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Sydney Running Festival 2020 Free Entry (Virtual Race)


Planning on going for a run this weekend?

Register now for FREE in the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run courtesy of ASICS!!

As we get close to the finish line of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run we want to see as many people as possible taking to the streets and logging their virtual run. To help make your virtual run a little sweeter, from now, up until midnight on Sunday 8 November, ASICS will be covering the cost of your entry fee!!

Was $7.50. Probably closer to the actual value now.

You can also win a pair of ASICS by completing a run.

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    I’m waiting for a Virtual food challenge deal

  • +3 votes

    whats the point of this?

    • +4 votes

      Fun runs have all been cancelled this year. Runners want an event. Any event. While a virtual race seems pointless, at least it is something.

  • +1 vote

    Better than those Melbourne marathon people who are charging a crazy $35 to enter their virtual event


    Why not just go out and run

    • +1 vote

      That's what this is. You go out, run and upload your results/time:
      How can I get involved?

      Taking part in the 2020 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run is easy!

      1. Whether you're up for a long distance goal and a shorter run for fun, just select your preferred distance below. The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is STILL the run that's fun for everyone so there's an event for all abilities and energy levels.

      2. To take part, simply choose any day you like to run between Sunday 20 September and Sunday 8 November 2020. Run your chosen distance, and record your run on your preferred device and/or platform.

      3. Next upload your result to be added to our official Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Virtual Run results hub and leaders boards - and be in with a chance to win some great prizes from our sponsors.


        So its a "bargain" to get to go out and run for free?


    I would have thought that this would count towards an organised sports event for AIA Vitality points (up to 1,500).


    'Please supply these demographic details to our sponsors. We get the money, they get your data, you might win a pair of shoes that cost them $15 to make.'

    What a deal!