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Lobster Tails with Garlic Butter Glaze 2pk/380g $27.99 @ ALDI


Aldi’s Lobster Tails are back. Have bought them previously and were fantastic. Made lobster rolls with them. Recipe below, enjoy 👍

Our Specially Selected lobster tails are a luxurious addition to your festive table
Our wild caught lobsters are freshly harvested from the tropical waters of Brazil, a region recognised for producing plump and delicious lobster varieties
Our chefs have harmoniously combined butter, garlic, lemon juice, parsley and salt to create a finishing glaze that will accentuate the natural flavours of the lobster tails
Whether you are entertaining for many or preparing a special meal for two, our Specially Selected lobster tails will add a touch of elegance to your dining experience
See our recipe for Lobster Tail Sliders https://www.aldi.com.au/en/groceries/recipes/christmas-recip...

  • While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.

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  • +4

    In space no one can hear you scream.
    Lobster rolls are yummy.

  • +4

    Why is it so hard to get (profanity) Aussie lobsters ffs

    • +27

      Because they're being shipped overseas to the highest bidder.

      • +2

        And cant get it for $27.99 processeD and packaged in aus.

        • +1

          Why would you want that? Of coz fresh live ones. We BBQ those. Pretty good.

        • +1

          Processed ones for $27.99, maybe.
          Lives ones? For $27.99, you can get about 100gm of it potentially.
          That's what happens when there's globalism. If it wasn't because of covid, you'd bare even see the packaged version

    • +5

      Pretty easy to get some Aussie rock lobsters from the local seafood shop. Costs a lot more than these Aldi tails though. You get what you pay for.

    • +10

      because Aussie ones are far tastier and bigger than these, and are actually wild harvested

    • +11

      The funny part about the Aussie Lobster, I went to China end of last year and the live Aussie Lob there are cheaper than my local seafood store, about 20% cheaper.

      • +7

        Bulk buy? Lower labour costs?

        • +13

          Why neg me? Lol. It could be the market seller has bulk buy the Aussie lobsters and therefore able to sell at cheaper price. The operating costs there are definitely cheaper than in Australia. Travel more mate

          • +2

            @spedohero: Yea. When we lived across Asia pacific too, was cheaper to eat live AU lobster than in AU.

          • @spedohero: I would say its also the fact that people in those countries will refuse to pay more than a set amount while we have let retailers make us believe these items are worth the amount they charge us. They just make a huge profit on us.

      • +1

        Not only Aussie lobster. Lots of other things too - Tasmanian Apples cost around 40% less in China than Australia.

        Why, you ask?
        1. Expensive Aussie labour. Works in two ways, locals willing to pay more, and stores have to pay workers more.
        2. Monopolies or Duopolies on trucking, market agents and local stores
        3. Insane real estate prices causing high rents

        • +4

          locals willing to pay more

          This, I bought my $329 AUD RRP Rode (Australian Brand) microphone for $149 AUD delivered from the UK. In this case absolutely nothing to do with labour, rent, monopolies. Everything to do with 'because they can sell it for that'

          • @Jackson: Exactly right, The distributors and retailers know they can get away with exorbitant prices on us so they do.

      • Its about wholesale cost vs retail price.

        Just like the farmers, Australian bought is small% to wholesaler,while the middleman and the retailer takes a big chunk

        Shipping bulk to China in bulk for a higher (relative) wholesale price, but where labour and transaction costs are much lower.

    • +2

      last time I heard WA have plenty of lobster, check youngbloods on youtube lol, even had some of my friends showed off on the facebook every now and then around Rottnest, the water is pretty warm too, unlike us in VIC

      • +2

        cold water is better

      • +4

        Yep plenty of crays (lobsters) around Perth, quick trip out on the boat and we'll have plenty for Christmas lunch much bigger than these :-)

        On another note we normally export 90% or more of the western Rock lobster we catch to China so Covid has left a few extra for us locals this year.

        Though prices are still up there https://www.wacrays.com.au

    • Who decided to sell all of our crayfish overseas? I don't remember being asked.

    • I just saw fresh NSW lobsters going for $20 a pop. Of course they sold out really quick.

    • -5

      Just eat seafood extender. It’s basically the same thing.

    • Well ever since 2014 SA lobsters have been around $370 a kg.

