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Patriot Viper Steel Series DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 4400MHz | $159.99 Delivered @ Gadget Lifestyle via Amazon AU


Seems to be the lowest price so far. Would be a decent option for new Ryzen CPU's due out soon, which are supposed to handle 4000Mhz+.

Should also downclock easily to tighten timings up a bit, since C19 is a bit meh.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    According to this post here these are high bin Samsung b-die, if true that's really really good:

    But I am not sure, anyone else who knows can confirm?

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      Yes, Samsung B-die, I bought these same kit from Amazon one month ago for $195 :/

      • Paid 219

      • Is 16gb ram even enough for gaming in todays world? Do you have to close chrome?

        I'm tempted to get a good bdie set, could downclock them extremely for awesome performance, but 16gb total seems… limiting, no?

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          Usually when I'm gaming memory usage is always around 8GB, I believe that 16GB still enough

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          I'd definitely close Chrome if you are gaming. But yes, generally 16Gb is enough. I have 32Gb in my machine, and generally use about 24Gb, Chrome and VMWare are the main memory hogs, but I am assigning 16Gb to virtual machine use. I'd personally go with 32Gb for a bit of future proofing for a pure gaming build at the moment.

    • Any ram over 4000MHz is b-die?

      • Incorrect my 4400mhz Toughram is hynix djr

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        Not any ram, only if 4000mhz+ and 19-19-19 or below timings. There is also plenty of B-die ram between 3000mhz and 4000mhz, just need to know what timings to look for.

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        My friend told me almost all PATRIOT over 4000mhz uses b-die
        Check in this website just type the model there

  • Is this faster and better than our regular Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz CL16?

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      Do bears sh!t in the woods?

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      Yes, because theoretically you should be able to run it at 3200Mhz with lower timings, or with 3600Mhz with lower timings, even if you can't achieve 4400Mhz with your board.

    • Would it make a difference if you were to upgrade from these?
      I’ve got the Corsair 3200-16 paired with 3700x on a x570 mb, but is it worth buying this as a replacement set?

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        Generally replacements like those within don't give you great $ vs performance return because you lose a chunk on your initial investment (the corsair). Normally I'd say get a 2nd set of your currents (if you've got slots) or invest elsewhere in your system (another SSD, put some money into backing up your files better etc).

        Everything is of course based on your use scenarios,

        Disclaimer: I'm not completely up to speed on how the 3000 series steps up in performance with its timings, but the -EV from past builds for ram replacements from decent —> better has always been low.

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          You're right, in general, if someone already has 3200MHz RAM, they're looking at under 5% difference in real world performance improvements to swap these out.

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    No RGB, no Deal! /Sarcasm

  • C19 is fine if not good for 4400 for $159 if it was 3600-3800c19 then different story.
    These should downclock easily to the sweet spot timings for ryzen 3000 series - 3733mhz 14-14-14-43

    • Not sure it'd go that tight but you'd definitely get CL16 at 3600 I'd say… CL14 if you wanted to spend 6 months to tweak it lol

  • Is it a good match for i7 10700 running on ASUS Prime Z490M-PLUS MB or I am better off with 3200Mhz C16?

    • should be able to run tighter than C16 at 3200
      dont think it matters as much on intel systems

      • Thanks

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    Just a note on the new CPU's to consider.

    The memory controller on the new 5000 was confirmed by AMD on launch day to be exactly the same as the 3000 series, early leaks also show the infinity fabric overclocking to the exact same 1900mhz which is the same as the 3000 series. With that in mind this set of ram would be pretty nice to run at 3800mhz (IF set to 1900mhz 1:1) with some tight timings.

    • Not sure why you got downvoted for sharing some valid info.

    • Thanks for that

  • Must resist

  • Can I run this on an intel system need to upgrade from my Corsair 2400mhz ram

    • Yes.

    • As long as your current system is DDR4 compatible, and your motherboard is capable of reaching these speeds. Harder to achieve high RAM speeds with older motherboards and CPU's.

  • Are these good to run 4 sticks on a new 5900 or even 5950x based system? Would like 32GB all up. What would be a good motherboard to run this memory?

