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Commbank Rewards: $10 Cashback When You Spend $100 or More @ Coles Online


Hi all,

Not sure if this is targeted.

Excludes voucher codes, gift cards, cash back and coupon deals.

Required spend must be met in 1 transaction unless otherwise stated.

You're unable to claim if you use a payment platform such as Afterpay, Zip and Paypal.

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  • Hmm got an air BnB one as well.

    Excludes voucher codes, gift cards, cash back and coupon deals.

    Maybe but i believe i have stacked them with cashrewards in the past…

  • Nice, going to get this with the current Coles Mobile deal. Thanks OP.

    • Coles Online does not have mobile deals.
      Phones and recharge vouchers are currently not available for purchase online due to their varying range and availability in store. Please visit your nearest Coles supermarket to purchase.

  • I got $10 off $50 spend

  • Nothing here 😭😭😭
    If combine with fly buys offer would be great.
    Lucky those got it 🙂

  • I do see it but "Activate and spend by 02 Dec".

  • Got this on citibank card, but its was a code
    So can be stacked with this offer

    • i too would be interested to find out. someone report back if it works with citibank and coles credit card codes maybe it can be stacked>? I too got $10 off $50 spend might just buy a coles group gift card.

  • I've always wondered if you're more likely to get Commbank cashback rewards if you have a Commbank credit card. I never get offers for some reason.

    • i had no activity so i never got any offers in the app. so i just made some small 5 cent to $1 transactions then i starting receiving them and make sure you are opt in for marketing.

      • Ohh so that is what is happening. I've activated rewards it but haven't used a Commbank card. I guess we have to make multiple transactions with merchants on a Commbank card. RIP.

        • I've had it active for 6 months now and use my debit card for absolutely everything and am yet to see a single thing appear in the rewards list, always says to check back later?

          • @marc kay: Yeah sounds like one must hold a credit card… maybe they want to give CC holders an opportunity to offset their annual fee shrugs. If you guys only have a debit card and you have rewards available let us know.

  • This deal looks suss

  • Got this deal and was heartbroken not to be eligible for it when my $103 order got reduced to $92 because they sold out of the core power foods meals (on special at $4.50)