Cheaper iPhone 12

Hey all,

I’m looking into buying an iPhone 12 relatively soon from Jb HiFi, Officeworks or similar companies that I’ve just mentioned. Any ideas on any e-gift card tricks that can help lower the total cost for the new phone? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


  • iPhone 12 selling for up to $50 discount at Costco - eg $1,549.99 for iPhone 12 256GB

    Costco also had iPhone 12 Pro listed at small discounts but they are no longer showing on their website (possibly in store if you are lucky)

  • You can purchase jb hifi gift cards for 5% off from a number of discount e gift card portals (e.g. Suncorp rewards) and put them towards an iPhone 12

  • Get a $500 JB gift card from signing up with Citi rewards, spending $3k in the first 90 days. It comes with a $99 fee so essentially the gift card is $400.

    Top up the rest with 10% off jbhifi gift cards. A few weeks ago, there were the home gift cards from AGL rewards which includes JB hi fi at 10% off.

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  • Or a cheaper alternative inline with your savings account?

  • As per what I said here:

    If you're willing to wait and see if another DJ's GC deal comes up you can get a straight 10% discount, before considering other discount methods (noted in my original comment)

    "I bought my iPhone 11 in November last year using the 10% additional credit @ David Jones Gift Cards (via Woolies) that came in June last year (
    I bought $1100 (worth $1210) of gift-cards….".

    Hope this helps