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$10 off Pizza (Min Spend $25, Delivered by Restaurant Locations Only) @ Menulog


Similar deal to last time: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575726

Essentially a $10 off voucher with a $25 minimum spend at Pizza restaurants that deliver by restaurant.

Single redemption. CC payments only. Tonight only.

Mod: You don't appear to need to order a coke and the order also works for pick ups, as long as you choose a pizza restaurant that is 'delivered by restaurant'.

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    Beat me by 30 seconds lol !

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      I was rushing after I realised noone posted it 😅

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    From testing, you don't need to actually order a coke or anything specific, for the code to apply.

    • It appears to work for pick up as well (as per Nyclix's comment below)

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      yep I didn't need to buy any drinks at all, applied successfully with only pizzas

      Thanks for the heads up, ordered some meat lovers from a fancy pizza joint

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    Kfc imo better deal

    • Please explain.

      • Kfc free delivery. Imo represents better value since dominos/pizza hut IMO is overpriced without coupons.

        • Yep ditch dominos and pizza hut. I just got one of the upper crust xl pizzas from crust $25-10 so $15 pickup.

          • @Nyclix: I can't select the upper crust range any more?

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          I just got 2 large halal snack packs delivered for $18 because as long it has pizza on the menu you get a much larger menu range.

          Can get that at KFC!

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    Coca-Cola products include Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Schweppes drinks range.


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    Got excited, then realised it's not that kinda coke.

    • It is if your local pizza joint does that type of topping

      • You've gotta ask for a side of peas and gravy… apparently

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    does not work for me. it says the voucher is for returning customers only

  • worked fine here.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP

  • Works for me and I ordered a Sunkist drink as they didn’t have Coke.

    • It will work without ordering any drink at all, as mentioned in OP and comments.

  • Works without ordering the drink and selecting pickup

  • Thanks, love these codes. Only time I ever order pizzas as they are $20-$27 each and $2 delivery. Damn tasty though, one of the best i've had in Australia.

    • where is this from?

      • Damn tasty pizza. (kidding, Idk)

  • 15 dollar pizza delivered, love it

  • thanks op worked for pickup from crust pizza.

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    I searched for free delivery and found 3 local restaurants that deliver for free(northern suburbs). 2 large HSP's for $18 delivered, thx OP! 👍