      You can get them but when they're about 3kg in size you'll pay a pretty penny!

      China has no issue about cost.

      I believe the fishermen alone get around $90+ a kg for the catch.

  • +1

    how do these compare to the $8-9 tails at Woolies/Coles deli?

  • +7

    Arent these like 50% cheaper at coles seafood section. $10 for butter seems excessive?

    • only if they are on 50% off special. I bought a box on 33% special for $25 the other day.

      • +1

        Nah they have other ones they are normally $8 or $9 raw. No idea how the size/weight compares to these Aldi ones though.

    • yeah coles often have then for $5 a pop

  • Im sure this cant be good for the environment.

    • +15

      There's not that much butter in them

  • +1

    Are there any chef here that can assist with my question?

    Is there any difference between taking it out from the freezer and putting it straight into the oven than defrosting with cold water and then putting it in the oven? Does it taste the same?

    I've been producing great oven food lately by defrosting them in cold water first and then putting into the oven.

    • +3

      no chef but if you put frozen food straight into oven, chances are the inside will be cold when the skin start burning

    • +1

      you need to defrost it first for even cooking

      • Is there any difference between defrosting by putting in the fridge and defrosting by putting it in cold water?

    • +2

      Not a chef..but when you defrost food and allow it to reach an even temperature it cooks more evenly.
      If you put it straight into the oven but the time the outside is cooked it's still cold/frozen in the middle so you cook it for longer, so you overcook parts to get everything to cooked.

    • +2

      The best way to defrost any raw food is naturally in a fridge.

      The best way to defrost seafood is in a colander, or some other drainage means, elevated above a bowl so that the defrosting liquid drains away from defrosting product, and the product is not sitting in any liquid. This will give you the best possible quality for your food.

      Definitely never cook meats of any variety from frozen. The core temperature will not reach a safe level before the external surface far exceeds an optimal cooked state. There can be exceptions to this rule for some specific foods, such as thinly sliced beef/liver/tuna for special preparations.

      One great way to understand the quality changes between different defrosting methods is to use frozen cooked, peeled shrimp or prawns. Defrost 1 in water, 1 at room temperature, 1 in a bowl in a fridge, 1 in boiling water and 1 using the above method. Trial them all side by side, you’ll find the differences astonishing.

      • I don't want to do your prawn defrosting experiment. Just tell us which way is the best please?! Lol.

        (Seriously, your paragraphs 1 and 2 are a bit unclear. Do you mean colander in the fridge? Or colander at room temp?)

        • +1

          Do you mean colander in the fridge? Or colander at room temp?

          What I read is - Best environment to defrost is in fridge. Best method (for seafood) is using a colander.

          • +1

            @Ughhh: Correct, and the colander must be elevated above a bowl so the defrosting food does not sit in liquid draining away.

      • lol thanks, i was hoping for an answer likes yours. Which defrosting methods above works/taste the best??

        • +1

          The colander, in a frudge method.

      • cant you just cook it the oven at a low temp for a long time instead of defrosting? e.g. 135C for 40min

        • Nope, certainly not optimum.

      • -1

        we don't wanna waste 5 prawns for you stupid experiment!

        • It's a pretty straightforward experiment, at least 1/5 is edible, but if you don't think you can even achieve that…

      • So where were these natural fridges before the invention of the ice chest in Victorian England?

        • No need to defrost unfrozen products…

  • +3

    Not sure if the lobsters woolies sell are the same size as these (they look to be the same size judging from the second photo of the Aldi product), both from Brazil and the one on Woolies is regularly on sales ($8 each from memory)


    Is it worth paying $10 more for the "garlic butter glazing"?

    • +4

      no it's not worth it

  • +3

    Like our Beef,our best Seafood goes straight to export markets.Seen the price of Lobster in this country? It sucks.

    • Money talks, sadly for us here….

    • yeah we can't even get the best stuff right here!

      • Very true. Some of our beef is export only because it's about $300+ a kg

    • You know lobster used to be a poor person food. Fishermen would sell it to poor people cheap because no one else wanted them. Probably they’d throw them overboard to make room for critters people do actually want to eat.

  • I remember someone buying like 50 of these for their freezer

  • COSTCO has these on and off, bigger but more expensive, i think from Canada

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