If You Had to Move from Your Current State, Which One Would You Choose?

Inspired by the other poll, but different and will make an interesting comparison.

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  • +8

    United State

    • +3

      Lmfao 🤣

  • +3

    Happier state

    • +9

      Currently in Qld, but would definiely move to Tassie.
      The countryside is just beautiful, and the fishing - brilliant!

      Cold water fish have more flavour that reef fish.

      Qld summers are the worst.

      Just not that keen on Tassie winters for boating though.

      I know, Qld for winter, Tassie for summer - fixed!

      • +2

        It would be like you were living in the Northern Hemisphere season wise.

  • +3

    State of euphoria.

  • +10

    Principality of Hutt River

    • +5

      I think it has been dissolved and reabsorbed.

      • +1


        • When his tax dodge argument fell apart I don’t think there was much reason to continue.

          • @try2bhelpful: I think Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley are both dead and perhaps the son and heir was not interested in carrying on. Good try though.

      • +4

        I always thought WA should have been "dissolved and reabsorbed" into Hutt River…

  • +8

    I would move from sad to happy.

    • +4

      So from Victoria to NSW?

      • Melbourne to regional !!

  • +1

    State of Confusion

    • +3


  • I'm from SA so it's pretty good cost of living and all but I've heard TAS is even cheaper living?

    • +23

      The whole states one family thats why its so cheap.

      • Long as some cute girls I'm keen

        • +7

          It's exactly that attitude that got Tassie the reputation!

    • +2

      A lot of OzBargainers here haven't been able to comprehend that houses around Hobart aren't $1 million. Like you want 2 bedroom with a front and backyard 10mins out of the city? 300k.

      • -2

        Yeah I don't get ppl paying a million for a unit in Sydney, even in Adelaide I can get a nice house near the city for under a million easy

        • +2

          How many jobs pay 150K in Adelaide?

          There are plenty in Sydney, so it's full of people who can afford those prices, and those trying to climb the corporate dream.

      • is this a sarcastic comment or real thing? I know i live under the rock in melbourne :P

        • +1

          It's a real thing. I've had OzBargainers try to argue a lot of stupid stuff like that. Like the guy who said it was illegal to drive a car with VIC plates in TAS (when it's legal) and he ended up linking QLD legislation.

    • +1

      Cost of living is cheap in any state if you know where to look. And don't mind eating expired frozen pizza.

  • Do we need to assume that we will be let in at the border?..

    • Yes, otherwise Victorians have no where to go.

  • Living in a Holden Statesman

  • +2

    Vic! Best non convoluted city in OZ

  • +4

    Somewhere colder than Victoria. So Tas I guess?

    • +3

      There is always Antarctica too

    • Yes

  • +3

    Jervis bay

    • ACT without the Canberra ;)…

    • Careful saying that word. There's some guy here who will start ranting about white tourists randomly and calling himself a racist.

  • i just moved from baguette to catloaf

  • +1


  • +2

    Drunken state

    • +3

      NT then?

    • Getting on the beers?

      • Yep but trying to lose weight before December so off the beers until then 😟

        • Working on the beach bod? Good one!

        • Yes I lost 70kgs

  • +1

    So, still early days in comparison to the other poll, but seems to confirm my suspicion that VIC residents have an overinflated opinion of their home state, kind of like that college who thinks they are a great at their job, just ask them, others will tell a different story though.

    • +1


    • +3

      State of Origin

    • Yep, the usual hate from Welshman and Vickys towards Qld but they all secretly want to move there. Ah the hypocrisy of our mexican neighbours…

      • -1

        LOL - you'd have to pay me a LOT to move to Bogan Central. If I ever win a YourTown lottery house in QLD, first thing I'll do is list it…

  • +1

    Had to? Like forcefully?

    • Yep, like Trump leaving The White House.

  • -3

    Ozbargain, please filter out these utterly ridiculous posts, and cite the individual.

    • Reporting for my citation, how does "For getting someone to comment on something they found ridiculous, instead of just moving on with their life" sound?

  • sick of getting pissed, might check out the weed and altered states

  • Queensland.

    Noosa and Byron are not too bad during the off seasons.

    • +3

      Humidity way too high.

      • A/c will solve that

  • +1

    NZ for that sweet sweet fibre.

  • Adelaide or to birth state WA

  • -1

    I'd move to Europe. I think probably all Australian states have rotten governments, the system is inherently flawed. Some European societies are much more developed and enlightened in how they choose to operate. It's 2020 and corruption is still taken for granted with no end in sight in Australia, there's no will to change the system that benefits so many politicians.

    • As someone that grew up in Europe, i understand where you're coming from. The "local member" system is pretty screwed. I can understand that it's good for some local representation. The downside is the rorting that happens to get those local votes (sports grants anyone?).

      Parts of Europe as much, much better… but you'd have to go north west Europe. South is as rotten as here. Just do a search for Bunga Bunga if you need an example

      • Disagree, Australians don't appreciate what we have.

        Southern Europe is not even comparable.

        • +1

          True, southern Europe doesn't pretend everything is transparent.

    • +1

      Agree they usually have better education system and health system and money actually spent on keeping the place clean like Finland, Sweden, Holland.

    • "europe"

      • I'm an EU citizen so I've got options within "europe".

  • +8

    Maybe QLD or WA.

    WA has so few votes but Perth is a nice city. Good weather, beaches, fast/cheap flights to Bali and comparatively inexpensive housing.

  • State of bliss.

  • liquid state

  • +1

    Pro state

  • +2

    Victoria for Dictator Dan, drugs and COVID-19


  • Western Australia. QLD is a bit too bogan, VIC has too much crime and weird hippy leftists, and the LGBT cheer squad.

  • Deep state

  • sagreat state of mind

  • Surprised to see QLD so high considering how much shit we get. Not gonna lie it's pretty good especially if you're into outdoor activities

    • -3

      Yeah Palashit is a power grab populist. Much like Trump.

    • I wished we weren't so high. We have it so good here,

  • If I had a choice, I'd rather be a gas that liquid or solid

  • NSW - great weather, perfect humidity, not too many dangerous bugs and snakes.

    • Yeah, apart from the Sydney Funnel Web or the Eastern Brown tree snake! That being said, I wouldn't live anywhere else (other than perhaps Tassie)…

  • Wild horses would have to drag me out of NSW.

    So I guess Coolangatta Queensland with a nice view of Tweed Heads.

  • +1

    New Zealand

  • I spent the first 20 years of my life in Melbourne and the next 20 on the Gold Coast for work. Winter is a joy on the Coast because winter doesn’t exist in QLD, but for the remaining months the heat was terrible for me. 100 summer/autumn nights of 20+ Minimum Temps and high humidity every year was painful.

    If u love the heat, outdoors and beaches move there now! It’s perfect for you.

    I sold up and moved back home (Melb) in dec last year and not regretting it for a second.

    • During the “lockdown” I made a set of thermal curtains and blocked off a section of my home to heat it. It made the Melbourne winter more bearable as we had a section we could, truly, make warm without the heating bills going through the roof. The advantage of cold, rather than heat, is you can put on more clothes to keep warm. I wear thermals both inside, and outside, which helps. However, in summer, we still can get the run of several days of 40, which is painful, but we don’t, usually, get the humidity; humidity is the killer for me.

    • Not even being in lockdown for 1/2 the yr?

      I really don't see the huge issue with heat. Most house have ducted a/c and many have swimming pools to cool down. I am at work week days which is icy cold a/c in the summer. We like to go to northern hemisphere in dec. pretty much have perfect weather for 10mths a yr

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