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[Pre Order] Xbox Series S Console $499 (Drop 2 Expected 20th Nov) @ Harvey Norman


Noticed this awesome RRP deal is available for drop 2 pre order, expected 20th Nov

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Hopefully this forces Sony to announce when the next drops for the ps5 are

    • 2021 someday.

    • Screw drops, what about price drops

      • Black Friday 2021 at the very earliest. Doesn’t make sense to buy a new console until then anyway. No games!

        • However if you’re selling an old console it becomes a question of do you think the price of the new console will fall more than the resale value of the old console given backwards compatibility means you can play all your old games on the new one

        • ??? Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Cyberpunk, every other game you play will have better performance and load times than if you played it on your current console. Trade value is better earlier in the cycle.

          • @n0chance: The next-gen version of Cyberpunk will not be out before sometime next year. Sony does have some (few) next-gen exclusives (the Spiderman DLC will also be on PS4 though). And every 3rd party title will be on PS4, XO too. From what I've seen next-gen ports have very minor visual upgrades. That will only change once there are more units of PS5 and XSX on the market.

            So if you can get hold of a next-gen console, then there's nothing wrong with buying one now. Only that everyone else mustn't be disappointed when they've missed out during the pre-order window. Plenty of time to buy one before any real next-gen titles come out.

        • Fast loading times is a good enough reason for me.

  • I’ll be getting the series X but is this S better than my current Xbox One X?

      • GPU is slightly weaker, but CPU is wayyy faster & you can't compare Teraflops Gen Vs. Gen

        • Does this make the games better?

          • @Bedgrub: Games should generally perform better on the Series S. It will depend game-by-game, but as the Series S isn't CPU bottlenecked like the One X, it should do better in most games. Plus there's the WAY faster load times and the fact it will support all games going forward.

            • @loksmack: How can we check if xbox x is being bottlenecked by CPU, slow HDD , GPU or RAM? Is there an app?
              I thought currently the HDD bottlenecks the speed. If we can replace it with SSD, one X is pretty good.

              • @Gaggy: You can't really.

                There are comparisons out there. I know Digital Foundary has some good One X vs Series X videos. On some games you can really see the CPU bottleneck of the One X, but on others there is minimal performance gain because the CPU isn't being stressed. Not sure of Series S videos.

              • @Gaggy: The CPU in the PS4 and Xbox One generation is a shitty netbook CPU that was outdated in 2013 when the consoles came out. There's no way around it it, it's a bottle neck for developers.

    • Yep, in most respects it will be faster than the One X, including processor, ram, SSD and more modern architecture. The GPU in the One X is faster but is bottlenecked by all those other factors. That said, the lack of disc drive on the Series S is a real downer if you have physical discs you want to use.

      • Is it the S already can do 4k gaming?

        • +6 votes

          S isn't made for 4K gaming, 1440P and 1080P

        • It's can stream and play 4k video but not games

          • @Lord G: Current One X can do 4K gaming right?

            • @superforever: It can, at the expense of frame rate. Series S targets next gen games at 1440p, 60fps, while One X targets current gen games at 4K 30fps, or 1080p 60fps

              • @mr_me450: In that case S is better than One X

              • @mr_me450: Apparently, it can do 4K 60FPS on some games… I saw a video where someone played GTA V at 4K 60FPS on an Xbox One X

                • @Zackeroo: Yes but it is specifically targeted at 1440p and below. anything above that is purely a bonus and I would not be buying it if you are after 4k gaming. Getting an X at launch and Will be getting an S later next year as a travel item (if we ever get to travel again), great for taking with me down the coast or visiting parents, something to do when stuck inside with bad weather.

                  • @gromit: why not just bring the X with you when travelling?

                    • @pinkybrain: bigger and heavier and would rather it remain setup on my main gaming TV. The TV's at my parents and down the coast are all 1080p or below so no additional benefit in getting an additional X and the S can also be a secondary device in the main living room. (X will be in the games room)

                • @Zackeroo: The Xbox One X runs GTA V exactly as it does on the Xbox One, PS4 and PS4 Pro - 1080p at 30fps.

                  • @interfreak: If this is really true, that is honestly a serious disappointment to the Xbox optimisation… I've never played this game on my Xbox, but I know it would easily run it at 1080 60, or even 4K 30 FPS.

