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Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earphones (Titanium Black) $129 + Delivery (Grey Import) @ Kogan


Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earphones (Titanium Black) delivered at Kogan.

Credit to Price Hipster for the alert.

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  • Price?

  • hmm these or wait for a deal on the 75t?

    • 75T if you can wait

      • 85t announced already..

        Also I think 75t had some issues and weren’t as popular. Could be wrong but best do some research if those issues are resolved now. If I recall correctly it was to with connection drop outs.

  • Cheaper at Amazon if you have prime by 5c. Keep in mind that it is an Amazon us via Amazon au so a grey import much like the Kogan offer.

    Warranty through Amazon may be easier to deal with then Kogan.


    Something else to keep in mind is that only the right earphone can be used on its own as a solo bud which may not be suitable if you want to use the left as primary due to hearing issues in right ear/comfort /other reasons.

  • This is also available on Catch at $125.95 + free shipping.

    Catch (AZ eShop)

    Catch eGift Cards
    Suncorp Benefits - 6% off
    RACQ - 6% off

  • I copped these for $100 used about a year ago and they're amazing. One thing to note is that you can'd have high quality audio and mic going at the same time when connected to a computer running windows (no idea about mac). It's not a thing that most people would care about (low quality audio is fine for group chats, it's really only really multiplayer gaming it will affect), but it' worth mentioning. I think this is true of pretty much all bluetooh headphones as of a few months ago, but I could have missed something.

    If you're wondering if bluetooth earbuds in general are worth it, I'd border on saying they're life changing. It may not seem like a big thing, but I now use headphones in situations I wouldn't have before, since it's just that bit easier. I listen to about twice as many podcasts and audiobooks. It doesn't sounds like much, and in reality it's a small increase in comfort, but that increase in comfort makes me much more likely to use them.

  • Got this for 60 dollars in india

  • they are fake

  • Are these good for phone calls? Teams / Webex? I use Android and a PC.
    Every chinese headset I've tried, including those with CVCx.0 are utterly useless. Especially outside.

    • Yes, I use these for phone calls, virtual conferences/meetings, listening to music etc., and they're great.