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Samsung S20 Ultra 5G 128GB (Black/Grey) $1499 @ JB Hi-Fi


Noticed JB has dropped the price on Ultra. Office works still has it for $1997, could try price match tomorrow if it's still the same.

Link to Grey

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    Avoid EXYNOS.

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    Having owned the s20 ultra for the past few months this is my take:
    - Camera sometimes has focusing issues
    - 100x zoom is a gimmick but a cool one
    - The battery is insanely good (maybe not as good as the snapdragon variant but goes easily a day+ without needing a recharge)
    - It takes a bit of getting used to the insanely large size
    - Screen quality + video quality is really good

    just my 2c

    • imo, battery is quite bad even with 5G turned off when in an area with poor signal. I.e. at home all day and yet it goes down to almost 15% when i am barely using it other than phone calls

      • I have 5G off + usually use [email protected], so its not insanely good battery but still quite good for my use. Maybe try 60Hz if you're using 120Hz atm

        • i got an S20+ and use 60hz too… even on the snapdragon variant 120hz can be a difference of 20% battery life

      • Battery is not out of this world. But it was better than my iPhone XS.

      • Defeats the purpose of getting such a phone when you limit it like that. I suppose we paid the first adopter tax (though the Snapdragon version is simply better…). I did pay less than this deal when i bought it 5 months ago.

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    I think if you buy it for 1k (with the 500 gift card), then its a good phone. At 2k and I'd imagine even 1.5k, it's a bit of a push for me personally.

    • How do you get it for 1k?

      • I'd assume with the $500 JB giftcard you can get on a $69 Telstra plan.

  • Does the battery actually last longer than iphone 12/12 pro?

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      Yes. There have been a few videos from YouTubers that compare the battery of the flagships.
      iPhone 12 has the best minutes/Ah but the batteries aren't as big so it doesn't last long.

      Although, I think the S20's they tested are the SnapDragon versions.

  • This or Oppo find X2 pro?

    • The x2pro will give you more consistent experience. I haven't heard of anything bad about it.

      Someone else can comment on software updates though. Samsung has promised at least 3 major updates (3 years) and more for security (usually another 2 years).

      • Yep hardware wise , X2 comes out top . Also it has snapdragon.
        Software Samsung is better though

        • Mmm, android 10 also has split screen. That's probably something I used the most out of my s10+. I use dex sometimes (don't have a desktop at home).

          What other samsung software were you looking at?

      • According to a page on OPPO webpage, Find X2 Pro is part of Android Enterprise Program and guarantee 3 Years of Security Updates and 1 Major Software Update - Android 11 should be coming soon for it.


        • 1 major update vs 3 major updates (ie, android 13).

  • No exynos . Thx

  • Don't forget the main camera/sensor has focusing issues up close (sub 10cm) - they fixed the problem on the Note20 Ultra with the addition of the laser auto focus.

    If you wanted to go S20 series, go for the S20+ doesnt have any issues with the camera.

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    And most people selling second hand almost a year old for $1400.. but if I show them this link to jbhifi they may get angry and abusive….

    • That's why I seldom buy brand new tech goods now as their value depreciate so fast. All of the goods I bought on gumtree never had an issue (except once and that's cos the seller is dodgy). Some of them I even resold and make a small profit :)

      • so whats the good price point for this ultra on gumtree you recon? yeah i know must be exyno but if cheap i may bite

  • exynope.

    Absolutely criminal we get charged these prices for the same products with inferior chips.

  • Rather buy S20 FE 5G Snapdragon Version

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      The FE have screen problems :(

      • What is that exactly

  • OW has dropped to $1497

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