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Nando's 1L PERi-PERi Sauce (Medium) for $10 @ Nando's (Participating Restaurants)


Received email from Nando's about the monthly freebies with your meal. Spotted something interesting inside about the 1L Peri Peri sauce bottle. Normally they are $5.75 for 250g at Colesworths

At normal price, it would be $2.30 per 100G
At half price, it would be $1.15 per 100G

With this deal, you get it for $1.00 per 100G which I think is a good deal. Of course, I'm assuming 1L = 1000G similar to water, but since this sauce is more denser than water, I think 1L of it would definitely weigh more than 1kg. Plus at the same time you help contribute to fighting malaria.

Also not sure if the 1L variety is more dilute though compared to the supermarket bought, as I've noticed it sometimes in a few restaurants.

Enjoy the spicy goodness!

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