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Dual Motorised Height Adjustable Desk Frame with Cable Management Rack $339 + $14.95 Shipping (68% off RRP $1078) @ Groupon


Hi Guys and Girls,

I was looking for a Standing Desk and I came across this deal in Groupon. This is FRAME ONLY and you need to purchase a table top to go on top of this frame.
Only the Model 4 is available (the rest sold out) and for BLACK is $339; other colors (white and Grey) are $369. It is 125KG weight rated and accept up to 2m in length tabletop size.
The Full Spec are listed below.

I am thinking to use this frame with Bunning Acacia Solid Oiled Hardwood Project Panel cost $99 (You need to DIY/Cut the panel to the correct length)- Link to Bunning for this solid hardwood tabletop.

Here are a full list of other size and color panels that Bunning sell and don't forget to search Ikea if you after something deeper.

So my total cost of the project is:
Frame - $339
Tabletop- $99
Hardwax Oil - $10
Total - $448

The Hardwax oil is brush on and wipe off using a cloth and this is to treat the cut edge of the timber. You can buy this from Bunning.

This motorize table frame I suspect is Artiss branding as all the information and pictures look exactly the same as the amazon listing. I am not 100% confirm it is going to be Artiss brand until I receive the product. You can check out the Artiss amazon listing here-

Also if you need a computer/PC holder to mount your PC to the table this is not a bad buy if you are a amazon prime member.


Don't forget the 5% cashback from cashback (I think) as well.

CYA and have fun with this DYI table

Model 4
$339 for a Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Frame - Model Four (Don’t pay $1,077.95)
Available Frame: Black
$369 for a Motorized Height Adjustable Desk Frame - Model Four (Don’t pay $1,077.95)
Available Frames: White, Grey

Frame Only

Motorized height adjustable frame
Dual motors
Powder-coated metal frame and components
Digital control panel
Save up to 3 preset heights
Sit/stand reminder system
Cable management rack
Lengthened front leg
Adjustable height rubber footings
Smooth and ultra-quiet operation
Stepless adjustable frame length
Compatible with 120cm to 200cm length and 60cm to 80cm width desktops
Easy set-up
In the box: frame, panel adaptor, power cord, accessory pack, user manual
Max speed: 38mm/s
Max. load: 125kg
Minimum height: 62cm
Maximum height: 125cm
Adjustable frame length: 110cm to 180cm
Frame width: 57cm
Foot length: 65cm
Compatible desktop length: 120cm to 200cm
Compatible desktop width: 60cm to 80cm
Input voltage: 240V/50Hz
Power plug: Australian Standard
Control panel cable length: 1.45m
Adaptor cable length: 3m

It is Artiss Brand. As I just received the product (via Budget hire van on Saturday 7:35pm for some weir reason) 07 Nov 20- 4 days from the day I ordered.
Also the warranty is 12 months replied directly from Groupon. Everything so far look ok.

23 Nov 20- Got an email from Groupon regarding the shipping of the wrong model (HASD-240-BK). They offered me a $95 refund for the 2 of the table lift. So after the discount of $45 per item my total price to each table lift is $294 + Shipping.
Quote from the Groupon email:
"We would like to offer a $95 partial refund as compensation to keep both items in their current state."
I end up accepting the offer of partial refund; let hope that the smaller weight limit and smaller length different wont have an effect on the motor life.

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  • r/battlestations would be so proud.

    • Only if you sand (240 grit) and apply 3 liberal coats of polyurethane - how else are you going to get that /r/pcmasterrace sheen?

      Word of warning about these bunnings jointed panels - their finish is unsuitable for use as a desk without extensive post-processing. I’ve purchased quite a few of them and done both oil and poly finishes, but in both cases it has taken a lot of effort to get it to the stage where it feels like a “desk”. If anyone’s keen I can provide photos.

      • I know this is weeks later, but I'm keen to see the photos and hear a bit more about the process you used. Cheers!

