Samsung 85" Q70T 4K UHD HDR Smart QLED TV QA85Q70TAWXXY $4,199 (RRP $6,399) + Free Metro Delivery @ PowerLand


Been looking for a 80+ incher for a while came across this deal. JB Hi-Fi price matched earlier today. They are around $4500-4999 at most shops. I have 1 unique price match code (From JB) i am happy to share out to anyone that wants to buy this. Same price also on appliance central website. The link i was given for the price match expires at midnight. I am sure if you call tomorrow you should get the same response anyway.

Forgot to mention FREE delivery offered as well at JB.

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  • Tempting deal.

  • Also the 85" Sony X9000H is listed for $4495 @ JB/TGG. Presumably more room to negotiate there too.

    • I tried didn’t get anywhere just got 5 years warranty included at JB

    • The q70t is so poorly priced (or the x9000h is very well priced).

      Choosing the q70t over the x9000h is madness.

      • So in general terms the Sony 9000H would need better quality?

        Is Triluminous from Sony > QLED?

        So many different terms!

        • Some would argue that QLED has better colours, but thats not the only aspect to consider. Being that the prices are so close and what the Sony includes that the Samsung doesn't, the q70t isn't worth it. The q70 doesn't have local dimming, it's response time is slower and it isn't as bright. Plus the Sony has 2 X HDMI 2.1, the Sammy only has one. Just on those things you'd easily choose the Sony.

          Now if you were comparing it to the q80t, it's a different story. You'd still have to spend a lot more than the Sony anyways, so the Sony presents amazing value.

          • @Sancho123456: If a $4000 tv can't timeshift or USB record, I'm not interested no matter how good the picture is. That is my biggest gripe with the 95G, had I looked closer at the spec sheet I would have got something different. Silly me assumed that a tv of that quality could do something so simple.

  • What's a price match code?

  • Also Hisense 85q8 for 3995 at JB hifi, had been cheaper before but atm best price I guess.

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  • Question, why are powerland and appliance central always soo much cheaper? How do they make money?

    • The only thing I noticed is they were not in stock when I called them, perhaps they are parallel imported…. I personally would just price match at JB as they should be the safer bet for after sales service. If you can get the 5 years warranty extension on top thrown in it’s a no brainer.