This was posted 1 year 2 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$3 off on The App @ Boost Juice


Similar to previous deals. It wasn't posted already so I thought I'd help fellow ozbargainers shorten their search

Type the code in the app under challenges

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Boost Juice
Boost Juice

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  • Thanks for the share Meliorist

  • So is it $3 off every shake?

    • Any order on the app

  • Got it. Thanks guy

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    lol at the reviews

    • where

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          Lol, that was a good laugh thanks!

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            @montorola: COVID safe I think not
            published 4 months ago

            Ordered protein supreme, it was made to small for order then put back into blender liquid added, when I got lithe drink I wouldn’t drink it because
            I was so disgusted in your staff and there infection control! The girl came into boost premises pushing a trolly, SHE DID NOT WASH HER HANDS!!! She then picked my cup up with her fingers inside my cup and proceeded to pour the watered down drink into the cup.
            $10.00 near enough for a drink I put in the bin. This is the second time I have had one of your staff start work and not wash their hands. Last time I asked her to remake the drink and wash her hands. This time I just threw it away. In this time of COVID your service and safety is sadly lacking. I am really not happy.

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            @montorola: Terrible and unprofessional customer servicw
            published 4 months ago
            Worst boost ever at bankstown. Wrong order three times and workers wore like chickens with lost heads not knowing what their doing.

  • damn my son want boost at lunch time, I saw this on the app but didnt have a clue what the code word was.. If you enter it wrong you lost your chance….

    • Wasn't there another one where you get $5 off for uploading a selfie with banana or something?

      • Eddie Murphy would always put a banana in the tail pipe.

      • not sure if publicly advertising myself is worth $5

  • Did their logo change? Why is the thumbnail ugly af?

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    Surprised people are still buying these fake 'healthy' drinks.

    What was her comment when asked about the sugar content? 'it's less sugar than coke.'

    Ya, everyone should smoke cause it's definitely healthy than cocaine

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      When I first read I thought the op was gonna help fellow ozbargainers shorten their …lifespan

  • How to use it instore?

  • Don't see the option to apply voucher in App, anyone seeing that?

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      It's under challenges.

      Took me so many tries navigating the App, issues with the payment screen and everything else. Finally got there after about 20 minutes.

  • this app is crap

    • Yeah man I gave up after 5 min of fluffing around

      App is pathetic

  • So in challenges it said "expires in 23 days" but once you put in the code, you only have 4 days to redeem it before it expires?
    If I had known, I would've just saved the codes down and only used them just before ordering at their kiosk. Now I feel an obligation to buy a boost within the next 4 days…

    • If you type it wrong even once you lose it forever haha

      So yeah app sucks.

      I will make my own smoothie or go elsewhere

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