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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA / AAA 8pk $34.95 + Delivery (after $5 Discount Voucher) @ Shopping Square


Eneloop Pro 8pk AAA

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  • Damn prices have really gone up. RIP Dick Smith.

    • I still remember the manager of a Dick Smith store back in 2014 throwing a tantrum in front of me when I went to collect a pile of Eneloops. He was carrying on saying he's losing money and shouldn't be handing them over to me. I can't remember the price but they were cheap.

      • Employees with no sense of reality. I remember in Nov 2015 and even the manager said "nah we're not going anywhere… not going out of business", and less than a month later seeing the look on their faces… it was sad… which is a shame… mine were almost always cheerful and helpful.

  • Is any cheap wall charger for these good enough? Any recommendations?

    • Yes…

      However, it's not the first 10 recharges, it's the next 20 to 50 recharge cycles where you see the difference between $5, $25 and $50 chargers.

      Especially if they're fast charging and overcharging the batteries. Given how simple the job is, there's actually not many smart or cheap chargers off the shelf that do a reliable job.

      Or if you have random rechargeable batteries that you can't remember how old or if they're good, a $50 charger will give you a % or mAh value on those unknown batteries.

      Plus, you can also get USB chargers which take longer, but can also be used in reverse as a travel power pack too, sic.

      TLDR, the xtar vc4/vc4s/vp4, isdt n8, nitecore i8, ums4/ums2, vapcell s4+, liitokala li-500/500s and miboxer chargers are good, advanced options.

      models with IR testing can also usually handle LiFePO4 and 4.2v/4.3v lithium battery options if you have 18650 or other odd duck batteries for RC or vaping, etc.

      I'd probably recommend an advanced /analyser model if you have a kitchen drawer with 15 different unlabelled rechargeables and unknown cells.

      If you're regularly on the go, Nitecore ums USB models are easy, if slower

      If you just need topped up batteries, a mains powered 8 cell pack is set and forget, with the miboxer c8 or idst n8, which can handle one or two, or all 8.

      You don't need IR testing, or an LCD display, or analyser models (useful for capacity testing/ refreshing old batteries stuck inside outdoor solar devices, old toys, remotes, Game controllers, etc.)

      And there's lots of cheaper 4 cell chargers under $25 that do the job too.

      If in doubt, candlepower forums have a regular reviewer HKJ who is very thorough in testing chargers and cells, down to graphs and analysis, also his website lygte-info.dk has a ridiculously busy index of chargers which can help narrow down if you want simple, complex or an allrounder that's set and forget.

      Theres literally hundreds of near identical chargers so it is a bit chaotic. They also all start to look the same too.

      The nitecore UMS series have USB QC so you can use USB chargers instead of bulky 12v Packs that often use odd sized plugs or 12v 3A power bricks.

      If you need 4/8 cell chargers, a good screen will help show how long it will take, or if it's losing capacity and requires a full discharge cycle.

      What you ideally want is a solid model with reliable IR testing and a mAh readout so you know what each battery is like after a few months of use.

      There are also analyser models that will empty and fill each cell to test it's new total capacity if you have dead or non-charging batteries in a drawer, etc.

      • Where do you rank the La Crosse Technology BC-700 in that mix? I bought it for $41 all the way back in 2012 (an OzBargain deal), it's no longer available or hard to find anyway but it's been my trusty go to for years. I like to think it's giving my batteries the TLC they need but if I have this wrong I'd love to know. I have about 50 Eneloops, more than I can possibly use now that my daughter out passed the battery toys stage. But I give them all a top up once a year or so regardless. Always on slow or medium speed (200 / 500Mah I think)

        The main drawback is no 18650 support, it's just AA/AAA but that's because it was made before those were so common I think. To this day I have never owned one of those batteries yet.

      • I knew nothing on the topic and that was really comprehensive. Thanks!

      • I certainly agree with the comment about testing / mAh read out. I cheaped out a few years ago and bought the nitecore I4, which charges fine but has very minimal diagnostic capability.

        I should have bought the D4 or similar. The more batteries I aquire and the more disorganized/abused they get (thanks kids) the more I need to know which are good and bad.

  • $5.95 shipping

  • Does anyone know if the Panasonic BQ-CC16 will charge the Ikea Ladda batts ok especially the 2450 or would i be better off getting another charger..


  • any recommendation on a good smart charger? I just have the basic Panasonic one and use it for ladda and eneloop.

  • It's wanting to charge me like $27 delivery for 2x 8 pack of batteries and a charger..