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Dual Motorised Height Adjustable Desk Frame with Cable Management Rack $339 + $14.95 Shipping (68% off RRP $1078) @ Groupon


Hi Guys and Girls,

I was looking for a Standing Desk and I came across this deal in Groupon. This is FRAME ONLY and you need to purchase a table top to go on top of this frame.
Only the Model 4 is available (the rest sold out) and for BLACK is $339; other colors (white and Grey) are $369. It is 125KG weight rated and accept up to 2m in length tabletop size.
The Full Spec are listed below.

I am thinking to use this frame with Bunning Acacia Solid Oiled Hardwood Project Panel cost $99 (You need to DIY/Cut the panel to the correct length)- Link to Bunning for this solid hardwood tabletop.

Here are a full list of other size and color panels that Bunning sell and don't forget to search Ikea if you after something deeper.

So my total cost of the project is:
Frame - $339
Tabletop- $99
Hardwax Oil - $10
Total - $448

The Hardwax oil is brush on and wipe off using a cloth and this is to treat the cut edge of the timber. You can buy this from Bunning.

This motorize table frame I suspect is Artiss branding as all the information and pictures look exactly the same as the amazon listing. I am not 100% confirm it is going to be Artiss brand until I receive the product. You can check out the Artiss amazon listing here-

Also if you need a computer/PC holder to mount your PC to the table this is not a bad buy if you are a amazon prime member.


Don't forget the 5% cashback from cashback (I think) as well.

CYA and have fun with this DYI table

Model 4
$339 for a Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Frame - Model Four (Don’t pay $1,077.95)
Available Frame: Black
$369 for a Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Frame - Model Four (Don’t pay $1,077.95)
Available Frames: White, Grey

Frame Only

Motorized height adjustable frame
Dual motors
Powder-coated metal frame and components
Digital control panel
Save up to 3 preset heights
Sit/stand reminder system
Cable management rack
Lengthened front leg
Adjustable height rubber footings
Smooth and ultra-quiet operation
Stepless adjustable frame length
Compatible with 120cm to 200cm length and 60cm to 80cm width desktops
Easy set-up
In the box: frame, panel adaptor, power cord, accessory pack, user manual
Max speed: 38mm/s
Max. load: 125kg
Minimum height: 62cm
Maximum height: 125cm
Adjustable frame length: 110cm to 180cm
Frame width: 57cm
Foot length: 65cm
Compatible desktop length: 120cm to 200cm
Compatible desktop width: 60cm to 80cm
Input voltage: 240V/50Hz
Power plug: Australian Standard
Control panel cable length: 1.45m
Adaptor cable length: 3m

It is Artiss Brand. As I just received the product (via Budget hire van on Saturday 7:35pm for some weir reason) 07 Nov 20- 4 days from the day I ordered.
Also the warranty is 12 months replied directly from Groupon. Everything so far look ok.

23 Nov 20- Got an email from Groupon regarding the shipping of the wrong model (HASD-240-BK). They offered me a $95 refund for the 2 of the table lift. So after the discount of $45 per item my total price to each table lift is $294 + Shipping.
Quote from the Groupon email:
"We would like to offer a $95 partial refund as compensation to keep both items in their current state."
I end up accepting the offer of partial refund; let hope that the smaller weight limit and smaller length different wont have an effect on the motor life.

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  • i think with the sample size we have, it seems there's a 100% chance you will end up with the HASD-204. Mine is still stuck somewhere in NSW it seems. I'm not a particularly tall person, ~165cm, and although 69cm min height works, I would prefer to be able to go lower if required. But if it's too much hassle to exchange, I might just accept it.

    Good luck to all seeking an exchange, please keep us updated on the process here!!

  • I reckon we should at least be getting a discount considering the lower spec?

    • Surely this is grounds for refund though? The product is different from what was advertised. Like in my case I need a desk that can support a 2000mm desktop, plus additional weight for what I need it for.

      • Oh 100% but some people are thinking of keeping it, I just think they should atleast get a discount. I would/will get in touch with the ACCC too about false advertising if it turns out they won't supply the model that was advertised.

        • ohh yeah I see what you mean, and yep definitely agree. I'll update this page when I hear anything back from the Groupon's refund management team. Hopefully we all have an easy way out if we want. Otherwise yeah will have to go the ACCC route :|

          • @imalobster: Groupon saying wait 7 days to hear from resolution team.

