov 4).

  • I got mine as well (SA)… well, 2 of them, since i've got a PSVR v1.0 and v2.0. I figured why not have one as a spare.

    Took them long enough!

  • Nothing in WA for me yet. Bwahahaha

    • Edit : it arrived today. Miracle I tells ya.

  • My son tried it out on his PS5. He said the VR is a bit unstable compared to the PS5

    Eg. Camera loses you
    Motion controllers don’t pick up your movement at times

  • Still waiting for mine…. Sydney

    Can't even call the number above anymore. It's closed.

    Their contact us page has no actual way of contacting them. Ridiculous.

    • +1

      Sorry to hear it. Hope it materialises soon.

  • I ordered mine on 17/11. It arrived today. Looks like it was posted from Germany.

  • Just got an email advising of delays. May be another 7 - 8 weeks or longer.


    Anyone got a camera adapter and want to sell it?

  • Just got an update on my camera adaptor order.

    "If you haven’t already received your PlayStation Camera adaptor, this email is to let you know that it is on its way to you. Unfortunately we’re currently experiencing shipment delays, so delivery is taking longer than planned.

    We currently hope to be able to fulfil your order in approximately seven to eight weeks, but in some cases delivery may require even longer than this time frame. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. "

    Another two month wait? I ordered this over three months ago, how can it take five plus months to ship an adaptor? Ridiculous.

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