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20% off Montblanc Compatible Refills X2 for $15.16, X5 for $31.96 + Free Shipping @ The Refill Spot


We're running a sale on our Montblanc compatible refills. These are of high quality and priced much lower than refills from Montblanc themselves. Free, same business day shipping on all orders! Discount applied at checkout. Cheers!

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  • I doubt many OzBargainers own a Mont Blanc but, yeah, if they did, I suppose they would put generic refills in them.

    • +1

      Mont Blanc is much cheaper than Tesla or bmw and look how popular those deals are on herešŸ¤£

      • Those are sound investments! If the bank repossesses your house because you spent all your money on extravagant luxuries, at least you can sleep in a Tesla. Good luck living in a Mont Blanc!

        • But at least you can write a sob story in your hipster Moleskin journal.

  • These are only compatibles. Got excited for a second.
    Mine was a wedding present. Quality of genuine ballpoint is incredible.

  • Can you do a deal on SCHMIDT 9000?

  • Bought ballpoint refills. From memory, it's around $24 from the MB boutique last time I got it. Will see if this is worth it!

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