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Oppo Reno 5G 256GB Unlocked (Optus Variant) $598 + $14.95 Postage @ Harvey Norman


I bought one of these in May and it's a great phone with a really good camera. Available in Green and black. Online orders only. Not available in store.

Note: This unlocked phone includes full manufacturer’s warranty and features Optus network branding. This means that the phone is not locked to a specific carrier but may come pre-installed with Optus applications. Additionally, when you power on the device, the Optus logo may display.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Waiting for find x2 pro price drop.

    • I managed to score one for $1149 at Officeworks. They had a cheeky little price error.

  • +1

    Yes a great phone. Just received latest update c28, SEP security patch and fix couple of bugs.

    • Agree, great phone.
      Though mine is still c27 and says no update available. Did you do anything special to get it?
      My was the HN/Optus variant but is now on the Telstra network

      • Optus ver sometimes is a little late, should receive it soon. Mine is telstra/JB ver on Kogan.

    • same just checked and got the C28 as well

  • Possible price match else where?

  • Gotta be under $500 by now?

    • Why does it have to be under $500?

  • How do you find the top camera bit, do you think that would get annoying after a while or does it ever accidently pop up if you accidently hit your camera while its in your pocket for example?

    • +1

      Not annoying at all. I like it as it means not having a notch, tear drop or punch hole on the screen. Never had the camera pop up accidentally, but if it's in your pocket and it were to pop out, it will sense the resistance and retract.

  • For the same price you could get Realme X3 Superzoom from JB. Has SD855+ and 12GB RAM.

    • 5g?

      • Ah yeah, no 5G.

        • Also no OIS on main sensor and an LCD screen with x3

          • @SKobb: I think the X3 has Gyro EIS video on main sensor? It's included on the video specs. Interesting to know if it helps photos though

  • This phone was released in April 2019. For a "minor" brand, I'd expected something newer at this price.

    • +1

      You think Oppo is a minor brand? I guess you haven't been to Asian countries hey? Oppo is popular in South East Asian countries.

      • Isnt it insanely massive in India? Pretty sure they sponser the cricket too haha

        • Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, and yes India and Indonesia.

      • Yes but when compared to Apple, Samsung, or even LG, the brand recognition is nowhere near the same, and that reflects when reselling it. Also, please note my quotes.

  • +1

    BBK Electronics is the parent company of Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus and iQOO

    They all share technology, so pick your poison

  • FYI, android 11 (coloros 11) should be the last major update from oppo. (I know it's not on the coloros 11 beta list, but the brother version 10x zoom is there, so it's very likely)

    And this phone does not support Amazon prime at 1080p. Netflix, Google movie and Disney+ are fine.

    Very hard to fine a temperglass protector, many eBay sellers claim for Reno 5g, actually not. try AliExpress. I got a soft protector from AliExpress at least match's the screen.

    • Yes I got one but few mm small on the edges

    • I got the 10x Zoom. Amazon Prime does 1080p fine. Is it only the 5G that's not working?

      • I have the 5G and can confirm that it does not do 1080p or even 720p on Prime. The best setting shows 0.46 GB/hr which I understand to be 480p. Can't say it really bothers me as I don't stream much on my phone

  • amazing phone, really fast, smooth, killer camera, 256gb memory plus expandable.

  • What do they mean by Optus Varient? Looks like a great phone, but cannot have a phone locked on Optus.

    • Read the note in the OP's description and all will be explained.

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