                    Hearing that the difference between the One X and the One really seems like a hint of planned obselecense on Microsoft's side :(

        • It does 1440p up sampled to 4K I think?

        • It can technically output 4k games, though this resolution would come at the expense of other things (framerate, graphical fidelity etc), so Microsoft have given a target of 1440p60 for games.

          Likewise, the One X isn't always 4k either…

      • I can take discless on the S because I buy most of my games I buy are on my PC anyway and im not too invested in console gaming save for my switch, my series S will be a dedicated game pass machine so discless isnt too much of a dealbreaker personally.

        Game pass on PC is nice but Xbox's Game Pass is a lot bigger, soon PC game pass will be 10 a month with ultimate being 15 for both Xbox and PC so im only paying an extra 5 a month for all of those extra games on Xbox game pass, along with cross-save being supported between a lot of Xbox titles and games on the PC Xbox app means I can I can easily hop from one device to the other which is really nice.

        I could cheap up and get a used One X which does have a disk drive, but once games eventually jump on being Series X/S exclusive I'd have to go out and by a Series S anyway so I think its worth the loss of disk drive for that longevity.

    • This console is more targeted towards 1440p or 1080p resolutions. If you dont care for 4k it’d be a waste to pay more for something that you won’t need.

      • Except that all those cheap clearance and second hand games are not an option. If you area game pass person or buy software direct from the xbox store on release, then yeah it's just down to the res.

        I for one am not happy with either budget option for both ps and xbox consoles. I don't mind FHD gaming because the limitation AFAIC with graphics is not the resolution, it's the quality of renderings, but not having a drive makes backward compatibility useless to me. Someone needs to figure out a way to let me digitise my back catalog of xbox one games so I can play them on the S.

    • +3 votes

      Easy way I see it

      Series S - 1440p
      Series X - 4K

      Cpu are similar but series X gpu is much powerful

      Series S also has no disc drive

      • From everything i have seen this is accurate.

        The Xbox Series S performance in 1440p should be roughly the same as the Xbox Series X at 4k. It's definitely what MS were targeting atleast.

  • This is not a bargain, rrp is not a bargain, OzRRP

  • This is good news. Let the scalper scum burn.

  • Meh, the Series S has rarely been out of stock so far. If this was a Series X or PS5 I'd say any stock is worth posting as a deal, but Series S not so much.

    • ps5 no disc drive at $599 seems a better deal as long as you're not bound to Gamepass etc.

      • xCloud is coming to Oz in 2021. Microsoft will likely sell streaming sticks for cheap. Better deal than an overpriced series s.

    • Actually no stock anywhere from what I can see & some may want it before xmas so better off ordering now then hoping stock will be normal by then, agree the X is the obvious better deal

  • This is pretty expensive, I thought this was supposed to be the cheap next gen console.

    • Is the Switch RRP still 470 or am I a bit behind on it's pricing?

      Because while I think the Series S should have been 450 here (and makes sense for various reasons tbh), it's still then even at full, only 30 more than the cheapest thing out there, and substantially more powerful to boot.

      • The Switch is super popular and has heaps of awesome exclusives. Xbox? Not so much.

        • So if something's popular it's allowed to charge whatever it wants then?

          As for exclusives, day one Switch owner here, I eventually relented and bought Zelda a couple months after release for cheap despite having no interest in it because there was (profanity) nooooothing else to play. I bought Fast RMX day one (love it), and then Blaster Master Zero not long later and that's all I remember being worthwhile for a hot minute there outside of Zelda, and I'll be real, while I had a blast with it, I mean this 100% genuinely, Breath of the Wild is the single most overrated game I've ever played.

          I'll take Halo, Forza, Gears, Ori, Hellblade, Grounded (I'm enjoying the preview), Battletoads, and so on (and these are just the series' off the top of my head that either had recent releases, or are getting them soon, or both) over yet another Mario eventually, waiting half a decade for Metroid Prime 4, or another glorified re-release of Splatoon 1 or Mario Maker 1, not to mention actual full on re-releases like Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, NSMB, Mario & Luigi, and so on, which are some of the best games on the system, that I already had on my Wii U anyway.

          Shit's subjective, shocker.