  • Good job someone posted this in the comments section yesterday in a similar deal but you have taken it to the next level with your write up.+1 from me :)

  • I like it. Now you need the pros to come to this thread and offer comments on single vs dual motor, height range, similar options, etc

    • This is a good buy for the price, The only downside is that its not cheaper.

      You can get nicer for more but we are talking 500+

      Easy choice when I bought mine.

    • I got this and would highly recommended, I got for $750, 6 months ago

      I couldn't be bothered with buying separate parts like this deal, so I paid for laziness

      • The difference here is that the IKEA bench top is made out of veneered cardboard, and will be end of life in a few years when the laminate starts peeling off.

        Meanwhile the solid acacia bench top is basically a purchase for life. It can be easily sanded and re-surfaced forever.

  • Sold out for no top.

  • Tempted by this deal but I don't trust myself to make it look good.

  • is it really a good deal? How can I tell? so far quite a few things seem dodgy:

    1. after refreshing the page I got model 1,4,5 available. Before it was only 4 and another refresh only 5.
    2. number of people bought is different every time - just a random number from 450 to 570 - try refreshing a page a few times
    3. cannot find any warranty info
    4. cannot find brand

    update: seems like a good deal for model 4. Brand is very likely Artiss.

    found one comparable deal - Artiss Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Motorised Electric Frame Only $332.06:

    update2: customer experience with similar deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551920

    • Yeah i guess it probably be them, I choose this over the catch $488 version one as this seem to be more sturdy as there is a extra cross metal bar and the weight rating is 125KG. With other brand it is almost 2 or 3 times more expensive- I could buy 2-3 unit of this one for the same price. I just message groupon regarding the manufacturing warranty.

    • Comparable model isn't really comparable, only one motor vs. two, half the speed, less weight capacity, smaller desktop size rating. The "model 1" in this deal is comparable to the option you suggested, and that's $250.

  • There's no mention of warranty here - anyone got any info? I've worked with standing desks and I know even the best standing desks can have stuff go wrong over time.

  • What's the warranty like on this? I found a few with warrantys. Think I might settle for the Amazon one with 5 years warranty. IKEA is the next one at 10 years or Omnidesk.

  • IKEA bekant for life

  • BS on RRP. Doesn't seem to bad of a price, but if you're paying retail, you're being completely ripped off.
    Look at omnidesk for a comparison.

    Also, suggest dual motors, not single.

    • can I ask what is good about omnidesk? and why dual motor? considering getting a 180-200cm desk

      • Dual motor = one in each leg, so it lifts evenly, doesn't wobble while lifting up and down etc. Single motor means all the lift is coming from one side.

      • i only say omnidesk as that is what im using. Im sure there are others out there, but i got mine on a discount (which i think they have a special going on at the moment)

        Dual motor and 7yr warranty was got me over the line. (Plus with having to do a lot of work from home, i got to claim a percentage on tax) I have the 60" that fits 3 screens, 2 keyboards, 2 mice and a laptop with room around still.

        There are others out there, so just look into the reviews etc first before pulling the trigger. You also want to ensure that the desk is stable at height.

  • +13 votes

    Looks like the classic JieCang frame that's in almost every standing desk under $500. These are cheap as chips, dime a dozen, and poorly made.


    • This is specifcally Flexispot/Loctek.

      Flexispot is Loctek. Loctek is the manufacturer and Flexispot is the brand name they chose to go to market with on this desk.'

      I did alot of research before buying this desk, and I think this price is pretty good its around what i payed with an ebay plus deal.

      • Jofzar, where does it mention the manufacturer on the Groupon/Artiss page?

  • +1 for the write up

  • I got one from Officeworks, 1800mm tabletop, mid is lightly bowed, so something to consider if wanting a longer tabletop

  • Almost definitely a made up RRP, probably just a cheap Chinese frame or artiss

  • Grabbed the model 4 from the same place and the exact panel from Bunnings about 6 months ago. Do recommend!
    Can confirm cashrewards worked as well.

