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Samsung C32JG54QQE 31.5" WQHD 144hz Curved Monitor + Bonus 500GB SSD $519 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


When you add the monitor to the cart, the SSD will be added automatically for free. Promotion runs from 7th November to 8th November.

Other models also available for the promotion as well. Please see this link: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/Samsung-Monitor-Gaming-Mo...

27 inch 2k 144hz model @ $449 plus shipping, also comes with free SSD: https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/samsung-c27jg54qqe-27...

Screen Size (Inches):

Screen Resolution:
1440p WQHD (2k)

Resolution Simplified:

Aspect Ratio:

Screen Panel Type:

Screen Refresh Rate (Hz):

Response Time (ms):

Adaptive Sync:


DisplayPort (DP):


Tilt Adjustable:

VESA Mounting:
75 x 75


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  • +2 votes

    can't recommend the 27" enough. good price and free ssd!


      Same here - I got it through the Samsung EPP for $380 and it's been great but that RRP seems a bit misleading


    This or xiaomi's 34 ?


      Xiaomi if your gpu can handle it. 1440p in widescreen is not far off 4k resolution, you'd be looking at medium high graphics if you want to hit 144hz


      Writing from a Xiaomi 34, LOVE the quality at a great price. Got it for $479 during eBay sale and it might go down to that level or lower for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale


        Hi John,

        I am also looking at Xiaomi, If I play games at 1080p or even lesser what frame rates do I get? Do I still get 144hz or just 60hz?

        I have looked into an AOC monitor manual which says 144HZ only on 1440p and 60hz for lowe res.

        Can you please check this for me.


          Sorry mate, I am not into gaming rather use it as split screen for WFH.

  • +2 votes

    Bought one of these in March for $450. Ended up selling it due to the ghosting/ black trails. Thought I could deal with it but it was horrendous. Got the 27" IPS dell instead and could not be happier. Contrast isn't as good and I kinda liked the curve but it's 10 times better for gaming.


      Can you try to set the overdrive to normal response time and limited the fresh rate to 100-120hz?Maybe can reduce ghosting

      • +1 vote

        Tried just about all settings combinations and it never got any better. Even on 60hz it was very visible. I came from a 2012 Dell office spec ultrawide TN monitor so I was expecting a decent upgrade. Never had ghosting issues of any sort on that screen. Was extremely disappointed tbh as it said in big letters on the box "GAMING MONITOR" yeh nah no thanks


        I also had this before upgrading to the s2721dgf, it was fine to me during the use since it was pretty much my first gaming monitor, but using the dell now, and I would never go back


    What’s ‘WQHD’ mean? Is that in between FHD and UHD?


      Yep - 2k/1440p.
      FHD - 1080P
      UHD - 4K


      Wide quad HD. Not sure why it's called wide but basically it's 4x 720p (HD resolution) screens in one.


        16:9 is "Wide" to differentiate from 4:3. So 720p (1280x720) is "Widescreen HD", 1080p is "Widescreen Full HD", etc.

        This is why ultrawide monitors aren't just called wide, and why 5120*1440 is super-ultrawide.

  • +3 votes

    This is very expensive, pretty much RRP with the bonus SSD


    This is similar specs to dell s3220dgf?


    I am wondering about the $169 22" monitor with a free 500gb SSD thrown in for a good measure

    which product is considered to be free addition to another in this case? almost feels like free monitor with an SSD that's almost too expensive?

    or just "throw $169 away" and get a lousy 22" monitor that's not even FullHD, also a 500gb ssd to feel good?



    Had it for less than a month around Jun/July and sent it back for refund.

    Bought it for work, initially was pretty happy with it but later found that I could clearly see the pixels in the top-right and middle-bottom areas, when working in grey/white background e.g. word, excel, notepad++, and only in those two areas.

    If the entire screen was like this I would have probably keep it, knowing this is a 1440p 32" so seeing pixels is understandable, but because it's only in certain areas and certain colour that just makes my eyes sore.

    Then bought the first wave of Xiaomi 34", so far so good 😁


    Do we have confirmation of the free SSD? The item page has no mention of it and none of the photos or specifications mention it either.

    • +1 vote

      When you add the monitor to your cart you can see the ssd is also added for free , only valid for this weekend though