Dell G5 15 SE Laptop Ryzen 7 4800H, RX 5600M 6GB, 16GB DDR4, 512GB SSD $1567.44 @ Dell


Dell G5 15 SE gaming laptop with Ryzen 7 processor 4800H, AMD radeon RX5600 graphics

Seems to be continuously on sale, but with the BONUS7 coupon comes down to $1567.44

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  • Curious to know what people think of this, given price and specs for a gaming laptop.

    • From what I know, lots of users complaining about thermal issues. There’s been a recent BIOS update that somewhat improves the issues.
      Have a look at past deals
      Also screen is this crappy 250nit VA panel

      • Yep. Wouldn't touch this laptop unless it had the 144hz 300nit panel.
        Seems all Dell laptops with anything gtx1650 and above heats up like an oven.

        • I’ve found that it’s the CPU that suffers from thermal throttling rather than the GPU (laptop with 8th i7 with RTX2060)

      • Bios slightly improves it though fixing thermal issues requires a workaround or two.

        There's also the screen being the crappy 120hz pan and the screen being installed in such a way on all G5 and probably g7 models that makes the screen warp/bend over time due to dells decision not to use a metal frame and heavily tape the bottom third of the LCD panel to the frame.

        This results in yellowing in the bottom right and left Corners of the screen which is visible on black and grey/red backgrounds etc.

  • +2 votes

    Bought this one for about $30 more with the 144hz screen. Screen came with dead pixels , returned it and refunded.

    Thank god as frames dropped constantly playing games and it was quite loud .

  • Stay away from DELL, they cancel my orders after 2 months of waiting without any reason or communication.

  • Is this system overkill for general use and some minor video conversions? Don't care about a crappy screen or a hefty weight because it would always be connected to my big screen. Want something that will have relevant processing power for a few years.

    • This machine would be overkill. Honestly I would stay away from the Dell G5 chassis in general. I have used the previous Intel version and owned the AMD version with the 144hz screen. The chassis has quality issues. The Intel version used to get really hot because it couldn't extract hot air fast enough out of the vents. Your money would be better spent on a Lenovo Legion 5, 15 inch, with a AMD 4800H or HP Omen 15.

      • Ok, thanks for the info. No point having a grunty cpu if it's throttled by the chassis temp.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I won't get one. Any suggestions at this price point what would be a decent alternative? (something that can handle games (Fortnite at the moment) but mainly used for email/web browsing) Dell or otherwise?

  • Dell gaming laptops are good value when on sale. They do have thermal issues though, so you should repaste and undervolt to get the most out of them.

  • Hi all, bonus7 doesn't work for me (try it on Vostro laptop), anyone mind to share another voucher code or EPP code please?