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Starward Nova Whisky 700ml $69.99 + $10 Shipping (Free over $200/within 50km of Melbourne) @ My Liquor Cabinet


Join the VIC premier by choosing something higher up the shelf.

Currently $95 at Dan's or First Choice.

This online only retailer is an offshoot of a duty free shop and has come about due to the pandemic.
I request to please forego the temptation of price-matching with Dan's/First Choice and instead support these guys so we can see more similar deals, especially if you're within 50 Km's of Melbourne CBD.

Starward NOVA is uniquely Australian, crafted exclusively with local wine barrels for maturation resulting in a Whisky with balanced aromas of raisins, bananas and a touch of balsamic lead to clove, toffee and nougat. The palate is filled with red berries, hints of cinnamon and a variety of savoury and spice driven notes. A long, dry and tannic finish guides a strong linear reach through the palate, balancing a generous roundness and oiliness of the spirit.

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My Liquor Cabinet

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  • +44

    I loved it how news.com.au rubbished dan like he was drinking $2000 fine aged single malts, its a $60-$80 bottle and at least he is doing his bit for the economy by buying a home made brand.

    • +28

      I agree completely. I thought he made a great statement by using a local product rather than choosing a scotch.

    • +10

      Also, The bottle of whisky @DanielAndrewsMP took a photo of was a gift from grateful Victorians who chipped in to buy a bottle for both Dan & @VictorianCHO Brett Sutton orchestrated, I think, by @AlexDevantier and @PRGuy

      • +6

        I'd have gladly chipped in for that. Bloke deserves it.

    • +10

      FWIW, Dan was drinking Starward Tawny, which is a limited edition $120 bottle.

      But yes, a far cry from a $2000 dram!

      • +3

        It was a gift so it doesn't matter how much it costs, like when Murdoch gifts positive press to the Libs.

        • +3

          I am not saying it does - I was merely identifying the correct bottle of whisky that he was drinking. :)

          I literally could not give less cares about the news media, politics and how expensive a bottle of whisky a politician is drinking! My only interest in this topic is the whisky itself.:)

    • +7

      News.com.au shits on anything. Waiting for the day, they try and shit on OzBargain. I will march on their offices with pitchforks!

      • +7

        I got slayed giving a positive response about his leadership. Guess it caters to a certain crowd.

        • +6

          You are well within your rights to praise a guy who has worked 120 days straight.

          Unfortunately our uneducated society don't actually grasp the situation we are in as a planet.

  • +13

    If Dan drink this I will too. #danismysaviour

    • -2


  • I don't mind this drop, it doesn't get the greatest reviews but I do enjoy it every now and then. Slightly sweet for me (which I enjoy once in a while.)

  • +4

    Never been a fan of this drop - however it is made in Vic and good to support a local business. Credit to DA

  • +4

    Love this whisky! Excellent for those who like a lighter varietal, huge notes of the wine cask burst through for an intense and heady flavour that I can't get sick of.

    Great to see them supporting the poor suckers down in Melb with free delivery too.

  • Maximum quantity: 1. :(

  • Solera is a decent price too at 89

    scratch that its out of stock

  • +1

    Andddd it's gone

  • +1

    Apparently nobody can work out who approved the purchase of Dan's bottle of whisky

    • +1

      Well the NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell resigned over a bottle of wine

    • +1

      What are you talking about? He doesn't need anyone's permission or approval to buy a bottle of whisky. He's an adult. lol

      • subtle joke about the inability of Dan and his government to work out who approved the millions of dollars spent on the failed hotel quarantine system

  • This whiskey is awesome

  • -2

    Why are there always deals posted when they are "OUT OF STOCK"?

    • +5

      Things get sold out after the deals are posted especially if it's a great deal.

    • +1

      Most people have either time or money. If you ain’t got money you got time. Sit around with the rest of us and jump on deals asap.

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