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20% off All King Gee and Hard Yakka @ Lowes


Just saw that Lowes has 20% off all King Gee and Hard Yakka instore and online until Monday 9th November

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  • Anyone know with their tradie shorts are they true to size, or run small/large? Thanks

  • I stopped buying king and yakka, shrinking in wash , thin material, knees wear out ( not padded or double walled)
    I buy blacksmith pants from big w and jackaroo tops
    Neither are great in QLD summer humidity , but last shit loads longer as the cheap alternative to the high end gear

    Don’t buy the Lowe’s brand stitching comes undone

    • For summer up here I prefer Eleven's aerocool shirts from RSEA, well vented across the back at both shoulder blades and mesh underarms, and in lightweight ripstop material (under 200gram I think). I didnt expect them to last, but they have. The venting does work.

      I currently have Bisley lightweight vented cool pants (they have yellow and light grey stitching) but they arent ripstop. I expected maybe 6 months, but they have passed that. Large trianglish mesh gussets in the crotch and two panels across the back below the belt loop. They have some pinholes forming from sliding on concrete and I hate that they are cargos. I want to try their new X flow as thats ripstop with same venting or so Im told.

      They are actually cooler to wear so IMO well worth the tradeoff in longevity. No idea if they are approved for various sites but I have my own workshop so doesnt matter. Best combo Ive found for the hot months. Elevens shirt, Bisley pants. Id still buy them if I had to replace them every 3 months. Its too hot to worry about a few bucks.