            • +1

              @SavatteDodo: I contacted Groupon on Sat afternnon and sent emails with pictures of wrong model. So far all they said is they are working with the supplier.

              Will update here if I hear from them before Sunday.

              • @wyrmy: did you hear back from them?

              • @wyrmy: Groupon claim there is no option for replacement or exchange, but if I want I can keep the existing desk and accept partial groupon credit. I really have no use for the wrong desk and have pushed for a full refund.
                Unless someone can confirm they actually received a model 4, it sounds like the supplier never had that in stock to being with.

              • @wyrmy: Groupon offering $48 partial refund

        • +3

          I doubt they would offer a discount given the already very low price. This is the same frame they have on their most expensive product.

          I think you are well in your right to ask for a return/refund, which is probably what they will offer, but I don't think you will get a similar frame for the price we have all paid for this. You may get your $330 back but will then have to spend double that to get what you want, if it is even available (most of the frames mentioned in this thread don't go as low/high/wide/weight as what this frame 'was' supposed to do).

          I understand there are people who bought this purely because it had a feature they needed and it makes sense to return it if it doesn't have that feature but for the rest of us it is still a bloody good deal for the money..

          Anyways, this is OZB so I will keep an eye on this thread to see if you do get lucky and are able to squeeze any more money of these guys :)

  • I just put mine together - took all day yesterday (removing the old desk, building this one and setting up with cable management)

    I am so annoyed that it is not as described, but this appears to be a newer model?

    It lifts my stuff fine, but there is wobble when at 109 as I type. I thought there should be more central support, cross members for the desk.

    I always thought Groupon was a joke and that their deals seemed half-baked. This has cemented that.

    Here's a pic of my setup: https://imgur.com/gD1D7oO

    The table top is about 30KG (2M x 1M X 40mm), the speakers are 16KG, the monitor is also 8KG, then there is the monitor riser and all the cables attached underneath the desk.

    I'll be adding another monitor and I think it'll be fine.

    Mine wobbles a little, but given the amount of time I spent putting this together (not realising it was different) makes me want to keep it. Not gonna find this desk any cheaper - it seems to be pretty high quality (very heavy and solid) - I just there was a way to counteract the wobbling.

    • You probably went over recommendations for this frame and thus causing wobble.

      Compatible desktop length: 120cm to 180cm
      Compatible desktop width: 60cm to 80cm

      • It's not that - I am well within the limits. It's the design. The wobble is minimal.

        I am also well under the 100kg limit of this one.

        • You made sure everything was screwed in tightly? I'm talking the metal frame components and also the table top. Mine does not have any wobble issues although admittedly I'm not bearing such a heavy load as yours.

          • @CYMA: Yeah it's all put together properly. I have mine at 109.

            It's got a fair amount of weight on it so that's likely the reason.

    • I'm not sure where the idea of newer model comes from, maybe "newer" to being sold by artists?.. If they are offering them for the same price I would say it's just them looking to increase their margin. Both this model and the one advertised have been pretty freely available on alibaba as bulk for a while now. The supplier has likely just changed which one they import. The model we are getting is usually cheaper per unit and as we know lower rated.

      If you check out the manufacturer drawings on some of the alibaba ads almost everything about this model is smaller or thinner than the one advertised. Including the major tabletop supports and legs. Which would explain woble, when people who have the model we paid for earlier in the post were saying it was rock solid.

      I only really know some of this because posted a while back at looking at getting a few imported for kind of a group buy, but there wasn't enough interest to overcome moq and shipping costs at the time =(.

  • Pending Class action aside - is anyone happy for the Price?
    I'm thinking of getting one and can get a further $30 off with 10% off making it $323 delivered as far as i can see the issues are :

    no cable management
    wobbly if overloaded

    both of which i dont think i care about


  • I didn’t pull the trigger and buy this, seems like a wise choice being slow. Do you all still recommend it’s a good buy or what alternative do you suggest ?

    • +1

      I just went with a Zen Space desk frame instead. After giving them my email address (for promos I imagine) they knock $100 off for you - so mine ended up costing $650. But it comes with a 10 year warranty, capacity to hold desktops up to 2200mm, and 140kg max weight.

      The Model 4 from this deal doesn't seem like a bad frame at all, I just have a big desk top and want more weight capacity. TBH if you like the look of the HASD-204, I don't think you will find it any cheaper than this deal (Artiss sell it for $1000+ on their website…which is crazy for a 12 month warranty).

