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Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds- Titanium Black - $125.95 (Free Shipping) @ PCByte / AZ eshop via Catch


Historical low (I think?). Not behd good size 10 words.

also $139 @ PC Byte:


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  • are these ok for jogging? (i guess compared to the 'sport' ones posted earlier)

    • it depends on ear shape, but if they stick into your ears as well as they do mine, then definitely.

      not if you sweat like crazy though. I wear these to the gym daily with no issues.

    • I wear mine comfortably for running and at the gym, no problems at all. I run comply tips, but didn't have any particular issues with the standard tips either.

      I love mine, if I lost them I'd go out and buy another pair immediately; the 75's definitely have a nicer case and more compact profile (my girlfriend has them) but probably hard to justify the extra cost over this deal.

    • check youtube there is this one asian canadian hilarious youtuber very cool surname is something "wat"
      he shaked his head hard while wearing this and jog

      all good

    • they are perfect for my running. and comparing to airpod, they are way ahead in terms of sound quality, connectivity (it can connect upto 2 device simultaneously), very close to active noise cancelling headphone.

      i got it for 179, 2.5 years ago. still going strong.

      • I think i got the same deal. Still going strong for me too. Im gonna grab another pair at this price, its a steal.

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      I use blu tack to keep them in…

  • There is no mute functionality :( that's very much required with work from home nowadays.

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      There is no mute functionality


      What type of phone are you using them with?

      • Not directly from the headset, I have to be in front of the computer to mute a meeting conversation.

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          dont walk away from your phone or PC before putting yourself on mute. We dont need to listen to your toilet flush

  • You won't find a better tws earphone that this for this price