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De Buyer Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan 12.5-Inch $73.56 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


De Buyer Mineral B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan 12.5-Inch for $73.56. Cheapest ever as per CamelCamelCamel

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Amazing pans. They are indestructible and non stick and easy to clean. Forget the cast iron, pressed steel is the way to go. I have carbone plus model which are 3mm thick.

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      I actually have a 2mm carbon steel, honestly I about 2 months ago I would have said the same as you, but i find the cast iron is better at searing steaks evenly on the stove. They don't lose their heat as quickly and can reach higher temperatures without warping.
      My carbon steel pyrolux pan warps due to the uneven heat distribution and intensity

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        I have both and Pyrolux are shit, too thin and warp.
        This De buyer is as heavy as cast iron 3mm + thick.

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          I guess its my experience with the Pyrolux that just didn't pan out….

        • yep carbone plus or the mineral b, both 3 mm from debuyer ……

      • Interesting, what is your heat source?

        • Stove top, wok burner (proper turkey fryer type) and I take them camping so open flame. They are heavy but indestructible, the don't dint, they don't flinch.

          If you have ever seen a movie where they hit someone with a frypan, this is it

  • deBuyer are good pans. Personally holding out for a Matfer Bougeat instead.

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      I see you didn't let your dreams be dreams.

      • Still holding out.. I dont need another pan at the moment, and 17" is too big for me haha.
        Below $96 will be a good price for matfer bourgeat

        America test kitchen rate it higher than De Buyer

        • If they're both carbon steel, what's the difference between the brands?

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            @dust: For me the rivetless design.
            America Test Kitchen said that the matfer was "stronger", less prone to dinging and warping.

            • @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: Yeah okay interesting. So instead of a rivet, this thing in the Matfer is flat?

              • @dust: Indeed, it is smoothed out to give you a more uniform cooking surface. It does actually irritate me a little bit that food does get trapped around the rivets…
                Essentially i think what they do is use rivets to weld it to the handle, then grind it away.

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                  @KnifeEnthusiastBoi: i own matfer and debuyer, the matfer is welded, not riveted and ground flat, american test kitchen got it wrong because maybe they don’t know what spot welds are. Spot welds are very strong, but cost more to do than rivets on cookware because the handles need to be lined up with no rivet holes or rivets to help. With de buyer , carbone plus and mineral b are same thickness, difference is one is coated in bee was so it doesn’t rust and looks nice for home cooks in the shop the carbone plus isn’t because it’s for industry and so is cheaper because they just scrub any surface rust off, season and put to work. Avoid the thinner de buyer range, not for induction use on high settings (warp) carbone and mineral b are thicker and won’t warp but are double the weight. i much prefer carbon steel pans to cast iron, they are lighter, smoother surface and lighter due to handle design and longer handles.

                  amazon have had some great deals on french cookware via the au site and free shipping from uk with prime. Also consider the de buyer mineral b pro range, comes with cast stainless stay cool handle. Avoid the de buyer french range, looks great with eiffel tower handle, but they are a bit short on the larger pans so not as comfortable as the normal handles.

                  • @garage sale: Thanks for clarifying, i dont think america test kitchen got it wrong, it was me who doesnt know haha.
                    Which do you like using best and why?

    • de buyer rivet the handle, matfer weld it so easier to clean ….

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    Ordered this weeks ago on Prime Day but ended up cancelling earlier this week since it never began shipping from the UK even though it was in stock.

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      It can take a while. My order placed on Prime day was finally shipped two days ago despite showing as in stock in their system.

      The rate of lost parcels from Amazon UK has been quite high in my case as well (2 out of 10 so far).

    • same
      Order a similar de buyer french collection pan on prime day, still have not shipped yet
      looks like it is going to take a while…

      • they will ship, some of mine from amazon UK took 3 weeks before shipping, with covid supply chains globally aren’t always the best. have been waiting 4 weeks for a fissler saute
        pan from amazon US, still not shipped, smaller size from ebay has arrived already but postage was more.
        i think some items are kept in amazon warehouses, and some are with suppliers externally which can impact shipping times.

        love the prime free shipping from overseas where as ebay now use global shipping program and shipping on some items can by $70-$120 …..

    • I ordered prime day too, didn't move at all then suddenly shipped and within 50hrs it'd flown from Canada to Honolulu to my doorstep. In my experience when it gets moving, they process very fast.

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    What is the other handle for? Its not like you'd be doing big braises etc, Id consider this if it wasn't there

  • Amazing pan!

  • $73.56 + $69.79 Delivery ……..

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      If you weren't in the pub, you'd notice it is ($0 with Prime)

  • Is this good for general purpose cooking? I normally cook Chinese food.

    • It should be good with chinese food or oily food, just dont cook acidic food in it.
      My favourite way of reheating fried kway teow noodles is now to fire it up in the carbon steel pan instead of microwaving it.
      Sometimes it turns out even better than when it came out of the shop…(more wok hay)

      Generally carbon steel pans are the best at stir frying, shallow frying, and deep frying. Searing steaks, frying bacon, frying eggs, cooking pancakes, frying rice to make it crispy…all works really well.

      Basically anything you want to cook and give it a good sear.

      • yes, acid foods such as tomatoes for extended periods can lift some of the seasoning off the pan and it ends up as black flecks in the food. asian food is fine as you rarely add a can of tomatoes and simmer for an hour, and at home i find it better than a wok, larger surface area means i can get rid of steam easier, so more frying and less stewing if you only have small std burners or induction.

  • Awesome pan. I've had one for a few years now. Perfect for smashburgers! :)

    • the “big” pan i use on my paella burner outside so i can cook a few steaks or hamburgers at a time. the paella pan is a bit too thin, but a 3mm carbon pan works great, just the weight becomes an issue in 3 mm if you get to 30cm or more and no helper handle if you try and move a large pan full of food off a heat source.

  • Aren't woks are generally made from carbon steel and you can buy then for like $20 at the local Asian shops

    • woks are carbon steel but they aren’t 3 mm thick, i can stir fry in my pan or cook 4 hamburgers at a time, can’t cook 4 hamburgers at a time in a wok.

      cultures, cookware and eating utensils interesting, and although some cultures go back thousands of years, the ingredients used in those cultures and styles of cooking are influenced by ingredients from the last 500 years e.g tomatoes and chillies from the americas.

    • yes, however carbon steel woks are usually about 1-2mm thick, and are made for tossing food. Not ideal to cook burgers and steaks unless you want them sitting in a deep pool of oil. They wouldnt cook evenly either.

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