This was posted 11 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Free - Might and Magic X Legacy - Deluxe Edition (Was $34.95) @ Ubisoft (VPN Required)


Edit - this deal is now available though you will need a VPN to redeem. I used Hola VPN on Chrome and was able to redeem successfully.

This game has been advertised as free in the Chinese Ubisoft store for Singles Day.

Download using the following steps (Credit to assayrabbiya).

#Method 1 Using Chrome Device simulation.

No need to use your phone - works perfectly fine in your desktop browser:

Open the webpage
Open the chrome dev tools (F12 on Windows)
Press Ctrl + Shift + M
Refresh page (to be safe)
Click on big blue button, and the screen will pop up with "All good!"

#Method 2 Using Chrome on Android phone (seems to work with iPhone + Safari as well)

1.Logged into the Australian Ubi store here:
2.Clicked OP link
3.Click on big blue button, and the screen popped up with "All good!" and "Game activated in your library" or something along the lines
If a different screen pops up with an entry box prefilled with "+61" it's asking you to set up a phone number, scroll down and hit the white button which is "skip"

Credit to mydealz.

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    I used to just download everything that was free… I still do, but I also used to too

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      hey, welcome to ozbargain Mitch Hedberg

      • I'm so glad someone recognised his quote. RIP Mitch, RIP.

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    doesn't work?

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      5 Nov 11:00pm–11 Nov

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    You are not eligible to this operation.

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    hows this game still 35$ lol

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  • Which VPN location you connect to I assume HK or Macau might work

    • isnt it meant for china only?

      • Most VPNs don't work to China endpoint therefore the workaround is connect to HKSAR or Macau server

  • Can confirm it works. I used NordVPN via the HK region. If you are in Google Chrome, it should give you a translation pop-up to select English for the site.

  • This definitely works - Hola VPN in Chrome didn't work for me but I used with it set to Hong Kong as I had a subscription there anyway and it has worked fine.

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    Woah, people still use Hola? Wasn't it revealed ages ago that it's basically spyware and nothing is encrypted and they essentially have access to everything you do?

  • any free/trial vpn's? Windscribe doesn't have HK server

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      Windscribe has 2 Hong Kong servers and it's free.

      • Man how did I miss that. Thanks!

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          Tried Chrome Extension. Windscribe Phooey is not free. VIctoria is free and connected. Didn't work.If I got to, it knows to send me to the so it doesn't work.

  • Can confirm Windscribe Hong Kong worked

    • Didn't work for me. Are you using a PC or phone?

      • I was using my phone and the Windscribe HK Phooey server.

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          I get this on desktop with windscribe on hong kong PC "You are not eligible to this operation."

          • @cyrax83: It opens up fine on my laptop using incognito chrome with the Phooey server and the Victoria server over the desktop windscribe client. It also works fine with just the chrome extension.
            If I turn off the VPN then I get the "You are not eligible to this operation" message.

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    Works for me on desktop PC.

    1) Change VPN to Hong Kong or Taiwan
    2) Redeem via web site
    3) Log into your Uplay Account.
    5) Click PC link on page.
    6) Have fun! The game has been successfully added to your Uplay library.

    Can also be claimed through Uplay app.
    1) Change VPN to Hong Kong or Taiwan
    2) Redeem via Uplay App
    3) If using Uplay app. Logout then restart Uplay. (if free game not showing)
    4) Log into your Uplay Account.
    5) Uplay: claim game under Games > Free games > Might & Magic X Legacy.

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      Thanks for that. OP's link doesn't work for me but yours did. Cheers.

    • Hmm, I can get to the screen where I can select PC. But doing so just gives me a 'An error has occured while processing your request. Please try again later' message.

      EDIT: Aha, had to do the F12+Ctrl+Shift+M trick via your link there and it finally worked.

      • Hey @Stoibs - what's that F12 trick? Do you press all that 4 keys at the same time? I cant seem to get that to work…I'm getting the same error as you…

        EDIT: Dont worry - somehow by going through the chinese homepage first and clicked through to the freebie page worked! :)

        • Glad you got it sorted :)

          In the OP's original text crossed out there was the dev tool method of needing to press F12 and then open a command thingy. Somehow that did the trick for me :P

    • An error occurred while trying to send your request. Please try again later.

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      Cheers. This worked for me using NordVPN connected to Hong Kong using Chrome.

      • Mine worked from PC but would not work from mobile.

  • Hola VPN on mobile device works.

  • Gah given up. I'm connected to Hong Kong vpn, using private browser, logged into HK but still get this when I try claim

    Something went wrong
    You are not eligible to this operation.

    When I click on the blue button - it redirects me to the US Store?

    • Just use Hola on your mobile device and go through the link and follow the steps.

