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20% off Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer US$33.59 (~A$43.99) Delivered @ Inkbird


This is a great chance to grab this item if you have missed the Amazon Prime Deals last time. Remember to enter the Promo Code for 20% discount.

Seller non-performance

Mod: It appears the site has gone offline as of Thursday 12 November and there are suspicions that the seller may be taking payment but not delivering any products. If you have made a purchase from this merchant prior to 12th November we advice that you contact the payments processor you used to make the payment (Paypal) or your bank in order to have your transactions reversed.

This advice also extends to Tymoshop a sister store that is operated by the same group.

Please note this store should not be confused with Ink-Bird.com, they may appear to have similar domain names but are different businesses.

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  • Surprisingly good rating on Amazon.

    Predictably poor rating on App Store.

  • I have this exact model and it has worked well the last year. Reliable and now never over cook chicken! I use it mostly on the barbie.

    Only negative is when using one or more probes I can’t always remember which probe is which. To check other pieces of meat, you inevitably move the probes around . I think some of the other models have colour identifiers per probe.

  • Spend the extra and get the wifi version.

    That aside I bought the wifi version after having the name brand Maverick ET733 and am way happier with the Inkbird.

  • Like Cheaplikethebird recommends go with the wifi version the Bluetooth only works short distance and if you have a BBQ outside and you are indoors, it stops working.
    I modded mine by putting an external antenna to get longer range.