    • I suspect in a day or two we will know.

      • Yeah I'll let you know xD

  • When is ryzen 5000 out?

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      1am tmrw.

  • Warning to all that these chips are not being sold by Amazon directly, but rather a third party seller on Amazon. I personally only buy Amazon direct. Do these even come with local manufacturer warranty and is it lifetime?

    No wonder they’re so cheap!

    • +1

      Despite your comments getting downvoted, I do have to agree with you. It’s so much easier going through the warranty claim process with Amazon AU if faults arise in the first year. They’ll happily replace it or refund you. After the first year, they’ll refer you to the manufacturer (if the manufacturer isn’t local, then you might have a harder time getting it resolved). To qualify for the above, just make sure you are buying an item that is shipped by Amazon AU. It can be sold by a third party seller, as long as it’s shipped by Amazon AU you’ll be covered.

      Having said that, buying an item that’s both sold and shipped by Amazon AU would be most ideal, as Amazon AU themselves as a seller would sometimes allow warranty claims that’s past the one year mark.

      • Thanks. I was just wanting to draw attention to the description, which for duration of this sale was giving the impression that Amazon AU were directly selling the chips.

        Note the description of this post was changed to reflect the misleading nature of ad - but only after I left this comment and all chips went out of stock.

        I recommend all buyers cancel their purchase, unless they were aware this was sold by a third party.

      • FYI a seller is not allowed to refuse to handle the warranty after the first year.

        They can refuse to pay postage.

        • I know that and you are protected under the ACL. But it will be a more difficult long winded process as Amazon would refer the matter to the third-party seller/manufacturer to resolve. Trust me, I’m talking from experience. Maybe I was dealing with a shitty seller.

  • This is probably the best ram around at a reasonable price. 1.5v is np for this ram. Buildzoid
    If your not an overclocker/tweaker, it's not worth the hassle. Get 3600cl16 and call it a day.

  • ARGH, been waiting for a deal like this, wish it was 2x16Gb
    Oh well bought 4 sticks, hope my x370/3700x can deal with 4 sticks without too much drop in performance till I get an actual x570

  • +2

    I have these. Running at 3800mhz CL16.

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    I've had these for awhile and recommend them.

    I had them on a 9900K/Asus Apex XI and could run 3600mhz at 14 14 14 28 1T Still just the standard 1.45v and 1.3/1.3 for vccio/vccsa. Also ran them up to 4400mhz looser timings though. I had 2 sets (4 sticks) in a Asus Z390 Extreme board but were harder to overlock high with 4 sticks. Sold one set and have been using Apex boards since which only have 2 ram slots.

    Currently have them in a 10900K/Asus Apex XII Combo at 4600mhz 18 18 18 38 1T Still just the standard 1.45v and 1.3/1.3 for vccio/vccsa. Rock solid stable no errors in testing.

    Each to their own but I like them as no rgb, I have no lighting in my pc….

  • Really tempted. 16gb bdie vs 32gb e-die/hynix at similar prices? Hmmmm

  • You will have to downclock these to use with zen 3, which has same mem controller as zen 2, will only do 3600mhz-3800mhz.

  • +1

    Bzoid said the memory controller on Zen 3 is exactly the same as Zen 2 and IF can only reach 1900Mhz max (ie 3800Mhz RAM) … lets see.

  • I resisted, now I'm regretting. Such is life.

  • Note the description of this post was changed to reflect the misleading nature of ad - but only after I left my comment earlier and all chips were out of stock.

    I recommend all buyers cancel their purchase, unless they were aware these chips were sold by a third party.

    Just to reiterate - these chips ARE NOT sold by Amazon AU directly, so there is a big question mark surrounding the terms and length of the warranty.

    Is the seller even an authorised reseller of the manufacturer?

    Not worth the risk.

    • I already got 2 memory with them. Recommended

    • Does it matter? Cant I just return it to Patriot under their limited lifetime warranty, or is it the extra postage I should be worried about here?

  • Cheers OP, been looking for decent ram all week

  • Kinda mad, was looking at this just yesterday when it was 180, then 12 hours later its 160 and sold out.

  • Cheers op

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