      I had the same issue as you trying to get it to work on PC browser.

    • Try another Hong Kong server or fail that try another VPN.

  • Cheers. Managed to grab it via VPN (Hong Kong) on Chrome.

  • Thanks! Worked with Private Internet Access

  • No problems. Worked for me with Windscribe Pro using the first Hong Kong server and through Chrome under Windows 10.

  • Anyone try it via Tor Browser yet?

  • +2

    Great throwback to the old style games with modern usability.
    EZ mode is 1x Freemage with Dark (Agony) Light (Heals)+ any dmg, 2x Dual Wielding bladedancers (use Agony) and 1 other of any type with resurrect or resurrect scrolls for when your mage gets 1-shot.

  • works with me. i connected to hong kong VPN via surfshark and was able to redeem no problem.

  • Managed to get it via Hola to HK on iPhone, after running into same issues as others on desktop.

    Too many hoops to jump through for a game I'm probably never gonna touch lmao

  • Graphics reminds me of World of Warcraft.

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    Eventually got it to work by :
    1/ Installing the windows version of Hola, logging in as a free account, and selecting Hong Kong SAR China.
    2/ Going to the link
    3/ Clicking on the blue box under the price with round corners, which takes you to the Ubisoft store page
    4/ Click the PC / keyboard icon to redeem, which prompts you to then log into your Ubisoft account.
    5/ After logging in, redeem was shown as successful.

    • Thanks got it this way!

    • Thanks finally got it with hola on mobile

    • +1

      How in the world do you choose to connect to another country via VPN on Hola? All i see is the option to connect to different services, such as streaming, etc. I cant find anywhere that allows me to set a country to connect to/as?

      • That is my problem!!!

        Where do we actually set the country???

  • Is the game any good?

    • Hmmmm. It's definitely an old style game, and if you have never played the other M&M games, you may find it incredibly tedious or confusing. It's definitely for the fans of the series. But it's free, so you could try it, after a quick YouTube search to see if it's worth installing!

    • Not really.. I bought it ages ago and played it for a while but found it a bit boring compared to the other M&M titles. It's a similar style to Legend of Grimrock but Grimrock is a better game.
      Edit: no wait, Grimrock is a bit different. Anyway, MM10 is very turn based and on a grid so very "retro".

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    Got it, using Nord VPN (paid sub) on Android connected to Hong Kong.
    Helps if you translate the page to english using built in language translator on Android Chrome

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    I have ExpressVPN. Connecting to HK made it still cost some money, but trying again with Taiwan, it somehow worked and was free. Thanks OP!

  • Still working?

    • +2

      Still work. I got mine just few mins ago.

      • Thanks! Didn't work on my desktop vpn, but did after using Hola on the mobile. I've come across some warning not to use Hola though, so I uninstalled as soon as I got it.

  • Worked using PIA.

  • Taiwan through SoftEther worked. Thanks for posting!

    • Worked for me to, thanks for this, I used the VPNGate version with their own plugin and connected through a Hong Kong server, thanks!

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        Tried it but Public VPN Relay Servers list has 200 servers with none in China, Taiwan, Macau

        • +1

          Waited till the evening and 1 popped up. Worked! Thanks SirMurduck.

  • Chinses locals trying to get out by using VPN & whatnot and we trying to get it for this game…

  • Not working on pc or mobile, can anyone help? Tried chrome, edge, firefox using windscrive, hola and nordvpn. I'm trying to claim this for my nephew but I don't know why it won't work. It always says "You are not eligible to this operation" no nmatter what I do. Confusing and frustrating. Also apparently hola is spyware according to a previous comment above?

    • SoftetherVPN worked for me (as suggested thanks) through Hong Kong and using Opera browser. Make sure you use a Private Window

  • If it needs a VPN, I don't think it's 'Free', since there must be a cost involved.

  • +1

    Thanks guys, Hola solution worked on desktop. =D

    • agree hola is easy

  • Windscribe Hong Kong Victoria did not work for me: "You are not eligible to this operation"

    Hoxx VPN worked with the public HK server.

  • just got it now, have to click the "Free collection" not the other big button… got it.

  • wohoo now i have 4 free ubi games incl this one

  • Finally got it working with SoftEtherVPN and Opera in Incognito. Thanks for those suggestions.

  • FINALLY after 2 days of trying different methods, got it to work via Hola VPN on Chrome (using HK server). But had to log into ubi store account first, before proceeding with the other instructions.
    Thanks to Op, and all others' comments here.

  • Still working on Android phone using Hola VPN. Thanks for the instructions. :)

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    Surfshark HK server worked for me.

    • Ditto using Android phone.

      Can be done for free by cancelling subscription to allow for 7 day trial.

  • thank you, worked for me via HK.