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8bitdo Black SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Controller $62.99 Delivered @ 8BitDoOfficial via Amazon AU


not sure how long the 10% off coupon lasts,
was looking for a controller for my retro pi setup found this on sale its also available in 2 more alternate colours

SN Edition

G Classic Edition

Sold by 8BitDoOfficial Store and Fulfilled by Amazon.

What you get:
8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Gamepad x 1
8BitDo Thumb Stick Grips Cap x 2.

Wireless Bluetooth, rumble vibration, motion controls, USB-C, 1000mAh rechargeable battery pack.
Button mapping for system-changing accuracy and modifiable vibration.
Adjustable Hair trigger buttons plus 6 axis motion sensor and Modifiable joystick sensitivity.
Customize your gaming experience further with ultimate software.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Still cheaper through Kogan…


    Unless you're specifically looking for the black one…

  • I actually found the Pro controller better for 3D games and the SN30 Pro+ better for 2D platformers or fighting games like street fighter.

    • There was an article somewhere that the way the analog sticks are designed for these 8bitdo ones is that they prefer diagonal movements than the straight ones… Something about the dead zone i think…

    • The D-pad is better on the 8bit. As far as the joysticks, it's all preference, I've never found the offset joysticks on xbox or wii joypads very ergonomic.

      • Agreed. It's quite annoying on the Switch. The WiiU Pro controller had the best ergonomics. Both joysticks symmetrical and at the top, easy for thumbs. Decent Quad Shoulder Buttons. Nice curvature body / not too cramped.

        Too bad they're stupidly expensive these days for such a basic controller, I mean it didn't even have a gyro or any particular best quality specifics. I heard the $20 knockoffs were okay. Though I'm more excited about testing the new Sony DS5 controller.

  • I really like the SN30 Pro+. I use it as my Player 2 controller mostly but use it in preference to the Nintendo Switch Pro for precision platformers (like Celeste for example). Strongly recommend. I got mine a fair bit cheaper through a Latitude Pay deal on Catch though.

  • Anyone able to order the new Arcade Stick?

  • These are more reliable than the Switch pro controllers because the pro controllers can have issues with analogue stick drift, and with the d pad

  • Save your money and buy the official Nintendo controller. It’s more expensive but it’s flawless. We bought two of these 8bit controllers and they have issues frequently enough that’ we’ve totally abandoned using them at this point.

    • Hmmm, are they still in good nick though? What sort of issues have you been having?

      • They’re perfect condition because we barely use them because of the issues.I’m not sure if it’s because we have two switch’s and it gets confused or what, but they take forever to pair sometimes (and sometimes just wont pair no matter what we try). For a console like the switch where I play in short bursts I don’t want to spend ten minutes getting the control to pair when I can do it in two seconds with the official controller.

  • As someone who is used to PS controllers these are amazing! Also you can do modifications and macros on these through their software…

  • I've owned 2 of these and despite being awesome initially, both had big issues and had to be returned. I'd recommend avoiding.

  • Any deals on the console itself ?

  • I have the SN edition of this controller, works great on Switch, Steam-on-Mac, Steam-on-Windows.
    This deal is out of stock on Amazon though.

  • If you have the PS4 controller, just get the 8bitdo switch adapter and connect the ps4 controller to the switch.

  • No deal.

    $56.99 delivered via the Kogan web site.


    Makes me wonder how this deal on Ozbargain got 39 + votes when it wasn't even the best deal.