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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 (Lifetime License, 1 User) Retail $307.98, Student $185 @ Softvire


This is the cheapest Retail offer I've seen.

Must chose Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) method for Retail purchase. Physical delivery is not discounted at $729.

Student versions is Physical Delivery only, no ESD option.

NOTE: This software is only for serious PDF document editors and checkers. It has advance PDF comparing abilities.

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  • Does the lifetime licence include updates? For example, acrobat 2021, 22, etc. otherwise could become redundant soon

    • From experience, no. Adobe never sell lifetime licenses with yearly updates. Subscription based models are just the norm in the world we now live in. Buying a single version of software just doesn't make sense anymore.

      • Buying a single version of software just doesn't make sense anymore.

        if a version does everything one wants, then subscription is a waste of money. It’s a ruse to keep people paying. The fact that vendors are still (forced to) offer single versions shows not every has bought into that scheme.

  • No, only standard security updates. No updates to new versions, therefore no new features to edit if 2023 has 3D objects compare in the program.

    My guess, it will continue to be able to open and read all PDF for at least 5y later. and have the current editing and comparing functionality of 2020.

  • I only need the function to do simple edit, create simple forms, combine pdf's, and detailed compare pdf's. I prefer to use this then to use multple free pdf softwares online. I also don't want to be charged about $263.87pa or $36.29pm (~$435.48 per year). so that I could continually update for newer releases.

    • That’s basically all it does. A lot of people that buy Acrobat Pro are greatly disappointed to find it is only for minor tweaks and is not for major editing or producing documents.

      • lol what?! No, no that is not 'basically' all it does not at all. Have you even used the program for anything more than opening up a PDF?

  • Why would you buy this shit when foss stuff does the job?

    • what is foss please? I mean, which one specifically.

      • free open source

        • I understand, I used to spend hours on days searching, downloading, experiementing the softwares available, and then end up that some features are not available. Then try looking for another one again. and the process continues for years.

          If you could suggest an equivalent foss software that can do most of the Acrobat Pro 2020. I would definitely post it on Ozbargain and throw away my $307.98 as very bad investment.

          • @chunfat: I doubt poster truly appreciates Acrobat Pro capabilities, but, the point is that there are cheaper commercial alternatives that may cover all your wants. My experience with Foxit’s iFilter is better than with Adobe’s.

      • sorry didnt read your question properly.
        was fortunate enough to have Acrobat9, the new Acrobat seems to be pushing their online signature service (instead of just using a keyfile for eSig) as in acrobat9

    • I'd love for you to throw out an example of a better program? unless you think this program is the same as Acrobat Reader.

  • Student Version for Mac is out of stock.

  • I’ve switched from Adobe PDF to a free portable PDF editor and in my opinion it actually runs better (and doesn’t crash) and faster with the same functions.

  • Does this include the eSign/signature functionality?
    I am searching a good and cheap eSign (PDF) software.

  • Waste of money on this. Pdf is almost originated from word and plenty of software allow you to do the backward conversations and do whatever mods you like. Adobe is a joke, they still think they own the format and people still get suck into that.

    • lol give it a rest…Acrobat Pro is a huge program. you either just don't need/know/understand how to use it's features

      Pdf is almost originated from word

      lol "almost". It was invented by Adobe…without Microsofts input.

      • It was invented by Adobe…without Microsofts input.

        XPS was Microsoft‘s challenger.

        I suspect poster is accurate if he meant that most of current PDF documents originate from Microsoft Office, so editing in Acrobat Pro isn’t necessary for most.

  • any suggestion for an alternative?

    • Depends on what you want to do.

      If you want to edit PDFs then Affinity have three programs that are less then the price of this Acrobat deal and for life, one for, desktop publishing, vector drawing and photo editir for the professional market and handles PDF very well. Affinity publisher would be the best product if you just want to edit PDF's.

      Affinity also has IOS apps, although the publisher app is not yet available but should be here soon.

      Then there are other small programs that have a few Adobe Acrobat features.

      I have found that in the past used Adobe Acrobat pro a lot, but now have no use for it with the features of macos and Affinity, plus some Linux scripts.

  • I found Ashampoo PDF to be not a bad alternative. I upgraded mine to Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 for a small fee.

    • does it support multi-platform? like android and ios?
      really want to get one for all but a lower cost.

  • Should be noted educational institutes pay around $8/year per student per a license for the full Adobe suite.

    Many may not have access to the above licensing, but it's a good reference point… This stuff shouldn't be $185…

  • I still using Adobe Acrobat X standard, and it was released many years ago.

  • Can someone suggest a great PDF creator editor for Mac? I don't mind paying a one time fee

    • What format do you want to create the PDF from?

      If you just want to edit from a PDF Affinity as posted above is very good at handling PDF