  • Wait for the weekend.
    Usually 15% cashback that usually stacks with 5-30% off sitewide

    • what's happening on the weekend? also would this Groupon deal last until then or will it be sold out? haha

  • +1 for the low lowest minimum height (62cms) and price. Many of the motorized standing desks have a minimum height of >=70cm which is too high to be decently ergonomic for a lot of people.

  • don't get excited on RRP… looks identical to Artiss got for $290 on ebay a while back. Great desk actually super happy.

    • never seen it that low on ebay, are you sure you have the dual motor version not the single one?

      • Seems about right. I bought the dual motor Artiss for about $350 back in late March when I first started WFH, and I remember feeling ripped off about the price because it was being sold for way less than $300 a couple weeks prior to my purchase.

  • thanks OP - bought one.

    I use code 'TREATS30' for another $20 off.

  • Thanks OP. Bought white.

    I'm going to be pushing these motors to the limit. Dual 34 inch, and two Yamaha HS7s, heaps of cables and a monitor riser. 🙄

  • I used the SHOPNOW code and got an extra $16.95 discount..!

    Good deal…

  • +2 votes

    Another good deal is https://www.retaildisplaydirect.com.au/standing-workstation-...

    This one is dual motor too with a 10year warranty.

    • looks good but 1.8cm thickness, anyone got to provide a review ?
      is 1.8cm too thin? how does the this compared to the officework stilford 2, 2.5cm desks?

  • Any thoughts on the model 5?

  • Thanks OP, I've been thinking about an adjustable desk for a while, I currently use an interior door ($34) and some shelving units i bought from bunnings ($44.5) which i measured to the height that suited me top of desk is 74cm from the floor.I then use the shelves as the stands and storage, angle grinded the remaining length of shelf frame on one side and left another for a headphone holder. I has been great if you're looking for a cheap desk that is big. I have 2x 27" monitors, desktop case, laptop, soundbar and big keyboard/mouse mat.The door is a great size.


    I'll probably keep the door for it's lighter weight as opposed to the big wooden benchtop which are much heavier (using one for a laundry benchtop)

  • Solid wood table top looks good too. Bit more ex thou


  • RRP is bogus. It's always around this price $300-500. $450 for dual motors + tabletop is decent though.

  • Anyone got any tips with cable management. I was thinking of the one zenspace has with the 8port but its $230! Any other suggestions to keep your cables clear with a power board on the table.

    • I have the zen, it's essentially a channel that pivots down from either end, so a U shaped piece that runs from inside leg to inside leg. The powerboards on it are good, but you could do the same thing by just having a powerboard in the channel.

      The channel is nicer than a standard tray because it pivots down, but when you have everything in there you pivot it back up and lock it in position, so everything is hidden away.

  • I bought model 5 in May for $264 after voucher.
    Surprisingly excellent table for the price. Space for 2 monitors and a laptop. Electric riser works well. Says Artiss on one box.

    • How wide was the bench? Doesn't say on the site.

      • You choose the bench top - mine was 1m. Goes up to 2m I think - price adjusts.
        The tricky part of assembling is getting the legs the right width apart for your bench top

  • Are the measurements for the minimum height correct?

    The Artiss site lists 69cm as the minimum.


  • Great deal, but a word of caution from experience: Acacia / Rubberwood / solid oak table tops are all ridiculously heavy. If you live anywhere above or below ground level, transporting it will be a real hazard. Consider getting something lighter like bamboo if heavy lifting will be involved.

  • Thanks for this Acejos, been looking for a standup desk for awhile, love being able to BYO top. Never bought off Groupon before so actually a new Groupon customer, and code "BRANDNEW" gives $30 off - paid $323.95 all up

  • I own this desk (desk 4) AMA?