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EZVIZ C3X Dual Lens Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart IP Security Camera $159 Shipped (Was $239) @ Ezvizlife Amazon AU


EZVIZ New Product C3X is on SALE!!
ONLY 10 PCS,About 33% off
The ACTIVITY time is 30th to 31th Oct.
Amazon 159$ off sale price

And details for C3X which is the best product in EZVIZ Outdoor series:
1.Update Level for Home Security – C3X security camera is an advanced and fully featured security system, with Full HD image quality, customizable alarm system, two-way audio, intelligent AI algorithms, and revolutionary color night vision clarity.
2.Revolutionary Dual-Lens Color Night Vision – One lens records the ambient brightness and the other captures color information. Then the two images are merged to create an image in unparalleled detail and realistic color.
3.Intelligent Person and Vehicle Detection – Built-in AI algorithms does not require an additional subscription and allows C3X to identify human and vehicle activity to ensure alerts are relevant to your home’s security.
4.Customizable Motion Detection Zones & Notifications – Draw specific zones within your cameras field of view where you would like to detect activity. When activity is detected, you will receive a notification in real-time.
5.Subscription Free Video Storage – Every EZVIZ WIFI Security Camera comes with a MicroSD Card Slot(Not include SD card) that supports up to 256GB. If you need additional back up, subscription based cloud storage options are also available but not required.

Attach Another Activity on Ebay for C6N PT camera,$49.77** for 1 pc,end in 30th**

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  • does this allow you to back up or sync the SD Card to a local PC / storage on the same lan ?

  • Does this have Onvif so I can use it with my synology?

  • I bought one of these, I know it should be mounted via the screws but are there any options to mount it without screwing it into something outdoors?

  • Is this wired or battery powered?

  • Just a word of caution regarding wireless security cameras, wireless networks are vulnerable to deauthentication attacks, that is an attacker can easily knock the device off the network using something as simple as an android application. I know someone will say "Ethernet cables can just as easily be snipped or the camera pulled off the wall" however the point is an attacker deauth the camera prior to even coming in to frame. Still better than nothing but if you can hard wire then hard wire.

    • Which Android app? This camera has SD slot, so it still records even there is no wireless network. It has a RJ45 port if anyone prefers wired network.

      • Doubt you will find an application on the app store that deauthenticates as I'm pretty sure it goes against their terms and conditions, however they are available from third party sources. If you can then use the RJ45 port, microSD is not much use as they normally steal the camera anyway. l understand at the moment most thieves don't bother to do such sophisticated attacks on home security systems, but they are on the rise as more and more thieves become aware just how easy it is.

    • Just to comment Wi-Fi alliance made it mandatory to have 'Protected Management Frames' enabled to pass the 802.1ac standard to protect against these attacks.

      However, not everyone has 802.1ac devices yet, so a large majority of users will be vulnerable.

      I've had experience in pentesting (enterprise) but never dabbled into wireless pentesting yet - your comment made me do some research and learnt this can be done using aircrack-ng on Kali - very very easily as you mentioned.

      Thanks mate :)

  • HiLook is nice one. I just got very nice price for my 260H and 108m recorder.