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Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" 4K Touch Core i7-1065G7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD GTX 1650 4GB $1999.20 Delivered @ Microsoft eBay


Razer Blade Stealth - A unique 13.3" gaming Ultrabook with a GTX 1650 for those who need portability and performance in a sleek form factor.

Possibly the cheapest price for this spec!

• 13.3-inch 4K UHD touchscreen
• Intel Core i7-1065G7
• 16 GB RAM
• 512 GB SSD
• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB
• Ports - 1x Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, 1x USB-C 3.1 Gen 1, 2x USB A, 3.5 mm combo jack
• Camera 720p IR webcam
• Wireless - Intel Wireless AX 201 IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0
• Battery 53.1 Whr 3-cell
• Dimensions 15.30 x 304.60 x 210.00 mm
• Weight 1.36 kg

Update 5/11/2020 3:31 PM: 4 available

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  • Is it better than g7 17, which has been on deal for $1888?

    • +2

      It's not a fair comparison, the Dell is a much bigger and heavier 17.3" laptop and this is 13.3".

    • +2

      This far less powerful but is a different class of laptops. Razer is super small and lightweight. Dell is pretty much a desktop replacement

    • if considering eGPU, check out this interesting video…

      I believe the laptop listed in this deal is the older Ice Lake version using the 15W TDP CPU, whereas in the video, the newer Stealth has the 25W TDP

  • +2

    i was expecting questions from people comparing these to other cheaper or budget gaming laptops then someone will come back and say that the razers have build quality which put them in the 'macbook pros of gaming laptops' category and someone else will then say something else saying about razer's quality isnt that great, warranty issues, thermals, etc…

    • Maybe it's been done to death on previous posts? I also came here for the comments having a strong opinion myself on Razer.

      Anyway moving on.

      • There are still people asking and comparing this laptop to cheaper laptops such as Dell G series etc.

        • +1

          Having sent a Stealth back 3 times (freezing) and a Blade with blue screens (although that HAS gotten better with Windows Updates) and battery swelling that was cracking my chassis - I actually would NOT put it in Macbook pro territory myself but that's now been a couple of years and I need to get over it. :)

          Support is a bit of a pain too as unless you want to sit by the phone at midnight email is the only way and can take up to 48 hours per response.

          So, no, I don't actually see it as a premium brand unfortunately. More like mutton dressed as lamb.

          AAARRGG - seems I'm not over it :)

          All the best.

          • +1

            @Ramrunner: Now you make me want to eat mutton curry… yum…

  • Would be great if this was under $1000

    • we can only wish…

    • +1

      Keep on dreaming

      • +1

        Thats what they said about APT hitting $100 per share back in March.

        • Hey, maybe Razer will be one day be clearing them out at $1000 but I certainly won’t be holding my breath.

  • This would throttle running at 4K gaming?

    • It won't be able to handle 4K gaming but should be fine at 1080p with most modern games.

  • Cheaper here?

    Edit: older CPU and less ram and SSD

    • Does that one even have a dedicated GPU?

    • Also no dedicated graphics.

    • Comes with free 1tb t7 ssd

  • 60 Hz screen?

    • I would assume so. I haven’t seen any 4K laptop screens with higher refresh rates

      • I saw a review which said 120Hz

        • Looks like the newer version (11th gen i7, GTX1650 Ti) has a 120Hz Full HD display. I don’t think there’s a 4K 120hz variant

          • @FireRunner: Hi, I have 4K samsung monitor? Do I need laptop with Tunderbolt? which cable connector is better to achieve 4K/60Hz? USB-C to HDMI or USB-C to displayPort 1.2? Thanks

  • I am looking for a light weighted gaming laptop so I can play AOE II DE on stream, this looks like an good option but looking for expert advice on cheaper/better alternatives. Thanks in advance.

    • +4

      This is actually one of a kind. There are no other 13.3" laptops with a GTX 1650 or anything in that league. The only alternative I can think of is Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 which also a unique 14" gaming laptop. If you step it up to 15.6" there are plenty of options at that size at better prices.

    • +1

      You will be happy with this purchase for that game. Ticks all of your boxes. It is on the pricey end, but it is a beautiful machine. Go in store to see it.

    • Thanks guys, was reading some review saying that gaming on this machine is underperforming as it's 4 core compare to AMD 6/8 cores. I won't be playing heavy graphic games, more like playing causal multiplayers game such as AOE, L4D2, CS, etc. But I am concerned about overheating issue.

      • Probably went quad core to avoid (or reduce) thermal issues. Hex core Intel i7s commonly require undervolting to avoid thermal throttling. Those games are not super demanding, you won’t have any issues on this laptop.

  • This would an ideal laptop for portability. But I can’t justify spending $2k on it.

  • +2

    I think the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is a better option having a more powerful CPU.

  • I've been looking out for a higher end machine for probability - been eyeing for Surface Laptop 4 but unfortunately not released yet.

    Strongly considering this an option - not a gamer and yes probably overkill on specs for light video editing and word processing.

    Should I pull the trigger?! Seems like a good price.

    • Same here.
      Not a gamer but been looking to buy a good spec touch screen laptop.

      • Been reading some reviews - battery life is not great - high idle power consumption 10W ~ 6 hours ish battery life.

        • 6 hours ish battery life is actually decent for a laptop with 4K display and GTX1650. Don't forget it is ultra slim and ultra light so that limits the battery capacity, I'm sure Razer couldnt fit a larger battery

      • +1

        I'd rather hold out for an updated surface.. fingers cross its soon. for my sake as well

  • +1

    Just snapped this deal up.

    Value is just too good. Light, thin, good build, well balanced specs and I'm a light gamer. Perfect.

    • Notebookcheck review says that this laptop 4k screen and CPU are really disappointing. 4k screen has lower brightness, response time and is prone to ghosting vs the version with the FHD screen.

      They also state the CPU disappoints due to being thermally throttled at 15w.


      • Thanks for that. Hoping it'll be okay for my use.

        Anyone got experience with Razer here? Been reading some stuff on reddit and whirlpool with bad quality control and after sales service. Apparently they aren't in Australia either and theres a loop hole around the 2 year standard warranty the accc requires..

        Microsoft is reliable though I'd assume.

  • I have 4K Samsung monitor. Which adaptor is better to achieve 4K/60Hz? USB-C to HDMI 2b (I think v1.4 is only up to 30Hz) or USB-C to displayPort 1.2? Thanks

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