  • late to the party here in WA - but yes also got the HASD 204 BK.

    seems like there's no real progress on remediation as yet. I've just shoved it into the shed for storage until when I can set it up in the new place.

  • I am interested to know whether model 4 has 2 or 3 sections to the leg, and it telescope out of the top or from the bottom?

  • Hot diggety, I've jumped on this. I had what seems to be the same model sitting in my Amazon cart for months - assume the same model:

    I have a wooden IKEA table top that has been sitting on top of my storage cage for years, and can now make its triumphant return to my study.

    Let's hope they don't leave out a component or otherwise require a customer service encounter like mentioned above.

  • Is anyone's packaging look like it's missing a metal bar at the top of where there is a cutout in the foam?

    I haven't assembled or taken anything out yet but did notice that when I opened it…

    • +2

      I took photos while unpacking to be able to pack it back in case if I need to return: https://imgur.com/a/EBARk4H
      Are you talking about the long horizontal bar on the 2nd photo? That's the bar that connects the legs together.

      • Yep 2nd pic opposing the long horizontal bar there's another cutout for what looks like an identical part. Not sure if it's missing a 2nd one or just meant to be like that.

        Did you find that you had all the pieces?

        • Only one bar like that is required according to the assembly manual and all was in order for me.
          There's "Component list" with pictures on the first page of the installation guide, so you should be able to reconcile your box contents against that.

  • Any Feedback on using a LINNMON ikea tabletop for this - https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/linnmon-table-top-black-plywood...

    120 x 60, I know it's cheap and hollow, but should get me by for a couple years? I already have a LINNMON on a static desk and it goes alright, but not sure how it'll go on a standing desk / screwing in to this frame.

  • Duh no more black….

    • back again

      • black sold out again, only white and grey at $369 available. I took too long deciding!

    • I was going to return mine, if you are in Sydney and want a black

      • anything wrong with it ?

        • other than the fact it's not the model they advertised, I guess it's probably fine, I haven't opened the box

          • @jmcc: how much you want for it? What suburb you in? I'm in inner west.

  • anyone bought a white, or grey one, and can advise if it is the model advertised or the HS-204 everyone else was getting in the black?

    • +2

      bought grey and got the model everyone else has been getting.. HASD-204-GY

  • I've bit the bullet and bought one anyway. Looks like a decent deal regardless and I'll probably ask for a discount assuming the send the wrong model.

    Just visited ikea tempe and they had lots of desks either looking brand new or with a minor imperfection. If anyone is looking for a table top there are some great deals. Got mine for $24.

    I'm guessing it doesn't come with screws. Can anyone recommend the best size to be getting?

    • Model 4 from this deal comes with screws. You should be fine with them unless your table top is very thin. Mine is 26mm and included screws were OK.
      I also hope that your tabletop is not hollow because it's a whole different story. :)

    • +1

      what??? really? how come no one realised this ?
      you seems expert on motor, what do you think of this, real dual motor?

      • Yep, if you look at the product display pictures it's quite evident.

        An actual dual-motor desk looks more like this:

        The link you posted seems to have dual-motors.

        • Thanks. Make sense.
          That's why… I never like Groupon….

        • The model 4 posted in this deal is a dual motor. The photos you linked to are for a different model.

          The Groupon page sucks because it lists all models and all photos in the same deal. If you scroll through the picture you will find the dual motor photo like the one you posted.

  • +1

    Check out the current ebay deals for single/dual motor of this frame but including table top:


  • Brilliant, I'm going to have to grab one and build a mega desk. Cheers OP

  • +1

    Definitely have a look at the above link to the Artiss Ozplaza living sale, you can get one for $280 delivered INCLUDING table top (single motor) or $380 delivered dual motor with memory, I believe this is the same as the HASD-204 everyone has been getting here, same price as groupon but comes with the table top… PRESS20 code in ebay. 20% off.

    • dammit groupon (sorry)
      lucky i didnt get the groupon one

  • Did anyone end up with a model 4? Might bite the bullet on the Ebay deal, as would prefer the dual motors and then get this sent back if it's almost certain to be the wrong model.

    I tried to cancel but apparently a toll number has been generated even though it doesn't show as existing when I search the number they gave me.

    • +1

      The wrong model from Groupon is still a dual motor. The biggest differences are the wrong one is missing cable tray and the legs dont go down to 62cm as advertised. The min height is 69cm.

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