          • @TheDukeOfNukem: Heard of demand pushing prices up? Looking at the hardware alone, the Switch is crap and Xbox is awesome. But at the end of the day, you're buying a console to play games, right?

            And what's an objective truth is that the Switch is selling much, much better than the Xbox One (S/X) ever did. Nintendo has sold more than 60 million units of Switch and Switch Lite. For comparison, Microsoft hasn't even sold 50 million Xbox in twice the time.

            Admittedly, Nintendo's exclusives aren't for everyone (family friendly), but they are extremely popular: Zelda, Mario Odyssee, Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Ring Fit, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Arms, Mario Party, Links Awakening, Kirby - and the list goes on. Some of these have sold 20 million copies or more. For comparison, even Halo (Xbox' most popular title) hasn't sold more than 10 million copies. Ironically, the best that Xbox has going for it is Minecraft and that's not even an Xbox exclusive.

            So say what you want, but the Switch is wiping the floor with Xbox. I've recently had a game pass subscription for PC, trying out some of their exclusives. Coming from Playstation, their games are a complete waste.

            • @maxbon: Demand dictates price and availability to an extent, yeah… but the Series S hasn't even dropped yet, so it's price can't have gone up. You can argue demand has kept the Switch at RRP and I can argue Nintendo never drops the price of anything.

              Oh yeah, nah, the Xbone is the loser this gen with sales, obviously.

              Yeah I know, people like different stuff, that's more or less what I was getting at too when you said Xbox doesn't have much dope ass exclusives. Like it's all subjective. I mean, I'll give you this, sales are objective and Nintendo objectively is better based on sales, but like, I loved Mario Odyssey but I also never played any other 3D Mario for more than half an hour before it, going back to them after, Odyssey is a lot more of the same really. Breath of the Wild was quite fun but by god the story was next to nonexistent and I know I'm in the minority but holy (profanity) I just cannot ever get into Smash, I've tried several times and it just blows for me.

              But point is, even if the Switch wasn't selling well, like the Wii U didn't, it would still be the same price. Nintendo keeping their price up has nothing to do with their success, and everything to do with their mindset.

    • +6 votes

      It's 250 cheaper than a SX and this has an SSD with Zen 2 16 t 8 core cpu then a pretty decent GPU, what planet do you live on?

      • SSD is half the size, RAM is cut back to 10 GB, GPU has one third the performance and CPU is slower also. Worst of all: no disk drive, you’re bound to game pass and overpriced digital purchases. How is $500 a great price for that!?

    • Especially when it's already been dropped.

    • It will drop significantly after release in my prediction, even by Xmas I expect a price cut

      • Agree. Will drop to $300 or pulled altogether.

        • Agree that will be the eventual price but it won't be pulled, unless you count a hardware refresh as being pulled. My prediction is that they will sell as many as they can at the RRP, then drop it steadily, and when the hardware refresh is done it will either drop further or will get better hardware, maybe even have the full blown SX hardware without the drive like the PS5

    • It's laughably overpriced. Should be closer to $250-299 to be viable.

    • Go buy a cheap $500 Gaming PC instead and enjoy full 720P gaming from 5 year old games lol

      • So is this the first console you've ever bought?
        If not, the comparison doesn't make sense.

        At the end of the day this is $500 for a 1440p system.

      • People who buy gaming PCs don't usually limit themselves to just gaming. A $500 "gaming" PC will have still have more utility than your precious new $499 Xbox. And, investing in a proper gaming PC ~$1500-2000 will destroy anything the Xbox can ever offer, while letting you stream, create content, actually learn stuff etc.

        • A $500 “gaming” PC will be useful for a number of things, but it’ll be rubbish when it comes to games and not at all competitive against these consoles.

  • considering series s is even 33% weaker(graphic) than xbox one x, and not much series exclusive title now, maybe better stick to the xbox one x now.

    • +2 votes

      The cpu is the bottleneck of the XB1x, the SS will probably be as good if not better

    • Nope, it is not weaker.

    • Series S is not weaker than the One X. The only thing the One X has going for it is a beefy graphics card which can boost current gen games to 4k/30fps or 1080p/60fps. Its processor, ram and hard drive speeds are all extremely poor in comparison to the Series S and it won't be able to match the Series S performance targeting 1440p/60fps for next gen games.