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$30 off SuperCharge GoldPlus Batteries (C&C or in-Store Only) @ Autobarn


It's not a % off sale but a flat $30 off almost every Supercharge GoldPlus battery at Autobarn

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  • Have a look at google reviews and product reviews before buying supercharge. I got one of these that died within 12 months and the claimed mine was bulging due to overcharging. Considering i have been building cars since my teens and use quality CTEK MXS chargers not possible. Stick with century or Repco batteries which are century rebranded. Supercharge used to be great batteries. https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/supercharge-batter...

    • Doesn't it come with a 40 month warranty? Try going to a different store if this one was being difficult.

      • Tried mate. Had a trade account with Auto One and they didn’t even back it up, just palmed off to Supercharge. I went direct to Supercharge in person and got the same response. Poorest customer service ever experienced. Closed my account with Auto One as well, vote with my money.

    • It's funny you still trust Product Review. Century don't have a good record either https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/century-batteries

      • I don’t trust it at all. But google reviews are a bit more believable and they are just as bad. Anyway your choice what you use have been using Century/Repco since and not one issue on multiple vehicles.

  • I bought Supercharge with 42 months warranty. It died in 21st month, and was replaced under warranty (due to expire in another 13 months).